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10 Questions You Have About UNH Housing: Answered

Keep reading for the answers to the top 10 questions you have about UNH housing!

1. Do I have a closet?

Packing for college is always stressful, but not knowing how much space you are going to have makes it even worse. Are you going to have a wardrobe, dressers, a cabinet type thing, or a full blown closet? It makes packing difficult and if you have a wardrobe or a cutout in the wall, you may have to buy a shower curtain to cover up all your things hanging up. Not knowing if you have a closet can add to the piles of stress that already exists.

Answer: Each dorm room should have at least one closet per student. If there is not a closet there will still be adequate room for your clothes. Not all your clothes may fit, so I would invest in extra storage bins that can fit in your closet or under your bed.

2. Do I need to pay for laundry?

Quite frankly it sucks and we all hate doing it. Unfortunately, it is not something that we can avoid. You want to know how expensive it is so you can plan around it. Make sure you always have enough money on your ID so you can wash your clothes. Realizing you’ve run out of laundry money is almost as terrible as actually having to pay money to do it.

Answer: You have to pay for laundry, but most machines are modern enough that you don’t need to use coins and you can swipe your card instead.

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3. Is my bed loftable?

Not having a lofted bed is not that bad, having one is not either. Sometimes you need to loft it for more floor space, especially to make room for more seating, a refrigerator or TV. Lofted or not, at least you know there will be a bed for you to sleep in. But warning: getting into and out of lofted beds can be a difficult endeavor if you don’t have a ladder.

Answer: It is most likely that if your beds are loftable they will already be in this style for you when you arrive at school. Usually RAs refrain from allowing you to loft your own beds for safety purposes. Again, invest in under bed storage for extra room.

4. Is my floor co-ed?

It may not matter to some people, but having a co-ed floor is so fun. Making both guy and girl friends opens up so many possibilities! While it may not be a question that you think about, for others it means everything. Same sex dorms are not always ideal for some people. When you apply for housing do a little research, you want to know who is going to be living with you all year first instead of being unpleasantly surprised with what you don’t want.

Answer: Most dorms (especially freshman dorms) are co-ed in the sense that you share a floor with both males and females, but not bedrooms and likely not bathrooms. You can look online for specific co-ed living options here!

5. Is there air conditioning?

You do not realize how important this is until you live without it. If there is no AC, bring as many fans as you can possibly fit in there. Heat rashes and night sweats are both terrible experiences. Air conditioning will save your life and you will have tons of friends. Everyone who doesn’t have it will flock to your dorm room to get a break from the heat.

Answer: Some dorms have air conditioning and some do not. Students are not allowed to install window AC units. It’s a bit of a pain, but a bedside fan will solve that problem quickly. This is something you can also research online here!

6. What is a universal bathroom, and does UNH have them?

Basically, they are bathrooms that are gender neutral! You have the ability to use these if you are not comfortable in a same sex bathroom. It is not something to be afraid of or intimidated by.

Answer: UNH has universal bathrooms. However, there are single-sex bathrooms too, so UNH does provide students with both options.


7. Is my bed a twin or a twin XL?

What size sheets do I buy? What if I get the wrong size?? That pretty much sums it up. You do not wanna buy the wrong ones and end up with sheets that don’t fit. Make sure to do some research before you go ahead and buy your bedding.

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Answer: Most likely, I would purchase extra long twin sheets for your bedding. Most dorm beds are extra long and if they aren’t you can simply tuck the extra length of fabric underneath the mattress- you won’t notice. Better safe than sorry!

8. How strict are the RAs?

First of all, they are not looking to get anyone in trouble, but if they see something dangerous or really questionable, they will stop you. It is their job after all. They are mostly there to keep everyone safe and if that means they have to call the police or 911, they will. Just remember not to be too stupid. They really do have your best interest in mind. Don’t worry about them acting like your parent or trying to limit you too much. They don’t want to have to get you in trouble just as much as you don’t want to get into trouble.

Answer: It depends. Most of them understand you’re just a student trying to have fun, but keep in mind that many RAs have a lot at stake and a lot to loose should anything bad happen under their watch-so, “keeping an eye on you” is part of their job. If you would rather your RA turned a cheek to you and your college behaviors, don’t act stupid and give them reasons not to.

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9. Are there elevators?

Having an elevator is a blessing. Walking up multiple flights after a long day or an exhausting night can be terrible. Imagine having to walk up eight flights of stairs at least three times a day. I supposed you would never have to go to the gym, but the constant climbing would be a pain. Move-in day would be a nightmare without them too. Trust me. You want elevators.

Answer: Yes, there are elevators. But there are also stairs if one of them is broken and the line is down the hall.

10. What is the deal with fire drills in the middle of the night?

They suck, but they are a part of the experience. Some places make you get up at 3am for a fire drill and yes, you have to follow the protocol you can’t just stay in bed. It is a terrible feeling waking up to a loud screeching alarm in the morning, but it does happen. It will also happen in the surrounding dorm buildings.

Answer: They are definitely something to be prepared for, but don’t worry they don’t happen too often. The main reasons why they go off at night is mostly because students pull them as a prank or by accident, anyway.

What are other questions or advice you have about UNH Housing? Comment below and help out student readers! Share this article with friends!
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