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10 Questions You Have About ESU Housing: Answered

10 Questions You Have About ESU Housing: Answered

Housing can be confusing for everyone, even students that have been here forever. There are plenty of questions you might have about ESU housing but just don’t know how to ask. Well, have no fear because I have not only asked but also found out the answers. Genius, huh? Keep reading for all the answers to the most popular 10 questions about ESU housing!

1. Am I allowed to have alcohol in my room?

ESU is a dry campus, meaning you are not allowed to have alcohol anywhere on the premises. You’re taking a huge risk by bringing alcohol into your dorm room. If you’re caught, there will be plenty of consequences to face.

2. Are resident halls open during breaks?

Resident halls close during Thanksgiving and Christmas break. You do not move your stuff out during Christmas break. For summer break, you can stay in a dorm only if you are taking classes over the summer.

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3. Where do you receive your mail?

Every residence hall have their own mailboxes near the lobby. On move-in day, you will receive a key for your mailbox along with the key for you room. All of your mail will be placed in your mailbox where you can safely access it whenever you need to.

4. What should I do if something in my room breaks?

When something in your dorm room breaks, don’t worry. You’re not in trouble. Go to your RA and let them know what is broken, and they can put in a work order for you to get it fixed. If you do not get it fixed, you may get charged for it at the end of the year.


5. What are the different types of residence halls on campus?

ESU has traditional dorms (Shawnee, Laurel, Minsi, Linden, and Lenape), suites (Hemlock, Hawthorn) and apartments (University Apartments and the University Ridge).

6. Is there anyone I will be able to contact if I have any problems?

Each floor in the residence halls have Resident Advisors you can go to. They are very friendly and willing to help you with anything as long as you ask. You can also go to your Resident Director if you feel the RA isn’t doing enough for you. If those two cannot help you, you can also speak to the Director of Housing, who should be able to help with any housing issues that may occur.

7. What should I do if I do not get along with my roommate?

First, try and make things work; you do not want to be miserable with someone you are living with. If the two of you cannot make the living situation tolerable, you can go to your RA. Sometimes, they can help you to see eye to eye on things and get to know each other. If all else fails and the two of you cannot make things work, you can go to the director of housing and see what rooms are available that you can switch in to.

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8. How do I go about moving out at the end of the year?

In traditional dorms and suites, your RA will put a sign-up sheet in the hallway so you can sign up for a time that you will be moving out during. At those times, you must find an RA so they can check your room to make sure nothing is damaged. Make sure that your possessions are moved out before you go find an RA.

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9. How do I have a guest from home visit campus?

Your guest needs to be registered at the front desk of your dorm. Not every building has the same process but regardless, they will need to show some form of ID and will have to check in and out of the building whenever they are traveling in and out.

10. What furnishings come with a dorm room?

Your dorm room will be furnished with a bed, desk, some sort of shelving, a closet, and a dresser. This may change depending on where you live on campus. The suites often come with a kitchenette  and the apartments come with many more furnishings.

What are some other tips for students about ESU housing that they should know about? Comment below and share this article with friends and students!
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