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10 Popular Drugs and How Long They Stay In Your System

10 Popular Drugs and How Long They Stay In Your System

Here I present the top ten (in my opinion) most popular drugs used by college students and how long these drugs may be detectable in your system. I am going to do this based on the average urine sample test as to not be too complicated. These drugs are not in any particular order however, so scroll onward to your drugs of choice. If you randomly selected this blog post because of an upcoming drug test, good luck (and I would suggest sticking to acid).

1. Marijuana

Dope. Pot. Weed. Ganja. Mary Jane, etc…

This popular stimulant has a lot of interesting names, I highly recommend googling some. Anyways, I believe Aunt Mary is one of the most frequently used of the popular drugs because of its medicinal abilities and non-addictive reputation. The only downside is that it can stay in your system for very long periods of time, depending on how frequently it is used. For the chronic baker, the THC-COOH, or the metabolic breakdown of THC that can be found in your body, can last up to 67 days. For frequent users, the average amount is around 10 days. Now, if you were to just coincidentally try weed for the first time or smoke after being cleansed and then got hit with a drug test, it is projected to reside only 3-4 days. I wouldn’t be too worried in that case.


Ecstacy, E, Molly, Love Drug, Scooby Snacks etc…

Ecstasy is very popular among the Rave Fam and general people that enjoy music festivals or light shows. This amphetamine can be mildly addictive and cause gradual, acute brain damage if taken often enough. MDMA can stay in your system for the regular urine test the same amount of time as infrequent marijuana users, 3-4 days on average.


3. Cocaine

Coke, White Girl, Hannah Montana, Yayo, Blow, Chuck Norris etc…

This specific stimulant is commonly taken along with alcohol to sober up and is one of the more addictive substances on the list of popular drugs. Because the effects of this drug last only a couple of hours, more and more of it is taken and therefore the likelihood of overdosing is higher. On the not so cryptic side, because the effects last such a short span of time, it only remains detectable in your system for 2-4 days.

4. Phencyclidine (PCP)

Angel Dust, Killer Weed, Super Grass, Rocket Fuel, etc..

Not seen as commonly as most other popular drugs, PCP is on the ‘harder’ side. It is classified as an anesthetic and is known for creating an “out of body experience.” Like cocaine, it has many ways of use. It can be dissolved in water/alcohol, ingested in pill form, snorted, or smoked. The chemicals from this drug are stored in your fat tissue and take up approximately 10 days to leave your body completely.

5. Adderall


If you were disappointed at the unoriginal street term for this drug then we are in the same boat. Anyways, Adderall is less of a party drug and used more commonly for staying up late to study or focus. This drug is easy to get prescribed as an adult due to the fact that there aren’t any proven tests to see if adults really have ADHD, the medical diagnosis for people that genuinely need this drug. Because Adderall is a prescription drug, the amount of time it lasts in the body is completely up to the frequency of use and dose amount. One pill can usually disappear all traces from the body in 35 hours.

6. Oxycontin

Rushbo, Killers, Oxy, Orange County etc…

Another prescription drug, however this one is a pain reliever. It is seen to be abused most commonly by teenagers dealing with depression or having low self esteem. It is crushed and dissolved in water or snorted for most potent effects, however it is also extremely addictive. This opioid will leave the body in 3-4 days based on the dosage and amount taken.

7. Xanax

Zannies, Bars, Footballs, Ladders, Christmas Trees etc…

Although these pills have a list of horrible side effects, they are very much desired by people as a party drug, opposed to being used in a normal setting. It can slow actions, thought processes, and reactions, as well as decrease anxiety and panic attacks. If taken with alcohol, it is usually associated with memory loss, uncharacteristic actions and black outs. These pills will stay in the system for 7-10 days unless used frequently, they can be detected up until 30 days have passed.

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8. Magic Mushrooms

Boomers, Magic Caps, Mushies, Shrooms etc…

If you’re looking to trip out on shrooms, just keep in mind these popular drugs are grown from cow sh*t. Apart from that nasty fact, shrooms are known for unnatural hallucinations and crazy trips. The amount of existing psilocybin that is being broken down will show up in a drug test anywhere from 2-5 days after use.

9. LSD/Acid


Acid is one of the most common forms of LSD that is used by college kids. Along with Magic Mushrooms, they too are hallucinogenic. Acid is measured in micrograms due to the potency of the effects and can stay in your body for 8-24 hours only, if a urine sample is being tested. That being said, out of the 10 most popular drugs on this list – LSD stays in your system the shortest.

10. Alcohol

Booze, Brew, Piss Poison etc…

One of the most popular drugs used by college students, that most college students forget to even consider a drug (and could be tested for), is alcohol! Alcohol is a depressant and if abused, will lead to blacking out and loss of memories as well as motor control. It is one of the easiest drugs to detox, but will leave the system naturally in 3-4 days.

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