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10 Ponytail Styles To Wear This Summer

10 Ponytail Styles To Wear This Summer

Should I put my hair up or keep it down? Should I take a vast amount of time perfecting every piece of strand that falls out of my face or simply, let it be? Should I care what others think of me even though others tell me not too? The questions that a woman has when doing one of the most simplest things in life (our hair) tends to revolve around numerous questions. But, that’s not our fault. Woman are taught growing up that we have to be a lady with our hair perfectly straightened and dressed to the nines, all while pretending that we do not care of what others think of us. Ultimately, how is all of that even possible? And truth is, it’s not. 

In the last relationship that I was in, I felt as though I had to be someone I was not–and that person was imaginably the most perfect girl who wore dresses on a daily basis, had her make-up done and wore her hair down every day because that is who my ex-boyfriends mother thought I should be. It wasn’t until many years later that I realized that I don’t have to change for anyone else. I love who I am and I don’t have to change for anyone. Now I know, I am here to discuss pony tail styles. But here’s the thing: our hair and personalities truly are interconnected. It’s a part of our identity. We can change our hair a few times on a daily basis to communicate how we are feeling. Sure, other’s may not recognize that at first glance, but we ourselves do. Some people like to incorporate some color into their hair to attract attention, while if you’re like me, many people can recognize that if I’m tired or stressed by how hight my messy bun is on my head. Seriously! Ha! Anyhow! Here are a few PonyTail Styles to wear all year long! 

Add texture 


Want a pony tail, but don’t want it be too fancy or over the top? Try a textured pony tail style! Simply tie your hair up in a pony tale and brush out and knots or tangles, grab some small plastic hair ties, and every couple of inches, wrap a hair tie around your hair. Voila! If you want to add some color, you can also used colored plastic hair ties a well to make it fun! 

Make it sleek

Are you tired of the old fashioned pony tail, but would like to change it in the smallest way? Try a low sleek pony tale. It’s one of the most simple pony tail styles there is. Just comb your hair and tie it low and close to the bottom of your neck, brush it out to remove any tangles, and if you have straightener, feel free to straighten it to provide a more sleek and professional look that will be great for any workplace or even a date!  


Put it to the side 

I used to wear a side pony tail all the time in middle school and even though it’s been a very long time since then, I would love to bring the side pony tail back! Not only are they fun and easy to style, but they’re a simple to make the normal every day pony tail less…boring. It’s easy: comb your hair and part it any way you would like, take your hair and tie it to the bottom corner of your hair line. Feel free to grab a curling iron and add some waves or even a hair straightener if you want a more polished look! 

Half up-half down 


Are you an indecisive person like me and you’re not sure whether you want to tie your hair up in a pony tail or keep it down? Try the half up and half down style. Take a small section at the top of your hair and make sure it’s even on both sides. Grab your fancy hair tie and put it in a pony tale with the rest of your hair falling down below. Feel free to leave your hair as it is or curl it to add some loose waves. 

Add a braid! 

I personally love a good braid. I don’t think that the braid will ever go out of style–at least I hope it never does. Braids can be simply all alone or you can add them to your pony tale or bun. They’re fun, flirty, and even if you’re not good at braiding, it’s easy to learn with all of the many youtube tutorials there are out there! It’s a beautiful Ponytail Styles look that you can rock any day of the year!


Wrap it up

Honestly, sometimes having my hair tie that I use on a daily basis and never wash can be somewhat…disturbing in a way. Ha! If your hair tie is just filled with hair that you have yet to take out and you don’t want it shown to the world, or at least in public, have no fear, just wrap it up with a strand of hair and you will be good to go! Once you have your hair in a PonyTail Styles where you would like it, simply take a strand out and wrap that piece of hair around your hair tie. To hold it in place, use another thing hair tie or a bobby pin and you’re good to go! 

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Curl it up 

I love curly hair. I was born with very wavy hair, but people with curly hair just always made me jealous. I’m not a professional with the curling iron either, so whenever I would try and curl my hair, it just always ended up being a mess. If you love Ponytail Styles like me and love curls as well, then a curly pony tail is perfect for you. Simply tie your your hair up wherever you would like it to be, turn on your curling iron and head to town with curling the rest of your luscious locks. 

Add volume

When I say add volume to your pony tail, you’re probably asking: “What!?” I asked the same question when one of my friends told me that I should add some volume to my pony tail if I wanted to make it more “stylish” since I was complaining about being boring with my hair. Just simply use some dry volume spray or tease it with a brush to give it the volume it needs. It’s a great Ponytail Styles look!


The higher the better… right?

Nothing says you mean business than you putting your pony tail high up in the sky… am I right? I love putting my messy buns high and even my pony tails and I honestly couldn’t tell you why. I love the way they look, feel and they’re just overly easy to style. So if you don’t want your every day Ponytail Styles, then shoot high and you won’t be disappointed!

Add accessories!


Accessories with hair styles are becoming more and more popular. I love incorporating a cute bow to my pony tail every now and then. Although it’s simple, it adds a sense of fun to your hair style especially if you’re a person who doesn’t like to be fancy or dress up. So, if you’re one of those people, add a bow or bandana to your hair. It doesn’t have to be overly extravagant, just a pop of color like a sky blue will suffice and you’ll have a beautiful Ponytail Style!

What are some of your favorite PonyTail Styles at the moment? Do you enjoy adding a pop of color to your locks? If so, tell us below in the comments!