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10 Plus-Size Fashion Looks to Try

Hello to all my fellow plus-size friends scouring the internet to find an fashionable outfit combination that isn’t a floral shirt and jeans– don’t worry, I got you! Torrid can’t hurt you anymore. I’m here.

When I first started attending college, I gained a few pounds here and there. However, I found my confidence soared as the years went by. I know this isn’t the case for everyone, and, in truth, it wasn’t the case for me at first. I’ll admit that when my smaller clothes stopped fitting, it wasn’t a good feeling. When I went to stores and saw how limited the plus-size fashion choices were, that broke my heart a little too because I’d always been up to speeds on trends and fashion and it didn’t seem like it was an option for me anymore.

In-store plus-size fashion clothes weren’t cutting it for me. They did at first, but I wanted to follow trends amongst people my age. Once I realized some of my wardrobe pieces matched the ones in my friend’s mom’s closet, I was like, okay, I have to find SOMETHING that’s going to make me feel better. And I have. This article is for girls like me who didn’t update their wardrobe for awhile and are now in need of a total revamp.

1) Shorts + Crop Top

I know I’m starting off strong here, but hear me out. I, too, once feared the infamous crop top. I thought it would be impossible to find a plus-size crop top, especially since my bust was sure to never fit into any I’d find in a store. Then I found one that fit. Then, I was unstoppable. You might also be thinking “shorts too?!” Yes, duh. It’s in the title. Forget anyone and everything that has ever made you feel like you don’t look cute in shorts. Your legs are strong and have carried your throughout good times and hard times, you might as well show them off 😉 

If you’re going for the monochromatic look, dress it up with statement pieces. Keeping everything the same color makes room for things like my Frida Kahlo portrait earrings, or my banana pendant necklace. If you’re looking to mix colors, I recommend going for lighter ones. While I love how I look in black, switching up the color palette can up your points against the fashion police (they’ll never catch me alive!). Some combinations I’ve liked include pairing light green with brown or even orange (I hate orange, so if I’m saying it’s okay, that’s a big deal). I like pairing pastels together as well, like white shorts with a light blue top. What I don’t recommend is a graphic t-shirt and jean shorts; that’s less plus-size fashion and more “I got invited to this tailgate at the last minute” fashion.

2) A Sundress (with pockets!)

There is no one on this earth who could possibly look bad in a sundress.  Everyone appreciates a good sundress. I know this isn’t a secret, but I really value plus-size fashion pieces that can quickly perk my mood. Sometimes opening my closet door is intimidating because an outfit can make or break my vibe, but sundresses are always a safe bet. Pair them with sandals and a sun hat—but it’s gotta have pockets. While there’s always a chance to sport a cute purse, if someone’s said “hey, nice dress!” you know the dopamine rush that comes with saying “Thanks! It has pockets!” is way better lugging a huge purse around. Extra points: find one with built-in underwire. If you can’t find a sundress with these extra perks, don’t worry, the sundress is still going to make you sun goddess. 


Curve & Plus Heart Corset Cami Dress from ShopCider

3) The Almighty Skater Skirt

A high waited skater skirt plus a long sleeve shirt has bee my main go-to look when feeling a little down. It’s been my go-to since high school when I was 15 and will probably keep being my outfit of choice until I’m 85. The reason I like this combo is because of how well it accentuates me in the right ways. The flowing high waist smooths my hips and helps achieve the hour glass look. One of the most important things to look for when shopping the plus-size fashion market is to look for outfits that accentuate your figure, not hide it. I’ve had days where I’ve just wanted to hide under a hoodie and sweatpants, but doing that never made me feel as good as I do when I’m being myself.

I’m really about the black V neck with a matching printed skirt combination, but I also like pairing similar colors together and switching the V neck for a turtle neck (They’re making a comeback! I also like the way it helps smooth my top half a bit more than a V-neck does).

Plus High-Rise Mini Skater Skirt from Shein

4) Definitely not those ugly TikTok leggings

You know what leggings I’m talking about. I fell for the  trend too. I know. I’m ashamed. If you’re not ashamed of yours yet, well yeah power to you but I’m…not going to wear those anymore. The pictures are lies; they don’t give you a BBL immediately, that’s just want they want you to think. They aren’t plus-sized fashion, they’re cheap pants that came with a great marketing team of TikTok influencers.
Instead, opt for the smoother leggings. Think LuluLemon and Fabletics, those kinds of leggings. These are available at a lot of different retailers, but I do recommend choosing to splurge when it comes to these. Higher-end brands carry better fabric quality, and them opening up to plus-size fashion has given stretchy, comfy clothes to look stylish while still holding up well.
Yes, here we’re going back to the basics and joining everyone in the new anti-pants generation. While I can’t say the TikTok leggings aren’t eye-grabbing, there’s a reason they’ve dropped so much in price. They’re losing popularity, and they’re usually made with bad fabric that may or may not totally rip all the way down while you’re working out with them. Totally didn’t happen to me though. That happened to someone else.

5) Coordinating Sets

I love these things. I can never fail with them. First, two-piece coordinating sets are often sold together at a lower price than buying clothes separately. This summer I bought three that I could mix and match between each other amongst my other clothes. There are SO MANY options for a two-piece/coordinating set on plus size fashion sites. There’s endless possibilities once you include these modern sets that remain timeless as they adapt to your wardrobe throughout the year. Definitely a plus for someone looking for clothes that will be with her for the long haul. In true honesty, these were the first things I bought when I needed to revamp my style, and it has been working out for me in terms of feeling myself and keeping my wallet from crying.

6) Shiny Jewelry is Required

I know not everyone is as absorbed by the shiny little things as I am, but here’s the reason why. Regardless of being plus-sized or not, sometimes you just have a day where you’re not feeling yourself no matter what outfit you have on. Jewelry is an easy way to feel better quickly. Maybe I don’t feel great in my two-piece set today but I know if I pair it with earrings, a necklace, rings, etc, I will feel more elegant and feminine right away. If your outfit isn’t looking cutting it for you, detailing it with jewelry will make the outfit look more put-together. By adding something that draws attention to your face, you will also be able to keep other’s attention more. 

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7) Thigh-high Boots

Thigh-high boots coming to the plus-size fashion market is a huge win, and I cannot wait to get some so I can look like the other thiccy girl insta baddies. I will admit that thigh-high boots made for plus-sized women are harder to find than some other shoes, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. While I did rag on Torrid in the beginning of this article, they did have the first plus-size pair of those boots I ever saw in store. I would be wary of buying these online as bodily proportions are different for everyone, and you’ll want to make sure the boot fits snug. Not tight, not loose. Snug. If you’re brave and want to chance it online after checking the size chart, hit me up and let me know how it went for you so I can take the plunge and report back.

Thigh high wide calf boots worn by Natalie Craig for Natalie in the City

8) Chunky Wedges

Dude, these are so much better than heels! And you can wear them anywhere! I never have to worry about a weak heel snapping on me because the heel is the entire shoe. (Seriously, I’m gonna say shaky, weak, wobbling heels are the worst thing to buy when shopping plus-size fashion shoes.) I’m also pretty sure I drive better while I’m wearing these. I might look a little extra wearing these to run errands in addition to social events, but I’m okay with that. If you’re short like me, the extra 2-3 inches helps with your confidence because you can actually finally see what those tall people look like–and what they look at! It’s a whole new world after years of wearing flats and sandals.

9) Try New Fabrics and Funky Pieces

I’ve seen an uptick of differing fabrics entering the plus-size fashion market, with more notable ones being satin and velvet. I think preference for these goes down to which texture you prefer; I like velvet because it’s not tooooo soft. In my last search for a velvet dress, I found this gorgeous thing. Mind you, this is considered a prom dress but I’m fancy enough to wear this in my day-to-day life! It’s giving powerful, elegant woman vibes. Whether or not you’re weird enough to grocery shop in a floor length gown like me, you’ll be surprised to see the mass variety of cooler options available in things that aren’t made of out of cotton or polyester. 

Plus Overlay Belted Velvet Prom Dress from Shein

10) Any Swimsuit You Want

I don’t want to hear ANYONE speaking like “Oh no, I can’t wear a bikini, I’m plus size, I don’t think I’ll look good in one.” Bollocks. You’re not afraid of wearing a bikini because of how you think you might look in one. You’re afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone and choosing to make choices that will make you happier.
Think about that sentence again. “Oh no, I can’t wear a bikini, I’m plus size, I don’t think I’ll look good in one.” Hear it again. “I’m afraid to wear a bikini because of judgment others may pass on me.” Hear it again. “I’m going to wear a bikini because I want to, and I’m going to look so scrumdiliumptious.” All bikinis are plus-size fashion. And if you’re saying “I don’t want to be in a bikini! I’m more comfortable in a one-piece,” then you put that one-piece on and you wear the hell out of it. I’ll see all my fellow plus-size queens at the beach 😉
3pack Plus Tie Dye Triangle Bikini Swimsuit & Beach Skirt from Shein
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