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10 Places Where You Can Actually Study!

10 Places Where You Can Actually Study!

Sometimes it can be really hard to study or get your work done because of the many distractions that are constantly around us. Whether you’re too stressed, you have other things on your mind, or you just simply can’t focus – we’ve all been there. That being said, the first step in actually having a productive study session is to put yourself in a place that keeps distractions at bay. Everyone’s different in their study habits so I have rounded up 10 different places that I have found lead to quality studying; hopefully one works for you!

1. Library

This is the classic study place, which is why it is #1 on the list. The library is great for two reasons. The first is you are guaranteed complete silence. There are always certain sections of the library where volume levels are monitored – a key ingredient to studying. Libraries also provide numerous resources. You have access to books, computers, printers, etc. Whether you go to a school library or public library, it is the perfect place to get a lot of studying done.

2. Coffee Shop

I think almost everyone has gone to Starbucks, or any other coffee shop, to study or homework. Coffee shops are great because you can get your dose of coffee (you don’t want to fall asleep while studying!) and some food for when the hunger strikes. And, since many other people are there for the same reasons, there’s mutual respect and distractions are kept to a minimum. Also, you get free Wi-Fi.


3. The Park

What else is more peaceful than sitting on a blanket in the park on a beautiful day? Parks are a great place to study because being outside with fresh air tends to calm people down, so they are less stressed.

4. Your Room

This is a tricky one and only works if you have self-control. Turn off your phone, your TV and your computer. You need to make your room a distraction free zone, which means you have to basically eliminate everything in your room you enjoy. It is all too easy to unconsciously bring up Facebook, twitter, or Instagram. So, if you want to study in the comfort of your own bedroom – you must be disciplined!

5. Your Parents’ House

If you have finals or a big test coming up, a great thing to do is to go to your parents’ house for the weekend. This gives you a distraction free environment. You don’t have to worry about being distracted by roommates or friends in the library. Also, you will not be tempted to ditch your studies to hang out with your friends. Plus, I’m sure your parents will make you some good study snacks.


6. Classrooms

During the day, classrooms can be loud and busy. However, in the evenings, or times when classes are not in action, classrooms can be the perfect place to study. Why? They are completely silent. Also, some classrooms have valuable resources to aid to your studying, like computers or white boards. The familiarity of a classroom can trigger the inclination to study, because you’re usually focused when sitting in a classroom setting.


7. Tutoring Centers

While some people are hesitant to go at first, tutoring centers can actually be a very helpful place. Here, you have people to answer your questions, help you study, offer study tips, and so much more. If you want to feel completely prepared, a tutor center is perfect for you.

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8. A Book Store

Most big bookstores, like Barnes & Nobles, are quiet and have sitting areas perfect for studying. Also, they tend to have coffee shops on premise – a double whammy! Book stores are the perfect mix between the library and coffee shop environments.

9. Student Center

Looking for a comfy and casual place to get some work done and aren’t as easily distracted by most? Try the student center. Student Centers have comfortable couches and chairs and are the perfect place to study with friends or a study group. You don’t have to worry about being too quiet, but it is also a serious enough environment for you and your study group to get work done.

10. A Study Partner’s Place

Sometimes your apartment may not seem like the right place to study. Maybe you have too many distractions that you know you won’t be able to deny – like a TV in every room, your roommates begging you to hang, the last episode of PLL waiting for you on your laptop. If you have a friend with stronger will power than you, head over to their place. You’ve rid yourself of temptation and now you can hopefully get some studying done, with a friend!



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