10 Places To Eat When In Philadelphia

When you think of Philadelphia, the first thing that comes to your mind is eating a delicious Philly cheesesteak, but that’s not the only thing Philadelphia is known for. 

Although, it is home to some of the best cheesesteaks in the country, there are definitely other foods worth eating and trying. From markets to sweets and drinks, Philadelphia has it all, and have you have to bring is you and your stomach. 


Reading Terminal Market 

If you have no idea where you want to eat at in Philly, and want to try a mixture of everything without having to go to far, the Reading Terminal Market is the right one for you. It’s a public indoor market that has everything from food to clothes, so you don’t have to only worry about eating, but you can buy some souvenirs if you wanted to as well. The only downside to Reading Terminal Market is that it can become a little crowded depending on the time and day you go and during the summer time, but if you get there at a decent you should be good. 


The best part of it is that no matter how much you go, there are still restaurants inside that you may not get to, and there will always be something different to eat. On top of that the atmosphere is very homey! So even if it’s your first time going to Reading Terminal, you will never feel left out, but one thing for sure, it is almost a maze! So be sure you watch how you came in so you don’t get lost trying to get out. Other than that, it’s one of the best places to visit while in Philadelphia.

10 Places To Eat When In Philadelphia


Suraya is a mixture of a market, a cafe, and a restaurant, and is known for that taste of Lebanon. If you ever wanted to try Lebanese food, Suraya is definitely that place to go, and it is located in Fishtown, and you have the choice of either dining indoors or outdoors. 


Casual Dining 

Kaffa Crossing 

If you’re really feeling a little bold and want to add some spice to your life, Kaffa Crossing is the way to go. When eating here your taste buds are going to explode with flavor you’ve never tasted before. Kaffa Crossing is an Ethiopian restaurant, and is quite affordable. Not only that, but if you have various dietary needs, Ethiopian cuisine is known for its vegan and vegetable dishes, so you will not have any trouble with eating it. 

Green Eggs Cafe

Unfortunately, they do not have the original green eggs and ham that Dr. Seuss made us want to try as a child, but they do have very good food. Between the sweets of the apple pie french toast, or the creme brûlée french toast, or the savory taste of the steak and eggs, anyone would want to come here 24/7, 365. Since this is located in the heart of Philadelphia, you can understand how popular they are. So just like most restaurants in Philadelphia, and like some on this list, you must come at a decent time if you want to be able to sit and eat, but don’t worry though, they do have outside tables, and you can order to go if you really wanted to. 

10 Places To Eat When In Philadelphia 

Han Dynasty 

If you love eating Asian cuisine, then Han Dynasty should be on your list of place you should be eating at. Han Dynasty is known for their noodles, more specifiably their Dan Dan noodles, and for the Szechuan spices that is used for their dishes.



Another Asian cuisine that you should be eating at is Yamitsuki. Yamitsuki is located right in China Town, so it is best to take a train, carpool, or be ready to pay for parking when visiting. If you wanted a simple Japanese cusisne for cheap then this is the place for you. This restaurant is perfect for a friend gathering and a family gathering, and they specialize in multiple flavors of ramen. If you want to visit Japan without spending hundred of dollars on a plane ticket then come here and you surely won’t regret it. 

Upscale Dining 

Ruth Chris Steakhouse 

Expensive, but definitely worth it! If you’re looking for a perfect restaurant to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or you just want to fine dine, then you should definitely visit here. I must warn you that it can really be expensive, so you have to come ready to spend money. 

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La Colombe

La Colombe is a Philly coffee chain that is well known, and is located right in Fishtown. Not only that but they have their own signature coffee, so you will be not be trying anything you’re used to from Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks. 

Dottie’s Donuts 

Dottie’s is a donut shop located in West Philadelphia, and the best thing about this donut shop is that it is vegan! So you can feel a little better when you’re eating until your heart is content. 

The best part of this donut shop is simply the face that you won’t feel guilty after each bite you take, and they for sure can give Krispy Kreme a run for their money. 


Franklin Fountain

Franklin Fountain is everything that you would ever need in life. With it’s retro/antique look, it’s like going back in time and trying out some ice cream. Just like most small popular restaurants in Philadelphia, they do have their own signature flavors, and they can become crowded, so it is best to get there at a decent time to beat the crowds. 10 Places To Eat When In Philadelphia

As you can see there is something here for everyone, especially if you have a specific dietary need that needs to be met. If it’s one thing Philadelphia is good for, it is the restaurants that reside inside that will make you wanna keep going to, and add it into a family tradition. 

If you’ve visited Philadelphia before do you see a favorite restaurant you’ve been to, or do you see any you want to visit? Let us know below!