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Top 10 Late Night Food Places Around SJU

Top 10 Late Night Food Places Around SJU

Sure you’ve got limitless dining options during the day, but when the hunger hits late at night and nothing is open on campus what do you do? Luckily there are ten great places around the SJU campus to get a good meal and satisfy your late night food cravings! All 10 of these places are still open after 10PM.

1. Double J’s.

It’s open 24 hours, conveniently located outside of Gate 6, it’s cheap and did I mention that it’s oh so good? It’s Double J’s! There are so many options of sandwiches to choose from but at the end of the day you just end up buying the same thing because you know it has your name written all over it. Whether you try a classic creation or order your own, Double J’s is by far one of the best places near campus for late night eats to cure all of your cravings.




2. Regina’s Pizzeria.

Located on the corner near Carnesecca Arena, Regina’s is the go-to spot for good pizza near campus. Not only is it delicious, but they also offer student discounts for anyone attending St. John’s (Must present your Stormcard). Featuring everything from pizza and pasta to delicious pastries, Regina’s is the best restaurant for late night Italian food on a college budget.



3. Green Lotus.

In the mood for something savory and spicy? Well head on down to Green Lotus for some amazing Thai food. They have everything from Thai curry chicken to Thai donuts, and believe me when I say everything is amazing.



4. China Garden.

They’re open late at night, they have the best chicken fried rice in the world and their homemade iced tea is simply the bomb. If you didn’t know already, now you know that China Garden is the go-to place for Chinese food near campus. The food is always fresh and hot and they are sure to deliver your food to your dorm, no matter how bad the weather conditions are.


5. Popeye’s.

Crunchy, crispy and always hot, Popeye’s is an off campus staple known for serving St. John’s students for years. Located on Union Turnpike, Popeye’s is the quickest and most affordable pit stop for some good hometown southern eats.



6. Papa John’s.

Want some pizza but too lazy to call and order it? If so, then Papa John’s might be the best move for you. On their website, students can quickly design their pizza and pay using coupons that can’t always be used in the restaurant or over the phone making the awkward ordering phone call seamless. Open until 3AM, Papa John’s makes a cheap meal for a large crowd after a night of fun.



7. Halal.

Hot yummy and oh so good, Halal is the go-to meal for any late night craving. Not only is it cheap at about $5-$6 per platter (including a drink) but it’s literally amazing. Ask for white sauce and if you have a taste for spicy food ask for hot sauce as well, you will see what I mean after a while.


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8. Dunkin’ Donuts.

It’s sweet, sugary and feels so right after a night of fun with friends. On your way back to campus stop by Dunkin Donuts, conveniently located right outside of campus near Double J’s. There’s coffee, muffins, donuts and pretty much any kind of sweet or breakfast to cure your late night sweet tooth.




9. Kennedy Fried Chicken.

It’s open 24 hours, the food is super cheap and the mini sweet potato pies are out of this world. Located right outside of the 169th Street subway station, Kennedy Fried Chicken has everything from fried chicken to pizza. It’s the perfect place to indulge in late night food with a group of friends after a long night.



10. The Red Storm Diner.

It has the best chicken strips, it accepts meal points and premium swipes, it’s open until 3AM and it’s located conveniently on campus. The Red Storm Diner is the place to be for a late night meal. Thanks to meal points and premium swipes most students don’t even have to pay out of pocket for such a filling meal.



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