10 Places To Cry During Finals At TCNJ

10 Places To Cry During Finals At TCNJ

Finals have come around and at this point, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. When the going gets tough, check out my 10 favorite places to cry on the TCNJ campus.

freak out and cry like a baby


1. Top Of The Parking Garages

Hardly anyone goes here, and there’s minimal litter.

sad Glee crying gif

2. By The Lake

The beautiful views of Lake Ceva and Selva provide cover for my ugly crying face.

Kim Kardashian crying face

3. Construction Zones

When construction isn’t happening, the crying is. Just be safe in the hard-hat areas!

sad HIMYM Robin crying gif

4. The Sports Fields

When practice and games aren’t happening, they’re more deserted than the library during syllabus week.

sad sports crying gif

5. The Labs During Office Hours

If you have the code, your lab can become your own personal outlet of waterworks.

Kylie Jenner school gif

6. The Forcina Lounge

The interior itself could make you cry, plus it’s always deserted.

funny crying gif


7. Basement Of The Library

It’s quiet and underground with no cell signal. You could get both your work and your crying done in one place!

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the Holiday crying gif

8. The Music Building Practice Rooms

The noise can cover your cries and screams.

Villanova cry gif


9. The Bathrooms Next To Tdubs

They’re secluded, private, and no one can find them anyway.

bathroom crying gif

10. During Class

Sure, people will see, but your professor might feel bad for you and even help you out. At this point, its probably worth a shot.

Gretchen Weiners Mean Girls crying gif

Have any other places to cry during finals at TCNJ? Comment below!

Featured image source: eveboo.com
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