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10 Places To Actually Get Work Done

Have you ever worried about getting all your work done on time? Whether it’s a term paper, a speech for class, writing a book, or editing a blog post? Well, you don’t want to procrastinate and stay up all night thinking about how you are going to do it, let alone where you are going to do it. You want to be comfortable with your surroundings when it comes to staying on focus. We all want to find that special certain space to help us get work done efficiently. Luckily, there are many different places out there to help you get your work done that you may not even have thought of! As a blogger and mother I know it’s sometimes difficult to do a bunch of tasks in one place and not be comfortable there. So, I’ve found my space, now it’s time to find yours! Read on for examples of 10 places where you can actually get your work done.

1. Your Bedroom

If you can focus in your bedroom enough to get your work done, then why not use this safe-haven as your special place? You may have a desk in the corner of your room, or even a small chair or couch where you can rest if you don’t like to be in a desk chair all day. You could even sit in your bed on top of the covers! I really like using my bedroom as my little office, I have everything I need there and I don’t have to worry so much. I tend to not be in my bed all the time because I am guilty in getting my work done late, so now I use my desk as my escape to be more productive and know that everything is going to be OK the next day.


2. The Library

There’s always going to be that one special place in the library where you can find privacy to work. Especially if you need quiet, the library is the place for you. I don’t know about you, but when I was in school, the first place I would go was the library (even when the school had study halls,) because the study halls were more like a hangout spot for everyone else. I would rather be somewhere quiet when I have a lot of work to do. If your school library doesn’t have a designated quiet room, try the town’s public library.

3. The Park

If you are more of a nature-kind-of-person who loves being outdoors most of time, I believe that the park can really be an inspiration to your work! Working outside lets you not only breathe better, but also concentrate more on your work in a peaceful environment. The only interruptions will be when the ducks pass by to say hello! I love working in the park, it actually helps me get more work done when I am outside during a sunny day. Pack yourself a blanket, find a spot under a shady tree, and make the day of it!

4. A Coffee Shop

Yes! A coffee shop such as Starbucks is a really cool place to do some work or a task that you’ve been putting off. The great thing about doing work in a coffee shop is that most have free WiFi so you can bring your own laptop. There are snacks and fresh coffee at your disposal as a “pick-me-up” if necessary.

5. Your Job’s Work Space

Sometimes I try to get some stuff done at work when I have no other place to go and it always helps. Whether you work in an office, a classroom, etc., at least you know that you will definitely be able to focus. There’s always a place at work where you can get the task you need to get done accomplished faster.

6. Your Parked Car

Believe it or not, a lot of people tend to do work while they are in their car. It is a private, safe, secure spot to have a conference call or organize your planner without any interruptions. You can also drive anywhere you need to immediately and park somewhere without worrying about receiving a ticket. If the weather’s not extreme, working in your car opens up all sorts of intriguing options: the back corner of a store’s parking lot, overlooking a beautiful scenery of an mountainous road, even sitting in your own driveway to get away from a loud roommate or nagging child. As long as there’s reception, you can take a call with no one glaring, and even take a nap in the backseat if you need a break.

7. The Bus, Train Or Plane

Transportation vehicles can be some of the most convenient places to get your work done. Especially if you are taking a longer ride, you don’t have to worry about paying attention to the road ahead of you. I suggest you have headphones or some type of music that you can listen to while you wait for your next stop to block out any public noise. I personally tend to get my work done faster and concentrate better when I have nothing to do at the moment anyway.

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8. The Bookstore

Bookstores like Barnes and Noble are the perfect place to prep up for the next exam. Most of the time the atmosphere is really calm, and another plus: you are surrounded with hundreds of books with great material that you can use! Most have tables and chairs for you to feel comfortable in. Or you can also sit around the floor area, where there are books around you as well. Most of the workers are lenient about you even sitting against the wall. Free Wi-Fi, free information, and a calm environment? Count me in!

9. A Classroom

Believe it or not, but classrooms can be a very convenient area to get most of your work done. Whether you choose to work during class or afterwards is your prerogative. As long as you don’t get too distracted by your phone or your peers. The professors may allow you to take that time in the class to concentrate on a big paper coming up, or during your free period you can take advantage of the empty classroom.

10. The Airport

What? Yes. If you are always traveling around the world and happen to have work on you I suggest that the airport can be one of the best places to get some work done. If you don’t travel frequently but live near an airport, why not have someone drop you off for the day? I know some of you may think this seems crazy, but they always have plenty of seating (especially if you head there early.) Besides, whenever you need a break there’s always restaurants and convenience stores at hand, not to mention massage booths! With free WiFi and outlets to charge your electronics, what more could you need?


Well I hope this article was helpful for all you collegiates or people who struggle to find a good spot to get work done! Any place can become your go-to, you just need to be willing to try out new places in order to do so!

Did you enjoy reading about the 10 places where you can actually get work done? Comment below with other places you like or share with a friend!
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