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10 Piercings You Should Get Next

If you haven’t noticed, decorating your ears with piercings and different jewelry has become increasingly more popular this season! The possibilities are endless as it seems there are new ways to decorate your ears with different metals, styles, and piercings. From uniform and climbing ear piercings to constellation piercings, the art of ear piercing is a trend we are excited to jump on! Here are 10 piercings you should get next!

1. Daith Piercing

Do you suffer from migraines? Or even some spouts of depression and anxiety? This piercing idea can do more than just amp up your ear style. Some people have had some luck with this piercing in their healing processes for migraines and mental health.

It all depends on where your piercer places the needle within your ear as it is dependent on a specific pressure point to help you out. Do your research first and find a piercer that knows what they are doing! Some piercers know exactly where they need to pierce to help you feel better.

2. Rook Piercing

This piercing idea is super tucked into the ear, you might even miss it when you go to look for it! Depending on your ear shape, the area might be smaller or bigger than others. This piercing will be right next to where a Daith piercing would be, but is super cute paired together!

The healing process on this piercing is long and extensive due to the area that is being pierced. Be extra patient before changing the jewelry on this piercing! The jewelry process will be a little different than other piercings as the area is pretty snug. You will definitely find some good options if you look hard enough!

3. Snug Piercing

So you have all of these piercings and more, but you still want more. This might be the answer to that issue, but it won’t come without pain. Proceed with caution! This piercing idea is considered to be the most painful cartilage piercing of them all and the healing process will be long and lengthy. Before you even consider getting this piercing, you first need to check if your ear shape has the right placement for this piercing as most people don’t!

4. Conch Piercing

This piercing is especially popular regardless if you have a hole in your ear to hold the actual jewelry! If you are a regular jewelry wearer, you have probably seen the faux ear cuff that imitates this look without ht actual piercing! This piercing idea is not super painful like the Snug piercing and might be the most eyecatching of them all. We think you would totally rock this piercing!

5. Tragus Piercing

If you are a daily earbuds wearer, proceed with caution with this piercing idea! Due to the location and placement of this piercing, wearing any in-ear earbuds will cause some irritation and pain especially after getting the piercings. As time goes on, you should be able to go back to regular wear, but if you are an everyday wearer, this might cause some problems.

If you already have your lobes pierced, this could be a cute addition to your piercings and will definitely draw the eye! When picking out your jewelry, definitely go for something with a flat back so you can show off this piercing comfortably!

6. Forward Helix Piercing

Do you already have a regular helix piercing? This might be the answer to adding more piercings to your ear! Tucked into a little nook, this is just like another helix piercing. A teeny tiny place with such a bold statement, people will be asking about this piercing and wanting one too!

7. Constellation Piercings

Why not copy the stars onto your ears? To make that make sense, a new phenomenon recently is the constellation piercing idea where your piercer gets to decide where they want to place your piercings and jewelry. The piercer works with the shape of your ear and earrings to determine what shapes will work best and be the most aesthetically pleasing. Depending on where you want your piercings, the pain will vary, but the look will be amazing!

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8. Industrial Piercing

This might be a piercing that you are already familiar with as it is becoming increasingly popular with the piercing community! Compared to other piercing ideas, this one is a little different as the needle does not just go in and out during the process.

The needle will enter your ear, not once, but twice, so keep this in mind before you go to get poked! This piercing might take a little longer to heal than other piercings as it is technically two holes in your body, but do not fret, just apply your salt spray generously!

9. Flat Piercing

Just like the name of the piercing idea, the placement is on the flat part of your ear! Depending on the size of your ear, you might be able to add multiple kinds of this piercings to decorate your ear. If you have cartilage piercings already, this piercing will seem like a piece of cake that you need! Just like the picture, you can arrange and match your jewelry to work with your new piercing.

10. Mid Helix Piercing

Not ready for the huge Conch piercing idea just yet? It’s all good, girl! This piercing sits just above the Conch piercing but is not quite high enough to be considered a regular Helix or Cartilage piercing. We think that this piercing would be super cute paired with a higher Cartilage piercing and a Daith piercing!

Like other Cartilage piercings, this one should not be terribly painful. It all depends on how thick the cartilage is on your ear. Healing time for this piercing idea is average with other piercings as long as you take care of it and clean it super well!

Which piercing are you going to get next? Are there any that you already have that made the list? Share with us in the comments below!

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