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10 Photoshoot Ideas For You And Your Friends

Looking to spice up your Insta? Thinking of photoshoot ideas that aren’t too overdone can be hard when you want to capture the perfect shot. Check out these 10 Photoshoot Ideas For You And Your Friends when you’re in need of a little photo inspo!

1. Parking Garage Shoot

Over the past year, parking garage photoshoots have become super popular, especially as a way to showcase that new fit you’ve been dying to show off. They offer a simple, yet easy background to work with, whether it’s for single pics or with group shots with your friends. All you need is to travel to an empty parking garage which is found in almost any city. If you want group pics but need someone to take them, you can easily set up a tripod with self timer on your phone. If you don’t have a tripod that’s perfectly okay since you can lean your phone against a wall or your car if you need to.

10 Photoshoot Ideas For You And Your Friends

2. Strolling Through The City

Everyone loves candid shots, especially when they are against a super cute background. Candid city pics are easy to capture when you’re out an about with friends, exploring a new city, shopping, or just hanging out. All you have to do is choose your background, then have one friend take pics from behind of you and another friend walking. Not only does this look natural and not posed, but it makes an adorable Insta post, especially when traveling somewhere new!

3. Convenience Store Chic

Another popular photoshoot trend over the past year has been capturing your memories in front or inside of a convince store. This is a casual, natural setting that makes a cute and colorful background for pics with your friends. Grab your favorite slushee or drink from the store to use as a prop and put on a super cute outfit, then you’re good to go! At first it might feel weird taking pics at a connivence store, but trust me, everyone will know you’re just trying to get some cute pics for the gram!

4. Car Ride With The Bestie

Whether you’re just going on a drive with your friends, or heading somewhere fun, next time you guys are in the car try snapping some cute pics along the way! Have whoever is sitting in the passenger seat turn around and take some photos of the friends in the back. Depending on your car, you can put the sunroof or windows down to get that perfect breeze when driving down the highway. Don’t forget to blast some of your favorite music while you have your mini driving photoshoot!

5. Girls Night In

If there’s one thing every friend group needs from time to time, it’s a girls night in! Not only is this a fun activity and special way to spend time with your friends, but it’s a great photo opportunity as well! While you guys catch up over some drinks and pizza, make sure you pose for some natural looking pics. I suggest taking these inside, especially in a hotel room for that full night-in aesthetic. You can plan a fun night with your besties, while getting some cute pics out of it! Try posing on a bed or couch with your props and don’t forget to have fun with it!

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6. Rainy Night Vibes

What is cuter than classic pics dancing in the rain? These candid shots will come out adorable and are one of the easiest photoshoot ideas! You can do this during a rainy day, or wait until nighttime on your way back from a party or the club. If you have a fresh face of makeup and hair done up, wait until the end of the night when you’re about to head home to capture these cute shots!

7. Quick Subway Pics

If you live or are traveling into the city one day, chances are you’re going to be taking the subway at some point, as it’s way more affordable and faster than ubering around. Just because you have to take the subway doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it! You can pose with your friends with a subway car going by, to get a cool background effect. Once you’re in the subway, also try taking some pics sitting down when it starts to get less crowded with people. You can have one friend sit across from the rest and take some Insta pics, then switch it up so everyone can get in!

8. Trip To The Gas Station

Similar to the convince store, the gas station makes another great location to shoot some pics with your friends. I recommend going during the sunset so you can capture the sky in the background. This is one of the casual, yet cute photoshoot ideas, so remember to make it candid and not look to forced. In fact, I suggest just doing your thing with your friends and then having another friend take the pics whenever you guys are least expecting it. This is an easy destination to have a photoshoot that really anyone can do when they’re bored with friends around their town.

9. Picnic With The Ladies

My personal favorite out of these photoshoot ideas is to have a picnic with your friends! Having picnics is a fun activity to do when you’re looking for something to do on a nice day in the summer, spring, or fall time. Put on your favorite fit, then figure out who will bring what. You can bring a charcuterie board, some wine, cake, sandwiches, etc. to act as delicious snacks and props for your pics! Just choose a scenic spot where there aren’t too many people around and snap some shots with your friends, because trust me, these will come out super cute!

10. Girls Night Out

Since we discussed a girls night in, you have to include some girls night out pics of course! Next time the weekend rolls around and you and your friends decide to hit a party, bar, or club, don’t forget to take some pics while at the event! You can pose to show off your going out fit, or have someone take some candid shots of you and your friends simply just having a good time.

Next time your out of photoshoot ideas, check out this list if you’re looking to step up your Insta game!

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