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10 Perfect Outdoor Movie Ideas

10 Perfect Outdoor Movie Ideas

It does not get any better than watching an outdoor movie with the people you love. This outdoor activity is trending like crazy and there are a few important ideas that you need to know to make your outdoor movie amazing. If you’re interested in hosting an outdoor movie night of your own, we recommend you keep reading!

1) The Location 

The perfect outdoor movie location needs to have a large space to fit all of the people and movie screen. It is suggested that the location is in the grass for comfort. Backyards are a great option for movie locations, but if you don’t have a backyard, there are more options for you! If your backyard isn’t the ideal movie night setting, you can go to a local park for the the same outdoor field look. If you have garage, a garage door is a great place to project your movie on and you can sit on the driveway to watch. If you live in an apartment building, rooftop decks are super cool movie night locations, too! College quads are also quality locations for an outdoor movie. As long as your location is outside and can get relatively dark, you are all set for your outdoor movie.  


2) Movie Screen 

All you really need for a movie night is a projector, but a movie screen is an easy way to improve the overall quality of your movie. A plain white bed sheet is typically a great option for an outdoor screen. There are also screens available to purchase online, but a bed sheet works just the same! You can hang a screen from practically anywhere. A side of a building or house is an easy option. You can also hang one on a car, between trees, and on a garage door. 

3) Snacks

There are a few different snack vibes you can go with. One idea would be a charcuterie cheese board. Your board can have a variety of cheeses, meats, nuts, and grapes for that very classy outdoor movie feel. Another option would be the classic movie theater snacks: popcorn, soda, and candy. If you’re feeling healthy, an array of chopped fresh fruits and veggies might be just what you’re in the mood for. If you have a bonfire, grab some graham crackers and marshmallows for movies and s’mores! 


4) Comfort

Now, it’s time to create to most comfortable outdoor movie setting ever. The key to comfort is blankets, blankets, and more blankets! Lay blankets on the lawn like you would for a picnic. If you have fuzzy blankets, bring them outside! And, of course, the set-up is not complete without pillows. The more pillows you have, the more comfortable everyone will be. Lawn chairs are a great source of comfort, too. If you have outdoor furniture, an outdoor movie night is a perfect reason to use it. 


5) Bonfire

Having a fire during your outdoor movie really delivers that outdoor comfort vibe. The brightness of the fire usually does not affect the quality of light from the projector. If it’s a cooler night, cozy up by a fire while you enjoy your movie. Bonfires are also a great light source to have so you can enjoy the ambiance you’ve created. Besides, who doesn’t like snuggling up by the fire? 

6) Social-distanced Movie 

During the pandemic, outdoor movies can be the perfect socially distant activity. If you need to social distance but still want to hang out with friends, you can set up your outdoor movie in a way that allows you and your friends to stay at least six feet apart while still keeping a nice aesthetic and enjoying the movie. Set up your movie screen so you and your friends can sit back in your cars to watch. You can even deck out the trunks of your cars with pillows and blankets for ultimate comfort. Basically, it’s like a homemade drive-in movie theater. This is the perfect activity to socialize while staying physically distant and safe during the pandemic.



7) Movie Theme

A fun way to boost your outdoor movie vibe is to decorate and set up your space according to the movie theme. Does the movie you are planning on watching have an aesthetic attached to it? An example of a movie with an undeniable theme would be one of the Harry Potter movies! They are great movies to watch during the fall and winter time, and have themes that are fairly simple to bring to life. You can theme your decorations and snacks around the movie’s vibes. Are you watching a movie that is Halloween themed? If so, top off the night with candy corn snacks and spooky decorations. And if you’re watching a classy movie, pop a bottle of champagne and dress up!

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8) Lighting 

The lighting of your outdoor movie set-up is so important to the overall aesthetic. In other words, you need to get your hands on some string lights! String lights effortlessly complete any movie setting look. A cute way to arrange your lights is to have them outline your movie screen. You may also want to have the lights swooping across your yard. The twinkling of the lights provides a magical touch, and it’s a must for any outdoor movie night. Also, the more string lights, the better. But if you’re not feeling string lights, other light sources can provide a similar ambiance. Some other options may include a bonfire or candle to really set the mood!


9) Unique Locations 

Other than the classic backyard location, you can also get crafty with your outdoor movie setting. Build a blanket fort, watch from a pool, or whatever else you and your movie crew want. The possibilities are truly endless. Simply put, all you need is a projector. The rest of the creativity is up to you. One of the most creative ideas that has been seen is movie night on a trampoline. Fill your trampoline with pillows and blankets, and place string lights around the trampoline to complete the whole aesthetic. What unique location would you choose? 

10) The Movie Choice 

Of course, if you’re going to have an outdoor movie night, you’ll have to make sure that you have picked the best movie. There are many ways you can go when it comes to your movie choice, but there are a few genres that you could never go wrong with. Disney movies, the Harry Potter series, romantic comedies, horror movies, and classic films are just a few options that are always a hit. 


We want to hear your outdoor movie ideas! Be sure to share your ideas in the comments! 

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