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10 People You’ll See On UCLA’s Campus

10 People You’ll See On UCLA’s Campus


The UCLA campus hosts a distinct group of people, all the way from nerds to bros. Here’s a list of the types of people you’re guaranteed to see on UCLA’s campus at some point.

1. The Frat Bro In Vineyard Vines

Your UCLA campus experience would not be complete without it.


2. The Pre-Med Super Nerd

Without a doubt, you’ll see at least one.

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3. The Engineering Super Nerd

UCLA’s campus is filled with super smarties.

4. The Sorority Girl

In a spirit jersey.

5. The Exchange Student

In a Dashew Student Center sweatshirt.


6. The Professor

Looking out of place outside his lecture hall.

7. The Athlete In UCLA Adidas Everything

If you work that hard to play, you deserve to show off your swag.

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8. The Freshman

Complete with a lanyard and a wrinkled UCLA map.

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9. The Overenthusiastic Flyer-er On Bruinwalk

Beware of the flyer passer outers on UCLA’s campus. They’ll get you every time.

10. The DESMA Major

Looking cooler than you could ever hope to be. If only we could reach this level of fierce.


What other types of people will you see on UCLA’s campus? Comment below!

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