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The 10 People You’ll Meet On Campus At FSU

The 10 People You’ll Meet On Campus At FSU

If you’re a student at Florida State University or have been lucky enough to grace your way through our campus, you have probably encountered a couple of striking individuals. Whether you’re in line at Starbucks, lounging on Landis, or strolling through Legacy walk you’re bound to encounter at least one of the ten personalities I’ve compiled of the people you’ll meet on campus at FSU.

1. The Campus Performer

You may have noticed someone while on your way to class, playing a guitar or possibly singing. These students are usually sitting somewhere on Landis or the brick seating area of Legacy Walk. They look at you in the eye as you pass by, are extremely friendly, and surprisingly lighten your mood due to their seemingly good-hearted  nature. They can sometimes pack quite a show as you might come across a FSU half time show baton twirler or Flying Circus fire breather testing out their new tricks.

2. The Earth-Lover

This person is everyone’s New Years Eve goals. They truly care about the Earth, what they put into their bodies, and Wholes Foods is their version of “Club Pub.” They actually research about global issues, and are very helpful in informing those (like me) of what’s going on in the world. They have such an effortless look about them that this makes you quickly question how eco-friendly or lack-of you actually are.


3. The Over-Achiever

These people are the ones that always seems to have a coffee in one hand, and a cell phone in the other.  They’re constantly checking their emails, wearing oversized clothes (that they probably slept in), and are always rushing about from class to class. Although they’ll complain about all the work they’ve added on their plate, secretly they enjoy working hard and “attempting” to have their shit together.

4. The Athlete

You’ll usually be able to tell these students apart from the rest of the student body. They’re either extremely tall, very fit, and/or wearing full FSU attire. Their Insta’s are full of FSU pride, and awesome pictures of them doing their sport. But don’t think they don’t have time for Happy Hour, the athletes usually know how to have a good time.

5. The Constant Participator

This kid always has something to say and has their hand constantly held high to add in their statements and opinions. They tend to sit closer to the front, befriend the teacher, and ask a TON of questions. Although you’re wondering how the hell they’re so alert at 8am, you’re extremely thankful that they’re leading class discussion and you don’t have to. If your teacher is funny, then this is their go to student to joke with.


6. The Workout Guru

They’re always in gym clothes, hair up, and fresh faced. You can spot them by their fancy water bottles, Nike shoes, head bands, tanks, and of course leggings. We all make jokes, and ask “how much do you squat bro?” But in the end these work out junkies give us motivation to get healthier, and go to the gym at least once a week…

7. The Campus Celebrity

For some reason, everyone knows this person. Whether you met them Summer C freshman year, or they came to fame from that once popular app Yeti. You can mention his or her first name to one person and everyone already knows whom you’re talking about. They’re outgoing, have a great smile, and you’ll definitely wish you could know more about them.

8. The Party Animal

This person will go out the night before an 8am, or exam and still make it to class the next day. However, they may or may not be still drunk or in last nights clothes. You can never tell if it’s really coffee in their thermos, and if they have an afternoon class on Friday you know they’re already ready for happy hour. They can out drink, and out party almost anyone, and always have a crazy story tell the next day. This is definitely the person you want to sit in a boring class.

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9. The sorority/frat girl or guy

FSU has a very prominent Greek life on campus. They tend to always be wearing their letters, along with the cutest bags, rain coats, etc. You can spot this person with a group of their sorority or frat friends everywhere they go, and you’ve probably been invited to one of their philanthropies or house parties at least once on Facebook. The frat parties/tailgates are a big part of FSU’s fall semester, and although many people hate on these organizations, there’s no denying how FSU wouldn’t be the same without them.

10. The Laid-Back

These are the people who may or may not smoke before class, and are a mixture of the different types of people I’ve listed above. They may enjoy staying in, hanging with their good friends during the weekdays, and then on Friday becoming the party animal. They could enjoy working out, but not wear gym clothes all the time. They achieve in their area of study, but overall take a relaxed approach on life. These people also tend to have the best laughs.


Overall, these are just exaggerations of the very diverse and multicultural population of FSU. You may relate to a couple (As I can) or none of these names I’ve listed above. Thanks to FSU, every single one of these different personalities provides a purpose on our campus and helps us achieve the reputation we have today, even though we constantly hate and make fun of them. Go Noles!

Who else have you met on campus at FSU? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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