10 Kinds Of People You Will See At CSUN

With over 40,000 students, CSUN is full of many different people. Just walk around. You will surely meet some crazy characters. Keep reading to see the 10 most common people at CSUN!

1. The Commuter

Always running late, the commuter may be seen with messy (unwashed) hair, a look of panic, a light sprint, and even pajamas. With LA traffic and a lack of parking at CSUN, can you blame them? Let’s be real. We are all this person, approximately once a week.



2. The Petitioners

A.K.A. everyone’s favorite time waster. Half the time we have no idea what we are signing up for. Oh, you want to legalize smoking hemp and underwater basket weaving? Well, I am in for a free bag of chips.



3. The Greeks

We can all recognize the groups of frat brothers and sorority sisters constantly gathered in the quad outside Sierra Center. They are usually fundraising, while wearing matching tank tops.


4. The Skateboarders

They are everywhere. Longboarders, shortboarders, penny boarders, etc. You have almost been hit by one flying down the street, but you lived to tell the tale. Congratulations.


5. The Tour Group

Without fail, there is always at least one tour on CSUN’s campus. Whether it is a group of high schoolers or overly involved parents, they will be there. Most of the time, they are not even future Matadors – so can you please not crowd the walkways so much?


6. The Musician

With such a strong music program, there is always someone strumming their guitar on CSUN’s campus. Who knows, you could meet the next Ed Sheeran on your way to class!


7. That Person You Might Have Made Out With at that Party Last Semester?

Is it them? Maybe, they had darker hair? Should you say hi? Odds are, you will see your drunken mistake or prince charming from time to time.

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8. That One Person You See Everywhere But You Don’t Actually Know

You have probably nick-named them something like “green shirt” or “big eyebrows,” but you have no idea who they are. You know their friends, wardrobe, and possibly a class or two…but a name? Nope.


aaliyah who are you romeo must die do i know you


9. The Athlete

They are definitely still in practice gear and rocking it with pride on their way to class. You will probably catch them chugging a big jug of water – literally everywhere – accompanied by a gym bag.



10. The “I Have All My Shit Together” Person

We all secretly hate them and their color-coded planner. They have had their mid-term paper done before classes even started. Plus, their t-shirts are ironed! Who even does that?

Do you see one of these people at CSUN, or are you one yourself? Let us know in the comment section below!
Featured Image source: modolabs.com and happy2u.cc