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10 Outfit Essentials You Need For Spring Break

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Midterms are finally over and now you can look forward to partying it up on Spring Break! All you can think about is hanging by the beach all day, hitting all the awesome clubs at night and feeling zero guilt when you reach for that fourth margarita by the pool. If you’re having trouble zipping up that suitcase because you packed one too many outfits, we’ve created a list of all the essentials that you will definitely need to complete your Spring Break outfits!

1. Your Bathing Suit

First and foremost, make room for that bathing suit (or the multiple bathing suits that you can’t decide between) and don’t forget it. The good thing about bathing suits is that they barely take up any space, so feel free to bring the bandeau…. the cut out bathing suit…the string bikini…oh and the one piece. Everyone needs a killer one piece. Four bathing suits, that’s not bad right?



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2. A Cute Cover Up

Everyone needs a cute cover up, especially one you feel comfortable in…because chances are, you’re going to be wearing this a lot (so much that it will turn into one of your spring break outfits.) There’s so many different styles of cover ups to rock like sheer ones, kimono wraps, or ones that mimic a maxi dress. Even a super cute romper will do the trick!



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3. A Comfortable/Lounging Outfit

Bringing an outfit that’s totally comfortable is super important. Whether you’re sitting on a plane for six hours or waking up just a little too hungover, you’re definitely going to want to reach for those comfy clothes in the morning (until it’s time to put on real clothes for the day-or not!)


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4. A Casual Daytime Outfit

For any Spring Break trip, you will definitely want to pack a few casual outfits for the daytime. If you’re not spending every day drinking as many Coronas as you can down by the pool (nothing wrong with that), you’ll need some cute outfits for sight seeing, shopping or walking around that island you’re staying on (lucky you!)



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5. A “Darty” Outfit

If you’re heading to your spring break destination to party it up all day and all night, you’re going to want a good “darty” (day party..duhhh) outfit. A simple tank top and jean shorts is one the most perfect spring break outfits for this occasion, or a crop top and comfy shorts…basically anything that you don’t mind spilling that slushy cocktail all over.



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6. A Going Out Outfit

You can’t go on Spring Break without heading out to the clubs at night. Let’s not forget the infamous Cabo trip that the crew from Laguna Beach took. After all, “what happens in Cabo, stays in Cabo.” Whether you’re a romper and wedges girl or a bodysuit babe, make sure you pack that outfit that you feel totally hot in. And something that will compliment that sun-kissed tan, of course.



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7. Shoes For Every Occasion

Shoes, shoes, shoes! We all know how hard it can be to limit the amount of shoes we’re packing in our suitcases. They’re so bulky and take up a lot of space, but sometime’s its hard to imagine that you won’t need six different pairs of heels. Before you load up the suitcase, make sure you’ve packed the essentials: a pair of sneakers for walking, a pair of cute sandals, flip flops for the beach, and a versatile pair of heels or wedges.



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8. Cute (But Cheap) Sunglasses

I’m letting you know now that it’s probably not a good idea to bring your expensive Ray Bans. You will lose them, you will break them or you will destroy them wherever alcohol is involved. The better idea is to buy a cheap pair right before your trip that look just like your favorite pair!


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9. All The Right Bags

Selecting the right bags for your trip is important. All after, different activities require different accessories. You’ll want a beach bag for sure, a small cross body bag or a cute backpack for daytime excursions and, lastly, a clutch for going out at night!



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10. Cute Hats

Since there’s a 99% chance you’re going somewhere warm for Spring Break, you’re going to be in the sun a lot. Sunscreen is definitely a must, but a little extra protection never hurt anyone. The sun can be a lot stronger than you’re used to in some places, so make sure you bring a cute hat to shade your face.



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Don’t forget to bring a cute beach towel or beach blanket while you’re lounging in the sand all day! After all, you will need a cute backdrop for all those hot Instagram pics you’ll be taking! Try a cute round towel to stand out from the rest!

Do you have any other essential Spring Break outfits that should be on this list? Share in the comments below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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