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10 Outdoor Date Ideas That Are Practically Free

1. Let Loose With A Game Of Tag

 Grab your soulmate and let loose in a game of tag! Childhood memories of chasing your friends around will come flooding back, except in this situation, you’re running towards the love of your life! Find an open space for the ultimate experience and set up your own limitations. 

Considering other outdoor date ideas, this one leans more towards the non-traditional side. Choose to make this experience more special by exchanging a kiss instead of a tap to signify that the runner has become the chaser. By the end of it, your heart will be racing from the rush of adrenaline and the love you share with your partner!

2. Find Shapes In The Clouds

Everyone knows about stargazing, but have you ever thought to lay out on a cloudy day to try and find hidden shapes up in the sky? Maybe your partner will see a turtle where you see an old man wearing a hat. The possibilities are endless and you’ll soon discover more about how each other’s minds work. It will bring you closer together and will surely make for lots of laughs!

All you need for this outdoor date is a blanket, your partner, and a weather forecast for cloudy skies! What I like most about this idea is that can enjoy it no matter where you are. Just look up!

3. Photo Shoot In A Field Of Flowers

Take some time to check out a scenic part of town and take Insta-worthy photos of you and your soul mate. This is a great opportunity to dress up and explore areas you’ve never been to before. The possibilities are endless depending on what you wear, where you go, and the creative process of it all. Have fun testing out different poses to capture beautiful images and lifelong memories!

I recommend bringing a tripod with you, or at least something to prop the camera on. Since you’ll already be in a delightful environment, might as well bring along your favorite drinks to take this outdoor date to the next level. By the end of the date, you’ll be aching to post all your favorite photos to show off your love!

4. Play With Puppies At The Animal Shelter

Everyone deserves a healthy dose of serotonin and nothing will trigger a good mood better than playing with puppies! Kittens will work too! Take a trip to your local animal shelter to surround yourself with loveable fur balls. Many shelters encourage visitors to come and visit the cats and dogs so they get proper enrichment. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

Once you’ve found the furry friend that speaks to you, get outside and treat them to a game of fetch or a much-needed walk. Be wary of the cuteness overload that will ensue because you might find yourself bringing home a new member of the family!

5. Venture Out On A Hike

Take your soulmate to explore mother nature on this refreshing and free outdoor date. Breathe in the fresh air and have fun forging your own path. You’ll have plenty of time for bonding and get in a solid workout! If you time it right, you’ll catch a wonderful view of the sunset to bask in your accomplishment. 

6. Cheer On The Local Little League

Between you and your partner, there’s bound to be a kid in your life that is involved in some kind of sports team. While it might not be as fancy as going to Yankee Stadium, it’s definitely much cheaper and will certainly be much more fun. This is a great outdoor date because you get to support a friend or family member while enjoying each other’s company. Just be careful not to talk too much trash about the other team or else some angry moms will chase you to your car!

7. Day Trip To The Beach/Lake

Pick a day when the weather is just right and pack your bags for a day trip to your nearest body of water! Whether it’s a sandy beach or a lazy river, you’ll surely enjoy this outdoor date. The most you’ll have to pay for is parking if anything. All you need is a pair of towels, a bottle of sunscreen, and your favorite person in order to have a day of relaxation and romance.

8. Relive Your Childhood On The Play Ground

Take this opportunity to bond with your soulmate and relive some wonderful childhood memories with them on a local playground. You can find them in pretty much any suburban neighborhood, or at a nearby elementary school. Just check with the school to make sure you can use it after hours.

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Think of how cute it would be to take turns pushing each other on the swings and racing down the swirly slides! It’s a great opportunity to share a special moment with your partner and get to act like kids again.

9. Make Your Own Mini-Gold Course

While you could totally go out and pay money to play mini-golf, save yourself some cash and add an extra layer of fun to your date by making the course yourself! Go crazy designing trick shots and epic opportunities for a hole-in-one!

In my experience, cutting the top off a soda can and resting it sideways is a great substitution for digging a hole in the ground. Set up the course in an open space with smooth terrain for optimal results. Assuming you have your own putter and some spare golf balls lying around, this outdoor date is extremely easy to do!

10. Indulge In A Picnic

Gather up some snacks from the kitchen, or indulge in a shopping spree at the grocery store. Picnics are an extremely flexible activity with a straightforward objective: have a meal, but do it outside. Perhaps you’re craving a simple sandwich or a decked-out charcuterie board. There’s no wrong answer!

For added excitement, allow your partner to pick out your meal, and do the same for them. It’ll be a fun test to see how well you know each other. The end result is a wonderful picnic you can share on this outdoor date. Definitely get a bottle of wine, or two, or three to keep the fun going once the meal is over!

Take advantage of these 10 outdoor date ideas to strengthen your bond with your soulmate and create memories that will last forever!

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