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10 Online Stores Where You Can Get Non Medical Face Masks

10 Online Stores Where You Can Get Non Medical Face Masks

As the coronavirus continues, it’s more important than ever to take safety precautions when venturing outside your house. One of the best ways to do that is to wear a face mask while making your essential trips. Tons of companies have been expanding their production to create non-medical face masks, with some even switching their focus to devote more resources to creating face masks. Here are ten places online where you can purchase non-medical face masks to keep yourself safe and look cute while doing it: 

1. Scatterbrain Handmade 

Scatterbrain Handmade primarily specializes in super soft handmade toys (most famously the adorable Octopal), but they have also recently begun to sell masks. They have fitted masks that cover your nose and mouth and even have a pocket to place a filter and a nose bride inside in order to provide a more safe and comfortable fit. 

The masks from Scatterbrain Handmade come in 16 different fun patterns different sizes and cost $12. There is also an option to bulk order masks in batches of 25, 50, 75, or 100 starting at $250. 

2. Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic, based in Santa Monica, California, has added face masks to the list of products they sell, which previously included everything from clothing to bedding to furniture. They are sold in assorted packs of two for $14 per set of two. Based on the website, it looks like there are four different sets, all floral pastel patterns. 

It also looks like Shabby Chic is donating a set of masks for every set of masks purchased, so it’s a way to pay it forward while also protecting yourself! 

10 Online Stores Where You Can Get Non Medical Face Masks

3. Etsy

Etsy has a whole slew of online sellers and stores selling non-medical masks. Because Etsy is more like a marketplace where individual sellers can sell face masks, there is a wide variety of options in terms of style and patterns, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Plus, it’s a great way to support individuals and small businesses while many people are furloughed for the time being.

Another benefit of buying your face mask from a seller on Etsy is you can find masks for different prices to find one that fits your budget needs. 

4. Alice + Olivia 

Alice + Olivia is a contemporary clothing company based in New York City. The masks sold by Alice + Olivia come in a variety of designs and range in price from $10 to $13. The masks are also double layered to provide some extra protection.

Similarly to Shabby Chic and other company’s selling face masks, Alice + Olivia is donating one mask to a community in need for every mask purchased. 

5. 41 Winks

41 Winks primarily sell eye masks and their goal as a business is to promote self-care through sleep. Now, they have recently expanded to promote self-care and safety by selling non-medical face masks. 

The face masks sold by 41 Winks come in a beige marble pattern and also come with a filter already included inside the mask, unlike other masks that have a slot for a filter but don’t come with a filter. For an additional level of comfort, these face masks also come with an adjustable nose bridge.

41 Winks will donate 5% of mask sales to first responders. One mask costs $12 and a pack of three masks costs $30.

10 Online Stores Where You Can Get Non Medical Face Masks

6. Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley has made a name for themselves over the years for their fun and unique patterns on everything from bags to fashion accessories. Now you can get a face mask with Vera Bradley’s iconic patterns. Masks feature a pocket to insert filters, and for the month of May, Vera Bradley will donate 5% of sales from the masks to the Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses. 

Non-medical masks from Vera Bradley come in seven different patterns and cost $8. 

10 Online Stores Where You Can Get Non Medical Face Masks

7. Hedley and Bennett

Hedley and Bennett, a Los Angeles based company that primarily focuses on creating kitchen wear, has transitioned to producing face masks to assist in the effort to fight the coronavirus. The mask was developed in collaboration with pediatric orthopedic surgeon Dr. Robert Cho. 

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At $22, it’s a little bit more pricey than some of the other face masks included on this list. Hedley and Bennett will donate one mask for every mask purchased. 

8. LA Made

LA Made is a contemporary clothing brand based out of the Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District and is focused on making clothing from ethically and locally sourced fabrics. They are selling face masks in packs of five for $50 per pack. Masks from LA Made are a great option if you’re looking to get a face mask for yourself and your whole family. 

There are a variety of different packs sold, each with different themes. The She Pack, for example, comes with five reversible cotton blend masks for women and girls.

10 Online Stores Where You Can Get Non Medical Face Masks

9. Swaddle Designs

Swaddle Designs, based out of Seattle, Washington, are making face masks with the same fabric they usually use to make their baby products such as swaddles and security blankets. 

Swaddle Designs sells a variety of two layer cotton fabric face masks in a variety of soft pastel colors. Three-layer options are also available in the colors denim and charcoal gray. The masks range in price from $10 to $12. There are also options on their website to order masks in bulk, including 20, 40, and 100 count assorted packs. 

10 Online Stores Where You Can Get Non Medical Face Masks

10. Serengetee

Serengetee, who markets themselves as “the official travel brand,” sells Mystery Mask 2-Packs on their website. The masks come in a variety of fun patterns and all of the fabric used to make the masks is ethically sourced from around the world. 

Due to the demand for non-medical face masks right now, the site does limit you to one pack per order. But at $25 for a mystery pack of two, Serengetee is providing safety as well as a fun surprise in terms of what mask you’ll be getting. 

Where will you be ordering your non-medical face masks? Let us know in the comments!

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