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10 Online Shops Where To Buy Cute Phone Cases

10 Online Shops Where To Buy Cute Phone Cases

A phone case is an absolute must for protecting your device from cracks and scratches. However, today a phone case serves a much higher purpose than just that. Phone cases have evolved to become a true accessory that matches your style, personality, and maybe even your outfit. They are even used as a replacement for wallets! After all, phones are the first thing that most of us reach for in the morning so it’s important to find a phone case that you love. Here are 10 online shops where you can find the cutest phone cases that will perfectly fit your aesthetic!  


LAVONNI has the cutest phone accessories that are so unique! There are endless styles that you will absolutely fall in love with. They have a huge variety of women’s and men’s phone case choices. Their designs vary from simple clear cases to absolutely stunning phone cases with jewels and even real flowers! These phone cases will be a perfect treat-yourself gift! Shop them here!


2. TiritaCase

TiritaCase is an Etsy online shop that makes personalized phone cases! If you are into monograms or have a touching phrase that one of your loved ones says, this online shop is perfect for you. With that being said, if you are not very into personalized accessories-don’t worry! TiritaCase also has a variety of regular phone cases with the cutest prints and quotes. Go to TritaCase and find your perfect phone case! Shop them here!

3. IvyByCrafts

IvyByCrafts is a unique online shop where you will find the most adorable phone cases! You will love this online shop of you love big phone cases that make a statement. These adorable phone cases also make a perfect gift for a friend! Shop them here!


4. Wildflower 

Wildflower is a go-to phone case shop for fashionable phone cases. They have countless styles that can fit any aesthetic. Besides phone cases, they also have watch bands, stickers, and laptop covers. The only setback is that this online shop sells phone cases for iPhones only. Though some cases can get a bit expensive they are extremely protective. However, they have good sales (50% and up!) where you can find an adorable phone case for a good deal! Shop them here!


This online shop has the cutest phone case that have a minimalistic aesthetic! From glitter to elegant flowers, there are countless styles to choose from! Plus you can get 10% off your first purchase for just signing up for their email subscription. This online shop also sells more than just phone cases. You can also shop for a cute laptop bag! Plus all the phone cases are 30% off right now! So don’t wait another minute and go check them out! Shop them here!


Elegant Online Market is so much more than a phone case shop. They also sell clothes, shoes, and jewelry! Their phone cases vary in styles and aesthetics so you will have no problem finding the perfect phone case for you. They have cute prints, elegant designs, and 3-D shapes. Personally, I think this online shop is perfect when searching for a phone case because they have a lot to choose from (418 pages!) and are super affordable. They also provide good protection that will ensure that your phone stays safe after an accidental drop. Shop them here!


7. Casetify

Casetify online shop offers a great variety of phone cases for iPhones and Android phones. You can also find Apple Watch bands. Just like all these shops above, Casetify has great phone case choices that vary with style. Though these phone cases are a bit more expensive they have great protection for your device. These phone cases are a 9.8 feet drop guarantee! Also, you can choose to order a custom-made option that lets you pick the color, print, font, and style of the phone case! Shop them here!

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8. The Case Corner!

The Case Corner! has the cutest, protective phone cases for your device. They are super stylish and unisex! They are also super affordable, all of them are $15! You can also purchase a custom-made phone case with either your initials or any other personalized piece you would like (you can even request a special design or print!). The only con this online shop has is that it is only for iPhones. Shop them here!


At CASELY you can choose to shop marble, solid-colored, floral, or clear cases. You can also shop by device and collection. They offer countless cute, protective cases. They even have battery-powered charging cases which are perfect if you are always on the go. From classy plaid to adorable florals you will find the perfect accessory for your phone. However, they also have solid, classy styles that can be perfect for a parent. CASELY is the perfect online shop if you are looking for a quality phone case that will last and protect your device even from the roughest drops (happens to the best of us!). They also have free shipping on all U.S orders that are $20 and up! Shop them here!


10. TheUrbanFlair

TheUrbanFlair is an Etsy online shop that has over 10,000 sales and five stars! TheUrbanFlair has a unique choice of phone cases that are in the abstract style. If you love an artsy aesthetic you will fall in love with this online shop. Do you have anyone in your life who appreciates art? One of these phone cases will be the perfect gift for that person! Aside from adorable phone cases they also sell Apple Watch bands! Shop them here!

Phone cases have evolved into a stylish accessory that speaks volumes about our style, aesthetic, and personality. Though at first they were made to protect our phones now they are also made to personalize our devices!  Sometimes it can be so hard to find the right phone case for an affordable price, I hope this article helped you discover some online shops where you can upgrade your phone case and more!

Which online shop will you be ordering your new phone case from? Comment below and share this with your case-loving friends! 

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