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10 Of The Worst Red Carpet Dresses We Have Ever Seen

Watching the red carpet before an award show is, in our opinion, the best part. While it is inspiring to see celebrities stroll down the carpet in magnificent gowns, there are always some that make us question the fashion industry. Here are the ten worst red carpet dresses we have ever seen!

1. Lady Gaga, 2015 Oscars

To start off our rundown of the worst red carpet dresses we have ever seen, we of course need to start with Lady Gaga. While she has always been known for her extravagant choices for red carpets, most of the time we let it slide because she somehow always pulls them off so gorgeously. However, we had to make an exception for Lady Gaga’s 2015 Oscars attire because of how utterly disappointing it was. What disappointed us the most was the fact that the dress itself is actually incredibly stunning, but was terribly ruined by how she chose to accessorize. Lady Gaga’s red lipstick and matching hair decal were not the issue, in fact, the color complemented very well with the captivating glittery gown. The issue, if you could not see it for yourself, was the red dish-washing-looking gloves that spawned hundreds of memes; why would one choose to ruin a perfectly elegant dress with a pair of gloves that make you look like you are about to wash dishes?

2. Bjork, 2001 Oscars

This next one on our list of worst red carpet dresses honestly speaks for itself. We are not really sure what possessed Bjork to think it was a good idea to show up to such a prestigious and sought-after event wearing a swan around her neck. What could have been an artistically unique ensemble ended up failing miserably as it simply made Icelandic artist Bjork look like she was trying on tutus before a tea party with her friends. Not only that, but the swan head is scary and bizarre, and it absolutely destroyed the look altogether; perhaps the ensemble would not have been as reviled if the dangling animal head had not been included.

3. Whoopi Goldberg, 1993 Oscars

While we love Whoopi, we, unfortunately, have to add her 1993 Oscars look to the list of worst red carpet dresses we have seen. The second we first ever saw this ensemble, the first thing that immediately came to mind was: Barney mixed with Count Dracula. The color choice was without a doubt what made the look ten times worse; green and purple should really never be seen together unless you are watching the kid’s show. However, even if another color scheme was chosen, the dress/jumpsuit thing still would not have pleased our eyes. Unfortunately, the outfit itself just seems like something a villain might wear in a movie and we just don’t think it belongs on the red carpet of the Oscars. 

4. Helena Bonham Carter, 2013 Oscars

Up next on worst red carpet dresses: Helena Bonham Carter at the 2013 Oscars. The one thing we can say is that at least her ensemble reflected the characters she plays on TV such as Bellatrix in Harry Potter, but we are not exactly sure if that is who you want to look like on the red carpet. The dress itself is not entirely horrible, the color scheme is what completely ruined any chance of her ensemble making the best-dressed list. The black and white simply made her look sad and gloomy, not really the vibe you want to be giving off when on a red carpet. It is disappointing because if there had been any other color scheme, we are sure the gown would have been gorgeous. The cherry on top that ruined this look was her messy updo, which simply added to the not very put-together energy. We are certain that if Helena’s hair was at least in a sleek hairstyle, she would have been able to make the dress look more elegant. 

5. Doja Cat, 2021 Grammys

For this next one on our list of worst red carpet dresses, it is harder to find what we like about this look than what we don’t like. To put it simply, this ensemble is unfixable. Some people on Twitter said she looked like the Grinch, others said she looked as though she dressed up as Billie Eilish’s hair; the bottom line is that the public were not very satisfied with Doja’s choice of dress. While some may praise her for going above and beyond and choosing a bolder outfit, others were simply perplexed by how she was not terrified of her dress slipping. The colors, the feathers, the mix of a very unzipped motorcycle jacket, and to finish it off a very choppy hairstyle and dramatic makeup? Definitely not it, sorry Doja. 

6. Noah Cyrus, 2021 Grammys

We have to assume the Grammys in 2021 were a fantastic year for finding bad red carpet dresses because Noah Cyrus’s look is next on our list. This is another look that we simply are disappointed with because of the fact that it could have easily been so beautiful. If you can even see under what resembles a bunch of bed sheets rumpled together, the initial dress itself is a gorgeous and simple strapless gown. Unfortunately, not many people can see past the unnecessary addition of whatever is behind her, which adds a busy and horrid twist to her whole ensemble. Not to mention that it must be super uncomfortable for her to carry all of that on her back, so why bother adding it and ruining what could have been a perfectly elegant look?

7. Phoebe Bridgers, 2021 Grammys

Continuing on the trend of the worst red carpet dresses of the Grammys this past year, Phoebe Bridgers clearly got the dates confused and thought that it was Halloween. Sure, it was a daring and gothic move on her part which she knew would spark a lot of conversation between admirers and critics, but did she really have to do it in such a horrific way? We just don’t believe that the Grammys serve as the time nor the place to experiment with a skeleton design, especially when it is nowhere near October at the time. This ensemble would have been perfect only for a movie premiere of a horror film or for trick or treating. 

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8. Alicia Keys, 2002 Grammys

Considering Alicia Keys is not even wearing a dress, it is difficult to know if it is even appropriate to add this to the worst red carpet dresses list. However, this look was so utterly terrible in all sorts of ways we simply had to include it. It is difficult to even know where to begin and where to end, considering absolutely every aspect of this ensemble from head to toe serves as a red carpet nightmare. We honestly don’t think we can even talk about it any longer, just take a look for yourself and we are sure you will know immediately why this is on our list. To put it simply, we just can’t bear to examine this photograph any further.  

9. Nicki Minaj, 2012 Grammys

We love Nicki Minaj for constantly being bold and dramatic, however, we are not sure if we can easily look past this ensemble as if it was just another one of Nicki’s crazy outfits. Perhaps it is the fact that she looks like a babushka doll or maybe we are just confused by the random face on the skirt; whatever it is, we just simply think Nicki could have done much, much better. And besides, is she not sweating under all of that fabric?

10. Kacey Musgraves, 2019 Oscars

Our final look on our list of the worst red carpet dresses is Kacey Musgraves from the 2019 Oscars. While we absolutely love light ballerina pink, we are displeased with how terribly Kacey butchered the color for us. We are not quite sure if it is the excessive amount of frill and puffiness, the high turtle neck, or the random silver bow. All we know is that her look resembles that of a grandma mixed with Little Bo Peep. 

That concludes our list of the worst red carpet dresses of all time, all of which have made us question the fashion industry. Do you disagree with any of our choices? Let us know in the comments!

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