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10 of the Cutest Cafes in Charlotte That You Should Know About

Charlotte is a city filled with many lively people and things to do. It is definitely a city that you should visit or even live in if you are someone who loves experiencing the full culture of city life. As a native, of course, I can be a little biased but as someone who has also traveled many places, I would be lying if I said Charlotte wasn’t one of the greatest cities in the U.S.

Of course, I have to mention some of the obvious perks of the bustling and vigorous city life and that would be restaurants! One of the best things about living in a city is all of the food places that exist there. I am someone who loves food and has lived in Charlotte for the last twenty-one years (all my life). Therefore, I am still constantly on the market for and discovering more and more food places to satisfy my hunger craving that the food enthusiast in me will enjoy. When I search for restaurants, I’m also sure to add ambiance and aesthetics as a factor while doing my research. As a girl who identifies as a food enthusiast (but make it chic, of course), some of my favorite kinds of food places include the artsy and romantic atmosphere of bakeries and cafes. They somehow always give me a parisian vibe.

With all of these things in mind, I have found a list of 10 of the cutest cafes in Charlotte that you should definitely be visiting!

1. Amélie’s

If you live or come to Charlotte often, then you have probably heard of this dreamy, French-inspired bakery. Amélie’s is an artsy and French themed café located in Charlotte. It exists right in the heart of Noda, which is an artsy town located in uptown Charlotte (Think a southern Greenwich Village). After visiting, you will surely fall in love with both the cozy atmosphere and delicious macarons.



2. The Giddy Goat

This cute café is also one that will guarantee you as a returning customer. This one definitely has more of a neutral atmosphere. Maybe you are someone who enjoys coffee, but the charming and artistic café route isn’t something you’re crazy about. It’s perfectly normal to want to sit down and study somewhere where there aren’t Victorian oil paintings gazing down on you while you’re indulging in your daily dose of energy and trying to get your study on.

If that’s the case, then this is a simple, yet delicious, cafe that you’ll be sure to enjoy!



3. Waterbean Coffee

This cutesy coffee shop is commonly found in many local Charlotte towns. It is a franchise that extends across Charlotte and has various stores. Due to its popularity, Waterbean is continuously looking to expand its franchise and there’s a reason. This café is perfect for both first dates and study dates due to the quiet and neutral atmosphere. Aside from the fact that if you live in Charlotte, it’s local, the coffee is also fantastic too!



4. Tea Fusion Café

Maybe you are not a coffee person and prefer beverages like tea instead. Well, there’s surely still a way that you can get that café vibe while being in a place that actually does not serve any coffee! Tea Fusion Café is a quaint bubble tea shop located in University boulevard in Charlotte, NC. They also have other snacks options along with calamari and sweet potato fries.

If you’re not familiar with bubble tea, its those adorable and colorful drinks you see on social media with tapioca balls at the bottom. If that doesn’t make you excited enough to try it, then this café definitely will!



5. The Percantile Coffee and Creamery

This one is one of my personal favorites. It is a coffee shop located in Concord, NC. It’s one of my favorites because it is also a creamery in addition to a coffee shop, which is the perfect heaven for anyone with a sweet tooth, like me. Not only is the ice cream delicious (speaking from experience), the café has such a cozy aura with some of the cutest and coziest sitting areas!



6. Coco and The Director

This bakery / café is a little more artsy themed but definitely takes the cake for being one of the cutest cafes in Charlotte. It’s located uptown and has a casual, but classy atmosphere with alcoholic options as well. I also can’t forget to mention the comfortable loft sitting area, which adds to the coziness of the place. It has a creative environment, while still maintaining the familiar vibes of your local neighborhood coffee shop.



7. Roots Café

This café takes on an earthy tone and is located in South End, Charlotte. It is a brunch café with espresso options and various vegan palates in addition to that. This restaurant style café has various hanging plants around the café, which also gives it a stylish, garden vibe.

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8. Julia’s Café and Books

This adorable café also abides by the cozy cafe aesthetic in the sense that it is also a bookstore! There are stores like Barnes and Noble, which famously have Starbucks located inside of them. This one is a little different because it has its own personal coffee shop inside of it. There’s nothing like snuggling up with a delicious apple macchiato and a good book!



9. Smelly Cat Café

Here we have another cozy and artsy café located right in the heart of Noda in uptown Charlotte. If you’re artsy and live in Charlotte, you are most likely someone who frequents Noda and this would be just the café for you! This one definitely has a playful aspect to it. I have to admit, the name is a little offputting, but don’t let that deter you. The café has an eccentric bar feel and outdoor seating that is lit up beautifully at night!



10. Another Broken Egg Café

Lastly, here we have another brunch-themed café. This restaurant / café has southern-themed brunch foods such as chicken and waffles and omelets and we can’t forget coffee, of course! They have lots of tasty breakfast foods that they have added fun twists on such as cookie dough waffles and lobster omelets!

They also have coffee brews to choose from along with various mimosa options, if you’re into the whole brunch sort of thing. So, next time you schedule a brunch date, check out this fun café!


Amari Saxton

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