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10 Of The Best Things To Do If You Are Traveling In Boston

New York who. Everyone goes on and on about cities that aren’t Boston. Personally, I disagree. What follows is 10 of the best things to do if you are traveling in Boston.

  1. The Historical Sites

While New York City was busy housing British soldiers in the revolutionary war, Bostonian’s were busy being the birthplace of the revolution. Boston Tea Party anyone? Boston is the oldest city in America. Not only that, but Boston has an extremely long history with Italian Americans. Between you and me, I feel like that makes our Italian food a cut above the rest. Once again, looking at you New York City. And last but certainly not least, the freedom trail. This is the man made trail through 2 miles of Boston that takes you to a plethora of different landmarks for the city. Boston common, King’s Chapel, the Old Corner Bookstore,, Paul Revere’s House, and of course Bunker Hill. All located on the trail.

One thing they don’t mention, underneath the paved roads on the freedom trail, in the right places here and there, you can still see the rustic red bricks and patches of cobblestone showing that while time has moved forward, the past is always present in the City. 

2. The Pizza

North End Pizza is better than any Pizza in New York City. I say it here, I say it to your face, and I say it in front of God. Everyone is familiar with the almost legendary statues of New York Style Pizza. The thin crust is known from here to Tibet. Even people who aren’t huge fans of pizza, know that New York has a huge reputation for it. 

If you are in the market for quality pizza, you can do absolutely no better than Bianchi’s Pizza at Revere Beach Blvd. Not only is it the greatest food in all of creation, but it has a full bar, a dining room, and a patio. So it’s perfect for a quiet date, or a loud celebration with all of your friends. You must check it out if you are traveling in Boston.

3. See The Equality

You would be hard pressed to not think that a city so old wouldn’t be conservative. However, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino famously kicked out any company that discriminates, famously saying “You can’t have a business in this city that discriminates the population… We’re an open City… the forefront of inclusion. And we are not going to have Chik-Fil-A or whatever the hell the name is on the freedom trail.” Does Boston have it’s problems in politics? Of course. All the states do. But in my opinion, Boston still does the best with what it’s got. It’s still one of the very best parts of Boston.

You can do this specifically by just walking the streets of downtown Boston. Refereed to as “People Watching” to borrow a phrase, the city is a melting pot of inclusion. 

I understand that this isn’t a “destination” really, it’s more of a vibe. But take a second and breathe in the city, it’s not as bad as some people say.

4. The Museum of Fine Arts

Everyone talks about the MET in New York, but the Boston Museums of Fine Arts really does not get enough love. Convenient parking, affordable tickets, knowledgeable staff, and a beautiful collection. DO yourself a favor and find the time. Well worth it.

5. New England Aquarium

If statues and art aren’t your thing, you can’t go wrong with aquatic life. There’s just something relaxing about watching fish. Oddly therapeutic almost. Check it out.

6. Fenway Park

Who doesn’t love baseball? That greatest past time that I think I read something about somewhere. Even if you don’t like baseball, everyone needs to go to a game at least once in their life. 20 dollar hot dogs and 30 dollar beer is just part of the experience. Breathe it in. Nothing like it. Especially at the legendary Fenway Park. Absolutely biblical in scale, just be prepared for a loud time.


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7. Boston Common

Established in 1634, you read that right, 1634. That makes Boston Common the oldest publicly available park. And there is a reason it has been around so long, the very air has waves. Which is to say it feels like almost an oasis in the desert. But closer to a city. You almost forget that you are surrounded on all sides by metal and concrete when you look at the green of the trees.

Once again, you can’t beat a free walk, check it out. One of the best stops in Boston.

8. Boston’s Children Museum

Speaking of historical sites, the Boston Children’s Museum on Congress Street is the second oldest children’s museum in the United States. Established in 1913, this museum is exactly what it sounds like. Dedicated to the education of children. Children are the future and if you find yourself in Boston in search of family friend activities, you can do worse than this fine institution.

9. The Institute of Contemporary Art

Modern art sometimes rubs me the wrong way, but not here. I won’t ruin the exhibitions for you, but well worth the minuscule price of admissions.

10. The Museum of Science

Society would not be here were it not for the advancement of science, the museum of science stands as a monument to that advancement. Classic art isn’t for everyone, modern art as well, so if you still want to learn, the science museum is here for you.


And that’s our list. Please remember that this is my personal favorites, and this list doesn’t even come close to showing all of what Boston has for you to experience. With a fine selection of bars, restaurants, theaters and live music, this city just can’t be beat. Fun for all ages and all that. But no matter what it is that you decide to do when you’re here, remember to be safe and have fun. Not exclusively in that order.

Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson is a fledgling, (but passionate) journalist and photographer for Society 19 and Marker. What began as a hobby is now a driving force for a new career path. He lives and continues to write non-stop in Boston. His first article was published in 2022 by Society 19. Reach out to him today.

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