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10 of the Best Songs to Work out to

10 of the Best Songs to Work out to

Nothing feels better than getting in a hard days’ worth of sweets by crushing an intense workout. However, the best way to keep this fast-paced exercise momentum is by working out to some intense workout music to help get your blood flowing. Here are 10 of the best songs to work out.

1. Lose Yourself (Eminem)

Not only is the beat from this song awesome, but the rhythm builds up to a tremendous energetic pump, while the lyrics give your workout a sense of urgency and desperation.  You cannot help but get worked up whenever you listen to this song, which, if you think about it, makes this the best workout song ever! I have worked out to this song before, and the insanity in this song just fits perfectly no matter what kind of exercise you are doing. This song helps you stay focused on your workout

2. Master of Puppets (Metallica)

I just love the feeling of listening to raging heavy metal militia music. When I think of the best bands to listen to when working out, Metallica is where it is at. This band is probably the rarest band that keeps their music flow very reminiscent of the 80s. If you’re listening to this band while trying to crush a workout, “Master of Puppets” will put you in a full athletic rage. This song is earthshattering with its electric guitar motion and steady drumbeats. The best heavy metal song to work out to.


3. The Beautiful People (Marilyn Manson)

If we are talking heavy metal music, Marilyn Manson has been a pioneer in this field of music for more than 30 years. His song “The Beautiful People” is all about showing off that hardcore 90s heavy metal goth tone. From the heavy guitar feel to the insane screamo lyrics, this song is more than enough to not only put you in a head-banger feeling but make you want to push yourself even further in your workout. The hardest heavy metal song to work out to.

4. Stronger (Kanye West)

Before he was known for his marriage with TV reality star Kim Kardashian and his Yeezy nation clothing line, Ye formally known as Kanye West made music with more feeling and rhythm back in the day. I remember back when I was in middle school and it was gym time, I would take out my iPod and always listen to his song “Stronger”. I mean Come on, when you’re working out to this song, it is called stronger for a reason. The more you listen to it while working out, the more you will feel determined to become the strongest. This song is all about becoming stronger in any workout.

5. Metabolic (Slipknot)

This song is absolutely dope when it comes to working out. Everyone talks about what a great song it is, especially when it comes to their trademark masks and badass hardcore lyrics. This song is no doubt a heavy banger when played in the gym. The aggression of the music and the agony in Corey’s vocals will get you through those tough reps. This song is so intense, it may put you in the mood from just lifting weight to helping you take out some rage and aggression by sparring or wrestling someone. This song will put you in a rage mood when it comes to your workout.


6. Up (Cardi B)

Some of the best workouts are the ones that push you in a fast-paced way exercising your skills in Cardio. The best song to listen to for this particular type of workout is Cardi B’s “UP”. It only makes sense when you add fast-paced exercise routines like jogging, jumping rope even thai bo mixed with a stylish Afro-Latino dance mix you are going to be feeling the aerobic movements of intense cardio while feeling a nice groove to add into that Latin dance mix. This song adds a sexy dance tone to your workout.

7. Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)

Known throughout the entire Rocky film series, “Eye of the Tiger” is not only a song that is hard not to jam out to, but it is a song that is specifically made for someone to train to who is passionate and dedicated to fighting. When you are listening to this song while working out, you definitely will want to go the extra mile, run harder, and cut out all the nasty fat foods from your life. When choosing to live this lifestyle, you will soon unlock your eye of the tiger. The most legendary song to any workout.

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8. Naruto: Opening 1-Rise Tsuyosa (Jeremy Sweet and Ian Nickus)

Naruto is more than just an anime that draws us to the television. He is the reason why we should constantly stay training. For Naruto working out it’s to become Hokage, for us it should be whatever fitness goal we put our minds to. Whether if you’re trying to up your weight in deadlifting or trying to get in an extra set of chin-ups, the best Naruto song to listing to is “Rise Tsuyosa”. Even though most anime songs have a Japanese song intro, this song is just straight electric guitar music. The idea of the music playing is to make you want to rise from the ashes and turn you into an ultimate fighting warrior. The best anime song to work out to.

9. P*$$y Fairy (Jhene Aiko)

Not a lot of people know it, but the best workout routines are the ones that don’t require that much physical endurance. Yoga for example is a workout practice that involves disciplining the mind and spirit and detaching yourself from negative egos and feelings through intense stretching routines. When I think of calm relaxing yoga, my first music choice of thought is Jhene Aiko and her song “P*$$y Fairy”. Ok, I know you are probably thinking how can a song that fantasizes about sexual feelings calm the mind. Well, that’s the thing, a lot of people do suffer from not being able to control their sexual urges. But once you listen to music that especially sings about these sexual fantasies while performing calm and relaxing yoga, your mind and body are at a healthier level. Thig song helps us stay calm while working out.

10. Sorry Not Sorry (Bryson Tiller)

Ever felt like you’re that fighter in a video game? When listening to Bryson Tiller’s number 1 Trap Soul album track “Sorry Not Sorry”, you can’t help but want to throw on some boxing gloves and have a nice sparring session. It’s almost like you’re playing Tekken in real life. You feel like you are playing in a video game while listening to this song during your workout.


Workouts are meant to be sessions that help you relieve tension while maintaining a healthy body tone. The best way to achieve this goal is by listening to whatever type of music puts you in an upbeat feeling.