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10 of the Best Fashion Looks at Met Gala

10 of the Best Fashion Looks at Met Gala

If you are a person who values the exquisite art of fashion and design, the 2021 Met Gala was the event for you. This fashion show was an event that help raise awareness for the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York City allowing many celebrities to come together and show off their most stunning fashionable attire. 

1. Jack Harlow

Some of the looks at the Met Gala left an impactful display of stunning features from gold dresses to bright shining jewelry. Don’t get me wrong, those are good looks but the best looks are the ones that are both classy and formal. Jack Harlow knows how to dress for the right occasion with this nice slim-cut velvet suit. This look displays both forms of a classy etiquette touch with a casual feeling. 

A Designer look that is both classy and casual


2. Megan The Stallion

The idea of showing up to the Met Gala is to wow the crowd with a fiery hot appearance. Megan The Stallion Cleary gets the message of what it means to show off a hot display of fashion and beauty. Megan the Stallion made her Met Gala appearance showing off this radiant hot red velvet dress that shows her slim/curvy figure. She gives a good representation of what it means to be a fierce “Hot Girl”.

Designer looks that have a hot tone

3. Billie Eilish 

Billie Eilish is that type of artist who knows what it means to not live by those typical gender codes. In some of her concerts, you may see her performing at concerts representing a tomboy/e-girl look, while at the Met Gala, she knows how to keep it lady-like. Here you can see Billie Eilish is wearing a nice long light pink dress with a hairstyle very reminiscent of the 1950s. It turns out that Billie Eilish was aiming to represent her fashion icon Marilyn Monroe bearing this look. There is nothing more stunning than commemorating your favorite look from one of  the world’s best fashion icons at the biggest fashion show of the year. 


A Designer look with a ladies touch

4. Kim Kardashian

It is no surprise that the Kardashians have a solid reputation of arriving at events making sure that they are the best well-dressed people in the room. Kim Kardashian’s look at the Met Gala gave off a display of being anonymous. Here you can see at the Met Gala Kim Kardashian with her husband Kanye  arriving in an all-black Balenciaga gown, which completely covered her face. The idea behind this look of hers is to honor her husband Kanye West wearing a look that represents himself where at his album release party Donda, Kanye wore something similar wearing all black clothing and a face covering. Choosing to wear an outfit at one of the most important fashion shows of the year is what I call real relationship goals. 

This Designer look defines relationship goals


5. Yara Shahidi

Yara Shahidi sure has been making a come-up in the last few months in her acting career. The Blackish and Growing star decided to take to make her first Met Gala appearance showing off a look that not only defines fashion but represents beauty for all black women. Here you can see Yara Shahidi wearing a custom Dior diamond-studded gown. The idea for this look of hers was to pay respect to the famed opera singer Josephine Baker who wore the same look back when performed live at New York’s Strand Theater in 1951. It is always important to pay respect to those who paved the way for black people to make bold statements at an event like the Met Gala.   

This Designer look should inspire all black women to feel positive

6. Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X made his first debut at the Met Gala wearing not one and not two, but three of the most stunning golden outfits. The rapper arrived at the New York Metropolitan Museum wearing a Regal Versace cape, then switching over to golden armor tope with solid gold abs. For his third outfit, Nas removed his armor wearing a slim tight-fitting bodysuit covered with gold diamonds. This look defines what it means to be royalty. 


A golden Designer look

7. Cara Delevingne

Sometimes the best outfits are the ones that send a powerful message of what needs to be addressed in today’s society. Cara Delevingne hit the Met Gala red carpet wearing a white top with the phrase on it “Peg the Patriarchy”. The young actress is making a political statement about women empowerment, gender equality, sex education and not being able to accept today’s society allowing a rapist to get away with negative sexual acts towards women. Sometimes, the best time to make a political statement is at events when the whole world is watching.  

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A Designer look with a powerful political statement

8. Shawn Mendes 

Some of the best fashion looks are the ones that have a Rockstar grunge look to them. Shawn Mendes took to the Met Gala red carpet wearing all black leather pants and a blazer with his chest out with leather suspenders. This look of his proved that he wanted to go with an American theme with black cowboy boots. The best outfits are the ones that have the traditional American look. 

A look that has an American sense


9. Justin Bieber

Even though most of the celebrities were all wearing handmade slim-cut designer looks, Justin Bieber decided to wear his look. While arriving at the Met Gala along with his wife Hailey Bieber, Justin was seen wearing a sleek white shirt and a tie with a black tuxedo jacket. Some people call this look awkward where one outfit is bigger than the other, but this look provides a sense of being your original trendsetter rather than following everyone else’s looks. 

Making your own Designer look

10. Rihanna 

The Met Gala saved the best look for last where Rihanna shut it all down with this look! She decided to show up to the event with a stunning Balenciaga overcoat and with a matching hat. The black ruffles and a stunning scale of a classy all-American woman’s style. As always, Rhianna has a solid reputation having class, commanding attention, and stealing the show. 

The best designer look in fashion


The Met Gala is more than just a typical fashion runway, this event allows artists and actors to come together and show off their creative designer looks.