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10 Of The Best Cities To Travel To Around The World

10 Of The Best Cities To Travel To Around The World

So you want to travel the world. But oh wait! You’ve not given any thought to where you would liek to visit. Well rest easy my dear friend, because this list is all you need. What follows is 10 of the best cities to travel to around the world. Remember please this is only an opinion list, and not the end all be all explanation of the best. It all subjective anyway.

  1. Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

Forgive the reference to They Might Be Giants. I can’t hear the name Istanbul and not immediately think of that absolutely criminally underrated classic. But Istanbul is more than just the rebranded name.


2. New York City

Look between you and me, I know that New York is in America. But it’s called the greatest city on earth for a reason. It’s got the Empire State Building. It’s got Times Square, it’s got Spider Man swinging around from time to time, and it’s got (My personal favorite) the Statue of Liberty. The very first thing most immigrants in the 1910’s and 1920’s saw when they arrived through Ellis Island. Standing tall against the background of the city reassuring them all that it was okay. And that they had made it. One of the absolute best (if not the very best) cities to travel to.

Modern Politicians aside, you can’t deny the beauty in that. A beacon of safety for any scared people. The Great American Melting Pot. New York stands as a shining example of what humanity can do if we come together to make something composed of the very best of us. You can’t throw a stone in New York City without it being caught by one of the most talented people you’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.


Also the clam chowder is nice.

3. Dallas

The Texan in me would never forgive myself if I skipped over Dallas. I won’t go too deep because Texas history just goes on and on, but it really is a beautiful city with loads of fine people. Austin is overrated. Houston is too damp. Dallas is a winner. And plus, Texas is so large, if you don’t like Dallas there is PLENTY else to explore.



4. Rome

The Catholic in me loves Rome has always loved Rome. Opinions aside, you can’t deny the architecture is gorgeous. Also the geek in me can’t not immediately think of Assassin’s Creed the exact MOMENT I hear the name Rome. Also Spartacus.

Another thing of note. Vatican City. Absolutely bleeding with artistic beauty. One of the best Cities to travel to.


5. Greece

I will never not love Greek Mythology. I’ve loved it since I was a boy. Obviously the country has a rich and diverse history, but I first became aware of Greece when we learned the myths in school. This built my foundation for my love of it all. See it all for yourself. Impossible to not fall in love.

Another one of the great cities to travel to.

6. The Sahara

To quote the classic film “Lawrence Of Arabia”, “There is nothing in the desert. And no man needs nothing.” There is something hypnotic about the desert. You either fall in love with it upon arrival, or you run in fear. There is no middle ground. And the Sahara is the daddy of them all. It’s a rough trip, but if you are drawn by the desert, you can’t say no. 


(While not exactly a CITY. Actually it’s definitely not a city, it’s worth traveling to. What good is life if you didn’t live it?)

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7. Paris

Speaking of love (See number 5) you can’t go wrong with the city of Romance. The Eiffel Tower along makes the trip worth it. The people are great, the stone walkways are great, the food is great. Do you see the theme there? It’s great. Especially if you bring your partner. Like the rest, it’s a trip you won’t forget. And how could you honestly?


Paris should come to mind anytime you think about any cities to travel to.

8. Moscow

Current politics aside, it’s a beautiful place. Like teh rest on this list, it is absolutly DRIPPING with history. Good and bad. It’s awful, I know, but we as people are the sum of our parts. It doesn’t change the fact that it really is a city you need to travel to.

9. Berlin

I might sound like a broken record, but I love a good historical city. I won’t blather on about good and bad history again. I will simply say that Berlin is a lovely place that everyone should see at least once in their lives. The food is fantastic as well actually. 


Side bar. I grew up watching James Bond. And any opportunity to wander around presenting I’m 007 I will literally never say no to. Not gonna happen.

10. Boston

Home is where the heart is, I think I read that somewhere. Doesn’t change the fact that Boston is a tremendous City. Specifically my favorite spot is the Freedom Trail, one thing they don’t mention, underneath the paved roads on the freedom trail, in the right places here and there, you can still see the rustic red bricks and patches of cobblestone showing that while time has moved forward, the past is always present in the City. The trail itself is long and stretches far away. Not unlike the Cities history. It’s a great place. Check it out.

And that’s our list. Like I said throughout, this is all my own personal opinion, but I do genuinely consider these sites to be some of the best this fine world has to offer. No matter where they are though, cities represent what we can all do when we come together as a group. We can build buildings until they are too big for us, then we can build machines to build it up even better. Just walk around and look at your nearest skyscraper to see what we all can do. It’s a great thing.