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10 Of The Best Apps To Help Keep You Focused

10 Of The Best Apps To Help Keep You Focused

Finding the best apps to help keep you focused can be hard – especially when you find that your phone is being bogged down by social media notifications. Widgets like these can make it distracting for you to get all of your tasks done; fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best apps  — so that you don’t just start attentive, but stay attentive.

1. Engross: Improve Focus. Timer, To-Do List, Planner. 

Engross is a great app if you’re looking for something that will complete 3 tasks — instead of just one. In other words, it stays true to its name by helping you to stay engrossed in your work. The best part about it is that it includes a timer, a to-do list, and a planner. Fortunately, the timer gives you the option of setting it in intervals; this allows you to time out your study sessions, as well as your breaks.

10 Best Apps To Help Keep You Focused


2. Seekrtech’s Forest: Stay Focused. 

Forest is not only fun, but unique, as it allows you to track how much time you’ve spent on your phone. In doing so, you might find yourself surprised by just how many seconds, minutes, or hours that you waste on your phone. Fortunately, the longer that you stay away from this distraction, the more that you’re able to watch your tree grow on display. You can then collect different types of trees as you go – and plant them in real life – as you earn coins for staying focused.

3. SuperElement Soft’s Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To-Do List. 

Focus To-Do serves as one of the best apps because it doesn’t just give you a list of all your tasks, but marks off how many you’ve completed as you go. Not only that, but it also monitors how many tasks you’ve completed that week as a whole. This is perfect for when you begin to feel discouraged by your progress – and can instead keep you motivated for the days ahead. 


4. SuperByte’s Study Bunny: Focus Timer. 

If you’re an avid animal lover then you’re sure to love this adorable study bunny app. With it, you are able to earn coins as you go — much like Forest; but this time, those tokens are put towards your bunny, rather than your tree. You can then buy food – and items – for your cute little girl or guy. Then at the end of the month, you can look back at a variety of different things, such as how much time you’ve spent on each course that month.

5. Moreless, Inc.’s Tide. 

Tide is neat — much like Engross — because it allows you to do 3 things all at the touch of one finger. This includes a focus timer, sleep sounds, and relax meditation feature. That’s what causes it to differ from most because it isn’t just focused on how you study, but how your overall mental health is altogether. In turn, it aids in a restful night’s sleep, and a mindful focus, helping you in the long run.

10 Best Apps To Help Keep You Focused


6. RinaSoft’s Flip. 

Flip is also one of the best apps to use because it gives you a daily report of how you did so that you can easily compare it to the previous day. The most beneficial part about it is that it will give you a certain focus level for each task; in other words, the higher the grade, the better your focus is. You will even receive a pie chart to show you the percentage of time that was spent on each thing.

7. Noxfall Studios’ Focus Cat App: Focus Timer. 

If you enjoy the company of your own cat at home then you are sure to enjoy this focus app all the same. Upon downloading it you are easily able to unlock cute themed kitties as you go; In fact, they even have ones to fit certain seasons, such as Christmas! The great part about it is that it forces you to focus because if you don’t then kitties that you’ve worked so hard to collect begin to run away.

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8. MobileSoft’s AppBlock. 

This is such a cool invention, that you can’t help but share it with the world. With AppBlock you can easily rid yourself of the apps that bother you the most for a brief amount of time. Fortunately, you have the option of picking when you want them to go inactive, then let AppBlock take care of the rest. With the inability to access them – you’ll find yourself a lot more focused – rather than going through the process of manually unblocking each one.


9. Ez Life Inc.’s Screen Time.

Screen Time can help you avoid going over on your phone usage. In other words, it works similarly to an app blocker — but in a whole new way. Depending on how much time is both adequate, or sufficient, enough for you, you simply set a timer; then, the app will cut you off as soon as you’ve maxed out your time slot. The best part about it is that it includes an app blocker as well – so you don’t lose that feature for yourself. 

10 Best Apps To Help Keep You Focused

10. Brain Focus Productivity Timer. 

If you’re looking for something that will get the job done then you’ll want to invest in the Brain Focus Productivity Timer. It doesn’t have a whole bunch of extra features, but instead, it does exactly what it’s supposed to do — on top of being easy to navigate. You have your timer, app block, and daily report, all put into one easy to read format, which makes it a whole lot less of a hassle for you to get to what you need. The best part about it is its resume, pause, and stop buttons. 


We hope that these 10 best apps help you to stay focused. Don’t forget to share, and let us know your personal favorites, in the comments below!

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