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10 Northeastern Instagrammers You Should Follow

10 Northeastern Instagrammers You Should Follow

You may have heard this before, but a picture is worth a thousand words and Instagram has definitely based their entire platform on this. Thankfully, we live in an era where a selfie can be worth a thousand words too, and keeping up with your friends and interests has never been easier! This being said, we college students are sometimes so busy “studying” that we slip up on following the right people and our feeds suffer. No worries. Keep reading for a few InstaStars (Northeastern Instagrammers) that are worth double tapping.

1. @360pan

While these amazing 360 panoramas are not exclusive to Northeastern’s campus, we definitely dominate a great portion of this page because the account owner is definitely a fellow husky. We’re lucky to have you! Sometime’s we all need a new perspective.



2. @NUPanhellenic

If you’re in Greek Life, and even if you’re not, you should definitely be following NU Panhel for all your panhellenic news needs. Checking social media is a great way to see if the greek life is for you and if you’ve already joined, it’s a great way to stay posted on the events and happenings around campus. If I were biased, I would even shout out to @DPhiENU, but since I’m not, let’s move on.



3. @fettyhop_1738

Because who doesn’t love bunny rabbits and trap queens? Fetty Hop is a Northeastern bun that has a lot of fun, and thankfully, their owners want to share it with us. Clearly, no one wants to miss out on this cuteness and now you don’t have to. It’ll be like having a pet of your own.


4. @HalleBNails

If you’re a fan of aesthetic and have unsteady hands like me, make sure to follow @HalleBNails and cry about how professional you’ll never be. With new consistent posts, this account is a gallery of fabulous nail art made by a Northeastern middler. Who knows? Maybe you’ll run into her in class and recognize her by the clean lines and fun colors on her nails.



5. @Spoon_Northeastern

Being in a foodie in Boston is already such a blessing, and this account will make that even easier for you. Glancing at them on your feed will inspire you to experiment in the kitchen, and when that fails, they’ll inspire you to hit the streets and taste what Boston has to offer. They’re great about tagging their pictures, so you’ll never wonder where that beautiful taco was designed. Are you hungry yet?



6. @FitUNortheastern

After scarfing down a few waffles you found on @Spoon_Northeastern, you’re gonna need a few butt busting tips and some motivation. Don’t forget to follow @fitunortheastern, founded by our very own healthy husky, and hit the gym and the kitchen with your newfound dedication. This might even be just what you need to make that change you’ve been trying to make. Bonus points if you follow their general account @GoFitU too.


7. @Huskies

Completely unrelated to Northeastern, but equally the most relatable account in the world, @Huskies is the perfect pick me up for a true NU student to rely on. This account dedicates itself to posting pics of husky dogs from all ages and all colors. Not following them would be a tragedy for your feed, I promise.

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8. @joethommas

If you ever dream about graduating college and being a real human, Joe has done that. But when he was just a student like us, he was a husky. His photography will make you feel like you’re strutting the streets of New York City with him and remind you that there really is a light at the end of the tunnel.



9. @neumakeouts

For the good nights out and the bad nights out, it will always be handy to follow @NeuMakeouts for three reasons. One, you could be on it; two, your best friends could be on it; and three, you could put someone on it. Keep up with the juiciest and funniest hookups by letting them appear on your feed as they happen. Who needs gossip?



10. @cinnamontheham

Pets at NU are clearly the way to go. If bunnies aren’t your fave, maybe a hamster will spark your interest. @cinnamontheham, formerly Frank the Tank, is just getting started on Instagram but his colorful wheel and chubby tummy have already captured the hearts of students everywhere. Follow for a well needed break from your homework and a smile during testing times.


Who are some other Northeastern Instagrammers we should know about? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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