10 Nifty Tricks For Keeping Your Money Safe While Traveling

Keeping your money safe is a huge priority while planning a big vacation! The threat of getting pickpocketed is always there, but it is incredibly annoying to be thinking about that when you should be enjoying yourself! Help relieve some of your travel anxiety with these tips and tricks on keeping your money safe!

1. Divide Your Cash

The famous saying, “Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket”, is certainly applicable to keeping your money safe while traveling! Keep stashes of cash in various places on your body and amongst your belongings to ensure that the majority of it is secure even if some of it gets lost or stolen!

If someone tries to steal your wallet, you can feel safe handing it over to them with the secret knowledge that all they are getting is some spare change! Meanwhile, the rest of your money is hidden in your shoe, phone case, or even an old chapstick container!


2. Carry A Dummy Wallet

 This next idea can be used as an alternative to dividing your cash. The dummy wallet should be filled with nothing but junk cards and fake bills. Your real wallet can stay the same, or you can still divide your money like I mentioned above!

If somebody approaches you and threatens you for money, hand over the dummy wallet and make a run for it! While the robber thinks they’ve gotten an easy score, you’ve gotten away safely knowing that you got the better of them!

10 Nifty Tricks For Keeping Your Money Safe While Traveling


3. Don’t Carry Everything At Once

Not only will this idea protect you from losing all of your money, but it will also keep you from spending it all too! While on vacation, set yourself a budget for each day depending on what you’re doing. It is so easy to overspend while on vacation and this tip will keep your priorities in order! On the days that you will be shopping, take however much you think you’ll spend and leave the rest safe and secure wherever you are staying!

I’m sure you’re thinking, “What if I really want to buy something but I ran out of money!” and that is a totally valid concern!  After you’ve spent all your money allotted for that day, take a mental note of things you still want to buy and plan a mega shopping spree for the last day of your trip! Whatever you didn’t end up spending by keeping most of your money stashed away can then be used to get the haul of a lifetime! Or you can go home with some extra cash and the satisfaction that you only bought what you needed!

4. Be Careful Using Back Pockets and Back Packs

It’s always good to be reminded that back pockets are notoriously vulnerable to pick-pocketers. Backpacks are as well, especially if they aren’t zipped up completely! While a cute backpack can be the perfect accessory on your travels, keep in mind that they will also catch the eye of thieves!


Never carry your wallet or loose change in a place on your body that you can’t see! Instead, utilize your front pockets if you have any! Don’t have any front pockets? Continue reading to see other alternatives to keeping your money safe!

10 Nifty Tricks For Keeping Your Money Safe While Traveling

5. Fanny Packs Are Back

This should come as no surprise that fanny packs are back in fashion! From Vans to Gucci, popular brands are stocking their inventory with fashionable fanny packs to fill your organizational needs! With so many pockets included, you can carry everything you possibly need in a safe and secure way! Slay the streets of your travel destination with these iconic bags!


Fanny packs can be styled in various ways, such as across your chest or secured around your waist in traditional fashion. Just remember to keep the pack on the front of your body to prevent leaving your items exposed! To stop yourself from looking like an easy target, loop the straps into the belt loops of your pants for extra security! 

10 Nifty Tricks For Keeping Your Money Safe While Traveling

6. Use A Money Belt

Invest in your own safety and security by purchasing a money belt! These nifty products are both discreet and comfortable! They fit snuggly around your waist and can be easily hidden by your clothing! Think of them as a cousin to the fanny pack! What’s better about this gem is that you don’t have to worry about it matching your outfit since it is specifically meant to be covered up!


Many of my friends have gone traveling this summer and utilized money belts which keep your money safe! The belts can also be used when exercising as a place to store belongings without needing to bring a backpack or other forms of storage that will drag you down on your run!

10 Nifty Tricks For Keeping Your Money Safe While Traveling

7. Lock Up Your Bags

 When you’re on vacation you should be worrying about where the hottest tourist destinations are, not about keeping your money safe! By adding a lock to your purse or travel bag, you will keep purse-snatchers off your back! They are looking for easy targets and by using this tip, that certainly won’t be you!

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Don’t worry about seeming too extravagant! You can never be too careful when in an unfamiliar place. The small inconvenience of having to unlock your bag to grab your wallet or chapstick strongly outweighs the stress of constantly watching your back!

10 Nifty Tricks For Keeping Your Money Safe While Traveling


8. Discretion Is Key

The last thing you want to do is flaunt your cash for everyone to see! When you’re out on the town and find yourself needing to purchase something, prepare your money before going to check out. This can be done by making a mental note of how much the total of your purchase should be. Then go somewhere private, like a bathroom where wandering eyes can’t see where you’ve stashed your cash!

After you have your money prepared, fold it safely in your hand and head to the checkout! There are too many horror stories of people being followed out of stores and restaurants after thieves have seen a wallet full of cash! Protect yourself and your money by following this simple practice!

9. Use Small Bills

Another way to keep attention away from you when handling money is making sure you’ve got nothing worth more than $20 in your hand! Even that can be considered a big bill to the wrong person. You want to blend in as much as possible to keep your money safe by preventing someone from picking you out as a target for theft.


By using bills worth $10 or less, you’ll remove the target from your back. An extra bonus is that it will make purchases easier in cash-dependent places that may not have the means to break bigger bills! In this kind of situation, less is always more!

10. Contact Your Bank

Last, but not least, let your bank know where you’re going to be traveling to keep your money safe. This is especially important if you plan on using a debit or credit card for the majority of your purchases! Your bank should block transactions that seem suspicious, but that can be inconvenient if it’s stopping you from getting a souvenir for your bestie or buying a delicious pastry. 

It will also keep your money safe because if they know you will be in Paris, but transactions start popping up from Berlin, your bank will notify you of the suspicious activity! Keeping your money safe isn’t just about cash, but about virtual currency too! Bank information is stolen every day so stay ahead of the bad guys by informing your bank of your travel plans!


Have a fun and safe travel experience with these hacks! Let us know which of these you found most useful in the comments!

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