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10 New Makeup Brands You Have To Check Out

We all have our favorite staple makeup brands that we always turn to for products. Whether its a classic brand like Urban Decay or a newer staple like Fenty Beauty, we all tend to go back to the products we know we love. However, there are several new brands that have just launched and are slowly making a name for themselves in the makeup industry. They are releasing new and innovative products that will certainly bring a new level of creativity to the makeup community. Here are 10 up and coming makeup brands that you should check out. 


If you want to try K-Beauty, this new brand is a great one to check out for affordable products that will work on a wide range of skin tones. Kaja makes products that are small, but contain adorable packaging to help people affordably bring K-Beauty into their makeup collection. Kava launched in 2018, and has released over a dozen products, such as their wing stamp eyeliner, lip glosses, and stamp blush, bronzers and highlighters. Kaja recently began selling its products at Sephora, and you can pick up products both in store and online.

Flesh Beauty

Founded in 2018 by the former founding editor of Allure, Linda Wells, Flesh Beauty is a brand that’s all about enhancing your natural beauty while also giving you bold products to help you express yourself. This brand took inclusivity extremely seriously and released a ton of shades for every single product right off the bat. Flesh Beauty’s foundation, an award winning and fan favorite product, launched with 40 shades. Additionally, their blush launched with eight shades a very large variety of colors. This brand is not afraid to be bold, and they have released a lot of fan favorite products already.

Uoma Beauty

One of the newer black-owned brands to hit the makeup industry, Uoma Beauty has been changing the game with the innovative makeup products it has released. This brand is known for its “Say What?!” foundation that contains over 51 shades, with an innovative naming system that makes it effortlessly easy to find your shade online. In addition to its infamous foundation, Uoma Beauty has released several eyeshadow palettes and lip products with shades that are compatible with all skin tones, especially those with darker complexions. If you’re looking to support an up and coming black-owned business and get some bomb products in the process, check out Uoma Beauty at Ulta. 

Lawless Beauty

This new clean beauty brand, founded by Annie Lawless, has developed a line of products centered around being actually effective and safe for your skin at the same time. All of Lawless’s products are formulated without potentially carcinogenic, toxic, hormone or endocrine-disrupting ingredients to help prevent any skin damage and irritation, while also giving your skin ingredients that will help it thrive. Lawless has a wide range of products it has released since its launch, including a foundation, highlighters, eyeshadow palettes, and blushes. 

Nabla Cosmetics

If you’re looking for a brand with a wide variety of staple lip, cheek and eye products, Nabla will have just the perfect range of products for you. Every product this Italian brand releases has a unique aesthetic, with beautiful cover art on eyeshadow and cheek palettes, along with their individual cheek packaging and lipstick bullets. This brand loves using bright colors all over their products, with both their packaging and their makeup. If you want products that will give that obscure and unique look to your makeup collection, Nabla is a wonderful brand to look into with some beautifully formulated products. 

Il Makiage

If you’ve been on Instagram in the last six months, you’ve definitely seen advertisements for this makeup brand and their infamous foundation and concealer. This brand, founded in 2018, is known for its ability to match customers to their perfect shade of foundation or concealer with just one quiz. Additionally, Il Makiage lets you try out a full sized product for free before you commit to purchasing it. This gives customers the opportunity to truly test if the foundation is the right shade and formula for them. This business structure has allowed Il Makiage to establish a big name for themselves across social media and gain traction in the beauty industry. This is certainly an excellent brand to look into if you’re on the hunt for a new foundation. 

JOAH Beauty

As K-Beauty continues to grow in popularity, there are brands that are releasing more affordable options, such as JOAH Beauty, founded in 2018. Featured in CVS stores across the country, JOAH Beauty is known for bringing you all of the K-Beauty trends, such as the infamous glass skin look, at an incredibly affordable price. This brand provides a huge range in colors throughout their products, allowing you to go from more natural looks to bold. This brand is an excellent one to check out at the drugstore. 

See Also

Lunar Beauty

Over the last few years, several beauty gurus have released their own makeup brands, including Manny MUA, who launched Lunar Beauty in 2018. Since the initial launch of his eyeshadow palette “Life’s A Drag”, Manny MUA has released several eyeshadow palettes with his infamous and extremely blendable eyeshadow formula. If you’re looking for a new go-to palette, give Lunar Beauty a look.

Rare Beauty

More celebrities are beginning to launch their own makeup brands, and Selena Gomez’s brand, Rare Beauty, is one of the newest to hit the market. Rare Beauty is all about breaking down perfectionist stereotypes of beauty and promoting makeup that makes you feel good. Rare Beauty released a wide variety of liquid and cream products, which are perfect for creating any natural makeup look. This brand is perfect for those who want something light yet effective for their everyday look. 

Makeup By Mario

Founded by celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, this brand is known for its attention to detail when it comes to formulating products. Makeup By Mario is designed to help makeup artists across the country, with its wide range of shades in each of the products it releases. If you’re looking for a brand to help you explore unique shades for your eyes and cheeks, give this brand a look.

There are dozens of new makeup brands being launched every year, each with its own story and inspiration. As the competition grows in the makeup industry, each company wants to put out something unique so it can stand out among the rest. Next time you’re shopping for makeup online or in stores, look at these new brands and see what they have to offer. You never know when you’re going to find your next holy grail product.

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