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10 New Fashion Trends To Steal From The Runway

So, it’s over – fashion month 2016, that is. The catwalk parade of lust worthy looks from New York to Paris has vanished, and all we are left with are the newest fashion trends of the season. And while these styles may seem a little too high fashion for every day wear, only suitable for editorials in magazines and worn on the red carpet by A-listers, with a little modification, many of these fashion trends can actually be worn on your college campus! Here are 10 of the biggest fashion trends seen on the runway this year, and how you can style them so your higher education sidewalks feel like a high fashion catwalk.

1. Slip Dress

The effortless, “I woke up like this and might even still be wearing my pajamas,” look has been perfected by celebs like Gigi Hadid, Chloe Grace Mortez, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. What we love most about this trend is how versatile it is – style it with a pair of strappy heels and a red lip and you’re ready for a night out, or put on Converse and a denim jacket and head to class.

2. Skinny Scarf

This is one of those fashion trends that just screams Parisian chic and will make you feel like the uber cool, Alexa Chung. It is the perfect styling element to make your look appear well thought out, even if you just rolled out of bed. The skinny scarf works great with a white tee and boyfriend jeans, or looks amazing dressed up with a skirt and heels.

3. Over-the-knee Boots

Fashion trends that elongate your legs are always okay in my book! Make your legs look super long, and start wearing all of your new spring dresses with over-the-knee boots. This comfy footwear trend is great for walking around campus on days you want to feel a bit more stylish. They come in any material and color, so take some time perusing your favorite online shops to narrow down your perfect style. The best part of this trend – if you don’t shave your legs, no one will know.

4. Printed Bomber Jackets

Pull off the sporty, yet stylish trend of a printed bomber jacket with confidence. Taking the lead from the patterns and structured pieces at the Versace show, this is a trend to take on and rock. You’ll be the epitome of cool on rainy days walking to class.

5. Sneakers

Just like the models rushing from show to show during fashion week, we know how busy being a college student can get- that’s why this is one of our favorite fashion trends of the year. Sneakers have become the staple of every it-girl’s wardrobe. Comfortable, versatile and effortlessly stylish- it’s no wonder these shoes have made their way to the runway.

6. Suede

We loved how designers played with texture this season, especially suede. This 70’s vibe, bohemian trend is perfect for Spring days. To ease into this trend we recommended sticking to a suede skirt or dress.

7. Off the Shoulder Neckline

This casual, feminine trend (also referred to as the “cold shoulder)” appeals to all styles and will give any outfit a playful vibe. One of our favorite varieties for spring is sporting the off the shoulder style in a flowy, patterned blouse, paired with denim and sandals!


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8. Sleeveless Blazer

This menswear inspired trend was introduced on the runway but has made its way into our favorite shops. Giving off a classic, crisp vibe; this trend can be dressed up with black pants and loafers, or dressed down with sneakers and light wash denim jeans. Sleeveless blazers are ideal for days you want to look like you already are the CEO of your future business.

9. Midi Skirts

Fashion month has shown us that mini skirts are out, and midi skirts are in. This versatile trend is being translated into all types of personal style from girly to sporty to hipster. Midi skirts are a must in any wardrobe because they are so versatile – but we’re especially loving them paired with a light sweater!

10. Stripes

Stripes are no longer just nautical and preppy- they are now one of the most coveted high fashion trends of the year. This refreshing, timeless design has made a comeback in fashion as designers got creative this year and used the pattern to wake up a boring color palate…and that’s exactly what we’re planning to do, too.


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Hallie Saculla

Hallie Saculla is a senior at Kent State University where she is majoring in Magazine Journalism with a Fashion Media minor. A retired pageant girl at heart, she loves reading, shopping, and hiking. With a high value on international travel, Hallie hopes to one day live abroad and work in the fashion industry.

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