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10 Netflix Series For The Next Girl’s Night

10 Netflix Series To Kick off A Girl’s Night

It’s Friday night and the girls are all together! Get close with your gal pals by watching T.V. shows that represent stories of sisterhood, friendship, love, or maybe even being a girl boss. I’ve selected a variety of  T.V. series for you to binge watch on your next girl’s night!

1. Emily in Paris

 This Netflix series became the envy of every girl wishing for a life aboard. Chicago native Emily Cooper is offered the opportunity of a lifetime, to work and live in Paris for a year. Throughout the show, you see Emily wearing a number of amazing dresses and looks. Her job allows her the opportunity to look like a goddess in designer for every work event. The show has love, friendship, betrayal, and travel. Everything that would make you want to jump on a plane and never come back. The scenes are amazingly set to look like a Parisian paradise with the added climax of what Emily will do when the year is up! Watch this series to fall in love with amazing works and sceneries.

2. Never Have I Ever

Have you ever wished for the impossible and one day it comes true? That’s exactly what Devi Vishwakumar experiences in this netflix series. Never Have I Ever tells the story of a Sherman Oaks teen navigating through high school, boys, and  friends all after the passing of her father. Her story takes place after she miraculously regained use of her legs following the trauma of her dad’s death. From here, you see her fonding over Paxton Hall-Yoshida, the guy of her dreams. Devi’s story appeals to many of its audiences based on the themes of Indian culture, high school experience, boy trouble, this series focuses on topics people can relate to.

3. Gilmore Girls

The iconic mother/daughter team is a top netflix series to watch. Girl’s night would not be complete without watching Lorelei and Rory through their journeys in school, work, love, and coffee addiction. Based in a small town in Connecticut, this famous duo have been the envy of mother/daughter relationships for years. We love to watch them in their eccentric day to day lives and we cry every time they have a fight. If your group wants a series that will keep them entertained, This is the one for you!

4. Ginny and Georgia

Another mother/daughter series, but with a twist! Ginny and her mother Georgia are always on the road every time her mom leaves a new guy. This time, it ended in death and the cause is a little suspicious. Ginny and Georgia both have secrets of their own that they try to hide at great lengths. With the help of some friendly faces, they make a home in the town they’ve landed on. Its’ starting to look like Massachusetts might be the place for them. That is, until some unexpected issues arise. Check out this series if you like a little mystery in your movie night.

5. Inventing Anna

Inventing Anna has been one of the top netflix series to watch this year. A German Heiress arrives in New York making a splash and no one knows where she came from. She’s now on trial for fraud, unpaid debts, and stealing money. Journalist Vivian Kent is on the front line trying to track down who the real Anna Delvey could be. This show brings you fashion, money, luxury travel, and more. The series keeps you in suspense at every corner. How can a young girl like Anna have gotten away with so many unpaid debts. Throughout the show you’ll see just how convincing and charming she can be. 

6. Too Hot To Handle

A netflix series about young, single guys and girls traveling to paradise for the vacation they weren’t expecting. They believe they’re going to a resort dedicated to drinking and partying, but they’re actually there to change bad dating habits. The people that participate in this series all have one thing in common, they all suck at relationships. Too Hot To Handle works with a team of mentors and psychologists to help these young singles to learn to develop deeper relationships with their partners. The show goes through a course of programs and exercises to help them find that deeper meaning in their relationships. If any rules are broken, money is deducted from their total amount. This series will have any guy or girl drooling at the contestants. Have a fun night in with Too Hot To Handle.

7. Firefly Lane

What’s a girl’s night in without a series on two longtime friends? Firefly Lane tells the story of Tully and Kate, inseparable friends for almost 30 years. They’ve battled family life, love, careers and they still stand by each other. Firefly Lane shows it’s audience what a friendship over time can do to someone. You either stick by your person and you go at it alone. Tully and Kate both go through their phases, but in the end, they always find their way back to each other.

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8. In The Dark

In The Dark appeals to all of our netflix series wants: mystery, comedy, drama, and crime. Murphy Mason, a blind female, comes across a murder. Her friend Tyson is found dead in an alley and she makes it her priority to find his killer. Along the way, she makes friends with the cop pursuing Tyson’s case. This series like these always takes you down some twists and turns, but the endings are always worth your time. Murphy doesn’t allow her eyesight to define her. She gets around and shows she is more than capable of solving Tyson’s murder.The resilient nature Murphy carries with instantly draw you in. 

9.  The Beauty and The Baker

The Beauty and The Baker is a modern spin on a more famously known play, The Prince and Pauper. Noa Hamilton is a famous superstar taking on the world. Daniel Garcia, a family guy trying to turn around his parents’ bakery. When the two meet, sparks fly between the two. Now, their challenge is to see how the two will keep up their relationship with the demands of the other’s life. This series is about the cost it takes to date someone outside your lifestyle. It’s the love between them that keeps you wanting more!

10. Dynasty

Girl’s night always needs a Boss Girl series in the mix. Dynasty is a revamped show about the Carrington family, famous in oil and energy. Fallon Carrington is on the prowl to take over her family business, that is if her father doesn’t lose faith in her. The one thing Fallon didn’t anticipate to happen is her father getting remarried and having her stepmom take her job as boss. This series is full of lies, secrets, and family drama. A fierce Girl Boss like Fallon shows women to never back down from a challenge.

Do these netflix series have you dying to schedule your next girl’s night! Check out some of these amazing shows and you’re sure to get hooked!

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