10 Must-Have Items For Your Spring Wardrobe

Now that the worst of the weather has passed, it’s about time to ditch the blanket-scarf and tune up our spring wardrobe! Be sure to strip off those layers and throw on some fresh styles as the snow starts to melt and the flowers bloom.

cute spring style


This very new trend can be dressed up or down, worn during chilly mornings or warm sunny afternoons. A hybrid between the platform and the sandal, flatforms are a fun way to show off your perfectly painted piggies this spring!

cute spring flatforms  must-have shoe for springtime

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An A-Line Skirt

Depending on fabric and print, this trend is also very versatile. We often see these with a scalloped pattern along the bottom, or in denim-form with buttons down the front – either of which are guaranteed to work with your personal style.

  cute a-line suede skirt  cute a-line denim skirt
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White Pants

This piece can add a refreshing twist to any style you’re going for – professional or casual. For a less clean but more edgy look, add some destruction and a pair of pumps.

cute white skinny jean for spring  cute springtime denim

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Classic Destroyed Jeans

Jeans are always a great start to any look or style you could go for, not to mention the countless cuts to flatter any beautiful body type. Match these with a tee, a bodysuit, heels, sneakers or almost anything else you want! You can’t go wrong with a pair of these in your spring wardrobe.

cute destroyed skinny jeans  cute destroyed skinny jean for spring

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Lace-Up Top

Lace-ups are huge right now, and only expected to get bigger! For a flowy festival look, grab a floral with bell sleeves, but for a more urban look, match this trend with a body suit. Either way, the non-constricting front is a sure way to stay cool as the weather starts to heat up!

cute lace-up top  funky lace-up top for spring

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Classic White Sneakers

These may be hard to keep clean if you’re adventuring somewhere in the woods, but for street style, this classic look is a gem. Chucks, Vans, Keds or Rosh’s all look great with a nice pair of light wash jeans, for an especially fresh aesthetic.

cute white sneakers for spring  cute white sneakers for spring

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A Panama Hat

What better way to get the sun out of your eyes than with a wide-brimmed beauty like this? This topper is perfect for your spring wardrobe because it goes great with quite the range of looks. Wear it for a stylistic touch on a work outfit or to spice up your boho-inspired ensemble.

cute panama hat for spring  cute panama hat for spring

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A Bandana

To be worn around the neck 60’s style, around the crown pin-up style or as a head wrap hippie-style – there’s lots of freedom here when it comes to style because there are countless prints and colors, so have a little fun with this piece!

cute bandana accessory   cute hair bandana accessory

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A Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts are a classic look for springtime, and will never go out of style. Picking up one of these isn’t just a purchase, it’s an investment. You’ll look flawless in this style — printed or plain — with a pair of sandals, and a tank on a warm day!

cute maxi skirt outfit idea for spring  pretty springtime maxi skirt

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A Flowy Romper

Of course, springtime means showing off those legs! Rompers are the perfect medium to do that. You won’t have to worry about a skirt blowing up in the spring breeze, and if that breeze is a little chillier than you thought, pair it with a knit cardigan!

cute striped romper for spring  cute flowery springtime romper
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