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10 Must Have Products To Bring On Your Beach Vacation

10 Must Have Products To Bring On Your Beach Vacation

A beach vacation is blissful! Having products packed that bring refreshment and protection can really elevate the mood and bring your vacation to the next level. Here are 10 must-have products to bring on your next beach vacation to guarantee a stress-free and fun time!

1. Elta MD SPF Lip Balm

The beach is prone to leaving lips cracked and dry. It is important to protect your lips against the wind, water, and sand. Although it may be easy to forget when packing your beach bag, SPF lip balm will prove to be a necessity.

Elta MD SPF lip balm is a must-have product that I would recommend for your next beach vacation. If used before being exposed to the sun, Elta MD SPF will moisturize and protect lips. On the contrary, the consistency of this lip balm is creamy and is perfect for soothing sun-damaged lips after exposure. It is a superior product that is long-lasting and works like a charm.


2. Sun Bum Scalp & Hair Mist

It isn’t hard to forget to pack sunscreen when going to the beach. It is a common essential product. Sunscreen for hair may not be presumed! This is vital for those who are out in direct sunlight. A sunscreen product for hair will ensure protection from the sun on the hair or scalp.

Without a hat or shade, the beach can make it tedious to prevent sunburn on the scalp. Sun Bum’s Scalp & Hair Mist is created for a situation such as this! This is a mist sunscreen that is formulated to be applied on the scalp. After being sprayed on hair, this product is designed to be lightweight and nourish the scalp when it’s exposed to the elements at the beach. Lastly, this product is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes.

3. Mario Badescu Facial Mist  

While being introduced to the natural environment of the beach, your face can soon feel dry and stiff. It’s convenient to have an easily accessible product that will moisturize and nourish this sensitive skin.


Mario Badescu Facial Mist is a great product to bring to the beach! This product is formulated with botanicals that will enrich and refresh your skin. There are many different types of Mario Badescu Facial Sprays to choose from.

Personally for this use, I would recommend the facial spray infused with aloe, cucumber, and green tea. This specific type of facial mist will target the sun damage and soothe the skin quickly and efficiently.

4. Biodegradable Terra Ties

Hair ties are definitely a necessity for a trip to the beach. This isn’t a product that one is soon to forget. With that being said, it is important to think of the environment and the impact that you will have on it when you are at the beach. Hair ties can easily become destructive to the environment when lost or left at the beach.


Biodegradable Terra Ties are a great option to take on your next beach vacation. Unlike regular hair ties, Terra Ties are ethically sourced and compostable. These hair ties are made up of natural rubber and organic cotton.

Not only are these hair ties eco-friendly, but they are also of great quality. Terra Ties are durable enough to be used on all hair types. The quality of Terra Ties will also protect hair from being split or damaged while at the beach!

5. Color Science Total Protection Face Shield 

Protecting your face from the sun is very important. Choosing to use a sunscreen that is formulated for the face will ensure that it will work efficiently and keep your facial skin healthy. There are many different options and formulas offered with face sunscreen products. Personally, I prefer the ones that both protect your skin against the sun and act as a makeup product.


Color Science Total Protection Face Shield is a great product for this purpose. Unlike a general face sunscreen, Color Science makes your skin glow and improves your complexion. This sunscreen is made up of minerals that protect against sun damage without leaving your skin oily.

Lastly, this is the ultimate beach product because it is reef safe. Formulated without dyes, oils, and parabens, Color Science Total Protection Face Shield protects you and your surroundings.

6. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen

For a general body SPF, there are many different formulas and brands to choose from. Formulated with helioplex technology, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen is the way to go! This sunscreen guarantees optimal sun protection against UVA and UVB rays.


Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen is a great option for a beach trip due to its effectiveness in the application as well. Unlike many other sunscreens, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen absorbs quickly. This application will make it easier to enjoy the beach without sand sticking to your sunscreen.

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7. Maybelline New York Sky High Waterproof Mascara

Having makeup that will withstand the beach’s elements is convenient and worthwhile. Many different factors in the beach’s environment can wear down makeup very quickly.


Maybelline New York Sky High Waterproof Mascara will withstand the elements of the beach. By packing this product for your beach vacation, it will be convenient to refresh your makeup quickly and not need to do touch-ups throughout the day.

8. Wondercide Bug Repellant 

Having protection against pests on the beach can be very convenient. It is important that you plan to pack a bug repellant to create a more stress-free beach experience. Wondercide Bug Repellant is a great option to take to the beach.

Unlike other bug repellant products, Wondercide Bug Repellant is made with natural oils that won’t cause harm to you or your environment. This bug repellant is DEET free and is sold in convenient travel-size bottles that make for easy transport on the beach.


9. Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes

Similar to a facial mist, face wipes are another great way to refresh your skin while at the beach. Unlike a facial mist, a face wipe will clean, exfoliate, soothe, and hydrate worn-down facial skin. Created with a 4-1 face tonic, the ingredients in Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes are suitable for all skin types.

Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes is a go-to product because they are individually wrapped face wipes. In addition to this convenience, Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes are biodegradable and cruelty-free. These face wipes are made out of natural bamboo and ensure that they do not have petrochemicals, sulfates, or artificial fragrances.

10. Cocosolis Cool After Sun Oil 

Having a product that restores healthy skin on the beach is major. After-sun products are great for moisturizing and preventing additional sun damage. Having key nutrients applied to the skin will create a quick pick-me-up after a long day at the beach.


Cocosolis Cool After Sun Oil is an after-sun product that contains nine raw organic oils. When used after sunbathing, Cocosolis Cool After Sun Oil will preserve your natural tan. This hydrating lotion can be used on all skin types and moisturizes skin to create a faster healing process.

What are your must-have beach products? Tell us your favorites in the comments!

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