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10 Must-Have Gadgets To Put In Your Car

Putting gadgets in your car adds some extra space and functionality! Here are the 10 must-have gadgets to put in your car!

1. Car Trash Can

Storing a trash can in the car is a great way to pick up messes quickly and keep the space clean. The K Knodel Store has the Waterproof Car Trash Can which is the perfect gadget for $9.99! This trash can hold up to two gallons worth of trash and clips to the back of any headrest with the convenient adjustable strap.

The heavy-duty gadget can also be converted to a cooler and keeps drinks cold on those long, pesky road trips. The waterproof lining of this trash can will prevent leakage. Lastly, this gadget also includes three pockets that can hold additional snacks and other car essentials. 

2. Document Holder

It’s easy for a glove box or side door to become crammed with the necessary documents that must be stored in the car. Having all the required documents organized and in the same place adds convenience to your car space! The Car Registration And Insurance Holder from the Wisdompro Store is the gadget for this! This item is lightweight but durable and can easily fit in a car’s glove box, side door, or center console. 

The common documents stored in this gadget include insurance documents, vehicle registrations, car customer service cards, emergency contact information, and insurance customer service cards! In addition to rose gold, the Wisdompro Store also offers this gadget in several colors for $12.99. Some other colors offered include black, blue, pink, and purple. 

3. Headrest Hooks

Installing extra hooks in your car can create a designated space for several different car items. Headrest hooks are the ultimate gadget for this purpose because installation is easy and occupies little to no space! Backpacks, purses, umbrellas, grocery bags, and clothing hangers are some of the many things that can be hung on headrest hooks! 

For $7.95, the brand Ipely has the Universal Headrest Hooks. This gadget comes in a pack of two with each hook able to hold up to eighteen pounds. The rotating design of these hooks keeps them out of the way when not used. In addition to dark beige, the hooks also come in the color black. 

4. Sun Visor Organizer

A sun visor organizer can give you quick access to many driving essentials and other storage items while in the car. The brand Sembem has a car sun visor organizer that is $15.99. Pink, classic black, and elephant grey are all available colors for this gadget. Storage for sunglasses, cards, cash, pens, photos, documents, headphones, and cosmetics are some of the main uses of this gadget.

5. Car Coasters

While on the go, drinks tend to be spilled! Car coasters are a gadget that absorbs this spillage and keeps the space of your car free from drink messes. The Wococon Store has absorbent car coasters that are made with neoprene material. While being a fast absorbent, neoprene material also prevents the coasters from sliding. In addition to the grey snow patterned design, the Wococon Store also offers the gadget in dark brown or green for $6.99! 

6. Gap Filler Organizer

The Kmmotors Store has the Gap Filler Organizer for $11.99. Once installed with adhesive stickers, this gadget can add extra storage space. The gap filler organizer is usually placed on the side of a center console. Other convenient locations for this gadget include on the passenger drawers, behind the front seats, or on the doors. This gadget holds items such as phones, snacks, napkins, and charging wires. 

7. Car Tissue Holder

A car tissue holder guarantees that tissues will always be within arms reach while driving in the car. A gadget such as this can be clipped to a variety of different things. Most often, a car tissue holder is clipped to a sun visor, car door compartment, back seat pockets, or on the center console! 

The Cartisen Store has a car tissue holder that is the perfect gadget for this! The tissue holder is made with PU leather and has a zipper to easily store tissues. Once stocked, the front opening of the gadget gives easy access to tissues. For $13.97, the Cartisen Store has car tissue holders in the colors grey, black, brown, black & red, or beige! 

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8. Drop Stop

For a cleaner and more convenient car space, the Drop Stop gadget will prevent items from falling between seat gaps. Each package comes with two Drop Stops and costs $24.99. The gadget is universally made to fit most all car seat gap sizes. Once squeezed between car seat gaps, the Drop Stop is ready. Phones, coins, food, and other small accessories will be stopped from slipping through the cracks and being trapped under a car’s seat!

9. Trunk Organizer

A trunk organizer is a perfect gadget to have when grocery shopping or while on vacation! The Drive Auto Products Store has the Collapsible Trunk Organizer that will keep your items organized and prevent them from moving around while driving! The tie-down strap included with this organizer can be clipped to almost anything and ensures that all trunk items are secure. In addition to this, there are multiple compartments and mesh pockets for additional organization. 

This gadget can be collapsed and turned into two different sizes depending on your needs! There is a full size and half size for holding trunk items. There are three different colors of this trunk organizer- black, grey, and tan. The black trunk organizer costs $25.99. 

10. Phone Mount

For easy navigation while on the road, a phone mount is the gadget to get! The iOttie Store’s Dashboard & Windshield Car Phone Mount is $24.99. The suction cup installation includes a sticky gel formula to securely mount the gadget to the dashboard or windshield! 

 This phone mount is made with a one-touch mechanism that makes it easy to retrieve the phone in a pinch. This gadget also includes a universal cradle. This cradle makes it possible for all smartphones- with a variety of different case sizes- to fit onto this phone mount and be secure. 

Which of these must-have gadgets do you like most? Spill your favorites in the comments below!

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