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10 Music Artist Released These New Hits During Quarantine

10 Music Artist Released These New Hits During Quarantine

Music has to be one of my love languages. Being able to escape and get lost in a song that you can truly relate to is a feeling that is out of this world. From the “feels” playlist that is only to be played on those lonely nights from 11pm to 4am and to the playlist that is meant to turn up with all the homies or get in a good workout at the gym, music is for everyone. 

Even in quarantine, our favorite artists are still releasing music and giving us the energy, we need to keep going. Here is a list of some new quarantine hits that you need to listen to.

Moana – G Eazy, Jack Harlow

Starting on a high note, Moana was released by one of my favorite artists, G Eazy, featuring upcoming artist, Jack Harlow, on May 1, 2020.


Lana Del Ray fans are snapping back at G Eazy for the line…”I know a Keisha and I know Lana / They try to get me back, but I’m like, “No, nah, nah’ / I’m sorry, I don’t want no drama, nah / That’s a hard no, pass.”

Referring to their short-lived romance back in 2017. All I can say is, Lana fans did not like the new song.

Heaven or Hell – Don Toliver 

The soulful young friend of Travis Scott has finally stepped out into the big league by dropping his first new hit solo album, Heaven or Hell. After making his debut on the backend of Astroworld, the young rapper is making a statement that he is ready to stand on his own. This album features many great music artists such as Offset and Quavo, Sheck Wes, and of course Travis Scott.


I’m excited to see where this takes the young rapper. After hearing the song “Company”, it’s nice to hear Don Toliver explore something of his own style outside of a Travis Scott Cactus Jack project.

10 Music Artist Released These New Hits During Quarantine

Dark Lane Demo Tapes – Drake

This demo inspired album is a precursor to what we can expect from the rapper this summer. He starts this demo album off with smooth R&B beats and vocals that include music artists such as Giveon and Chris Brown. Drake then introduces rappers like Future, Young Thug, and Playboy Carti to give us that concert energy we know and love.


Although Drake is a mainstream top tier music artist, it’s comforting to hear that he still sets his focus solely on making music and not all the perks that come with being someone of his status, even though some of these new hit songs are coming from his 50,000 square-foot Toronto Mansion.

“They too worried bout selling out shoes/I don’t give a fuck about jeans and crep/Or going to Milan or going to the Met/I just wanna make these songs for the set,”

Which demo tape is your favorite from this new hit album?


10 Music Artist Released These New Hits During Quarantine

Savage Remix – Meghan Thee Stallion (feat. Beyoncé)

Is it too early to declare this new hit song a summer hit? The Savage Remix was exactly what we needed in quarantine, to remind us all of the savage energy we have inside.

Beyoncé and Megan Thee Stallion released the hit song on social media surprising us all. Fans and other Celebs went crazy over the release and one day later, Savage Remix feat. Queen Bey hit #1 on Apple Music’s Top Charts.   


Any song can hit number 1 with Queen Bey on the track. Let’s raise a glass to Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé for blessing our ears with this masterpiece we get to jam to all summer long.

10 Music Artist Released These New Hits During Quarantine

It Was Good Until It Wasn’t – Kehlani

The sophomore album is the artists’ most recent release. After her rise to fame from America’s Got Talent, she has since released many tracks, collaborations, and mixtapes but now she’s reaching the big leagues by having featured artists such as Tory Lanez, Jhené Aiko, and many more.


Kehlani has made her mark as an upcoming R&B artist. Serenading her way to the top with smooth and sensible rhythms. Do yourself a favor and listen to this album, it is true R&B greatness.

So Will I – Ben Platt

I need a moment for this song.

This tear-jerker produced by Grammy award winner, Finneas, will have you crying for days. Ben Platt and songwriter, Michael Pollack, wrote the song at the very beginning of quarantine over FaceTime.


“… I wanted to write something that could speak to the moment and bring some comfort, but also a song that could have a life far beyond this time,” Platt said in an interview with Rolling Stones magazine. After the lyrics were finished Platt and Pollack rushed over to Finneas to produce the track and just a few weeks later, we have a hit song that we can all relate to.

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The Sage of Wiz Khalifa – Wiz Khalifa  

The 7 song EP features many artists such as Megan Thee Stallion, Ty Dolla $ign, Logic, and many more. The weed lovin’ rapper released this new hit album on 4/20. Coincidence? I didn’t think so either. Although Wiz Khalifa has reached A-List celebrity heights, he still raps about his love for marijuana and refuses to distance himself from the recreational drug and his roots. The rapper made the statement that he is “Still Wiz” on track 3 of the 7 song EP. Thank you, Wiz for never changing and giving us the same beats and energy from his start 10 years ago.


On the release of The Sage of Wiz Khalifa on April 20, 2020, A.K.A the stoner holiday. Wiz, in celebration of his new EP, participated in the 10-puff challenge with his own mother!  It made for the best IG Live I have seen in a while!

@ MEH – Playboi Carti

If you need a headbanger, this is it! The rapper does not hold back to let the instruments sing a melody of their own. A man of few raps if you will.

This is Carti’s first official release of 2020. He’s been a part of other tracks like Dark Lane Demo Tapes with Drake and other tracks he has been featured on.


@ MEH is a new summer hit song that we can vibe too in isolation or even taking that evening drive to get some air. Go ahead and blast this song through your speakers, it deserves it.

10 Music Artist Released These New Hits During Quarantine

Slime & B – Chris Brown and Young Thug

This collaborative mixtape features many hit artists; Future, E-40, and more. Chris Brown and Young Thug have collaborated plenty of times before, but this is the first time they have fully released an album together. A long-waited release if you ask me. Chris Brown is a top R&B artist and with Young Thug’s touch, the album is filled with R&B vocals and trap beats. Take a listen to this album and let me know which of these songs is your favorite!


Stuck With U – Ariana Grande with Justin Bieber 

I was not expecting this duo to release a song anytime soon, but I am so glad they did. As I was taking my evening scroll through Instagram, I saw a repost of the promo post on a story and couldn’t wait for the release.

Billboard mentioned this song as the “Love soundtrack for a Quarantine Prom” and that title fits perfectly. One week after posting the promo, this song touched every heart. Proceeds of this track went directly to the First Responders of Children’s Foundation.

Ariana also mentions how much this song means to her during the global pandemic. It’s important to have people there with you in your corner and more than ever, to come together.


10 Music Artist Released These New Hits During Quarantine

Take a listen to these amazing new hit albums and soundtracks and let us know in the comments which are your favorites! If you have been listening to something different, let us know which of your jams we need to listen to!

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