10 Movies That Defined Your Childhood

The movies that defined your childhood kept you up at night, begging your parents to let you stay awake. They prepared you for your teenage years (or so you thought) and filled your lives with entertainment and drama. Without them you would have been left bored and unamused, though with them you lived in an imaginary world where the characters were your best friends and their experiences were yours. You lived vicariously through their shenanigans and aspired to be like them when you grew up. Here are the 10 movies that defined your childhood.


1. High School Musical

We’re all in this together, and there is no way to deny the weight Zac Efron and Gabriella held in your heart from the moment they sang on New Years Eve. This was one of those movies that defined your childhood and your very first #relationshipgoal. It kept your hearts dancing and singing along to all three of their movies.

2. Camp Rock

This was Demi Lovato’s breakout role that featured the handsome Jonas Brothers, of whom you probably had a crush on. The drama kept you intrigued and the music kept you on your feet. Nothing was more exciting than when the sing along movie was on Disney Channel.


3. The Lizzie McGuire Movie

At some point Lizzie was your idol, and her animated self spoke your true feelings. So when this movie came out, you probably full on #fangirled (before that was even a thing). To this day, you believe Gordo and Lizzie were meant to be together.

4. Monster’s, Inc.

When looking for a roommate, you hoped to find a relationship like Sulley and Mike thanks to this wonderful motion picture. It resonated with you and soothed your fears of monsters in your closet.

5. The Princess Diaries

What better tale of potential than one of a high school student turned princess? Mia gave you hope and encouraged your dreams.


6. The Cheetah Girls

They made you want to start your own girl group the day they first hit television. They oozed of girl power and boasted confidence. Needless to say, you still jam out to Cheetah Sisters and are not ashamed to have it on your iPhone.

7. Cars

Route 66 (in your mind) was made popular by Lightning McQueen and his friends.

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8. Shrek

Ogres are like onions and now so are you. What a great metaphor that was. Even if you didn’t understand it, you still found it absolutely hilarious, along with Donkey and his love affair with the dragon.


9. Freaky Friday

When looking forward to your teenage years, what better depiction was there than this? Filled with teenage angst and hilarious circumstances, they kept you laughing.

10. Halloweentown

This was one of those movies that defined your childhood and creeped into your adulthood. To this day, you look forward to the fall, solely for the sake of watching the Halloweentown series. You grew as Marnie grew, and you were livid when they switched the actress on you in Return To Halloweentown.


Have any flicks to add to this list of movies that defined your childhood?

Featured image source: leadmeforward.com