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10 Most Important Items You Should Never Forget On Vacation

10 Most Important Items You Should Never Forget On Vacation

Spring break is just around the corner for college students across the country. For many, this means a vacation away from campus that requires weeks ahead planning and hours ahead packing (because we all know we wait until the last minute). Waiting until the last second to gather everything is a popular decision, but it’s also a pretty risky one. Procrastinating your vacation packing can often lead to forgetting something necessary. Wherever you may be going on vacation, there are certain things that you just need to have with you. Here are the ten most important items that you should never forget to bring with you!

1. Phone Charger

This would be one of the toughest things to forget. A phone charger should be on the top of your packing list as you will want to be on your phone to kill time playing games and listening to music on the way there, taking pics for Instagram, post statuses on Facebook, stories to Snapchat, and texting your mom and about how nice the weather is (or isn’t) and how nice the sights are. All of that is pretty hard to do when you’re two days into a week-long trip, and your phone is at 2%. This is an item you should never forget if you’re looking to stay connected to your socials during your getaway!


2. Headphones/Earphones

So you’ve got your phone to play all your favorite tunes, but did you look twice for these? If you’re hopping onto a plane to reach your vacation spot, this is an item you should never forget. Nobody enjoys hearing that one crying baby that seems to be on every flight you take. Nobody will like to hear what your taste in music is like either. For everybody’s sake including your own, make sure you have these with you!

3. Toothbrush

You won’t want to talk about forgetting this item. Literally. A toothbrush is an item you should never forget for obvious reasons. Good hygiene is always a must. You definitely want your teeth nice and white for those Instagram photos and you don’t want your breath to be stinky while talking to everybody on vacation. And yes you could always make a pit stop to pick up a one-dollar brush when you get there, but this is just an added inconvenience that shouldn’t be a part of a vacation.


4. Deodorant

Like I said, good hygiene is a must and this is another item you should never forget to bring along. Considering you’re likely to be out doing things while you’re on vacation, and that the weather will likely be warmer, you will probably end up sweating. A shower will go a long way toward cleaning you up, but won’t help you after. You really don’t want to be that person that’s stinking up the joint on vacation. Be sure to bring some DEO for that BO!

5. Travel Pillow/Neck Roll

Because relaxation is all about comfort. This is an item you should never forget for those long car rides and flights. Those two-hour naps will feel a whole lot greater with some cushion than the inside or a car door, or your forehead on the headrest of a squished airplane seat. You wouldn’t want to wake up with a stiff neck and some red marks on your face, now would you?


6. Passport/ID

These are the single most important items you should never forget if you’re flying! Imagine getting everything packed and ready, getting all the way to the airport, going through the process of getting checked in for your flight, just to find out that you left your ID card in your room. Now you’re forced to go through several steps just to have your identification verified. If you’re flying overseas and you forget your passport, you’re unfortunately SOL. TSA will not let you make it past any screenings without a passport if you’re trying to fly internationally and will turn you away. So much for that vacation, I guess. Avoid all of this hassle and drama by double, even triple-checking to make sure these are both with you whenever you are taking a plane!

7. Sunscreen

My guess is you’re going on a vacation you will be going to a place where the sun never stops shinning (or at least shines more often). If that’s the case, this is an item you should never forget to bring along with you. This will be crucial for when you’re spending hours out and about or enjoying life on the beach. You wouldn’t want the return home looking like a lobster, now would you?


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8. Weather Dependent Clothing

You’d expect that wherever your going is always sunny, but never assume! Be sure to bring sweatshirts, sweatpants, and tennis shoes along with your flip flops and shorts. The weather can be unpredictable. Some days can be a lot chillier than others. Some days it might rain. You just never know. The best thing you can do is to try and pack at least an outfit or two for warmer or colder weather (depending on where you’re going) just in case. You wouldn’t want a suitcase full of tank tops with rain flooding the forecast. Be sure to never forget weather dependent clothes!


9. First Aid Kit

Things happen. Emergencies are unexpected. Be prepared at all times. A first aid kit is an item you should never forget. Like ever. There has been more than one occasion where I’ve seen an accident lead to a scratch, a scrape, or a gash. Always have a box of Band-Aids, antibiotic gel, bandage wrap, and some pills for pain, headaches, and illness handy for anything that may come your way!

 10. Laundry Bag

Because dirty clothes will be piled up by the end of your stay! You’ll definitely want to separate your clean clothes from your dirty ones, especially if you have a swimsuit that is still trying to dry. A reusable cloth laundry bag or something as simple as a garbage bag to store your dirty clothes in will keep your clean clothes fresh!


If you’re planning to go on a trip for spring break or any other time of the year, these are 10 things of the most important items that you should never forget to put in your luggage. Everybody has moments where they’re forgetful, so be sure to always check your bags twice to make sure you have everything you need!

Am I forgetting anything more important on this list? Let me hear it in the comment section!

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