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10 Mistakes To REALLY Avoid On College Move In Day

10 Mistakes To REALLY Avoid On College Move In Day

When we say “college move in day”, we usually mean moving into the dorms; and, while dorms are way less stressful to deal with in terms of independence and spending, it’s still quite a wild time in your life. So, I have to be honest: college move in day is… hella stressful.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that it’s all bad. There is an incredible amount of great things about moving out from your parents’ house and getting a place of your own, even if it’s a room in a dorm; still, you have to do your best to make your move in day as smooth of an experience as possible.

So here are some things you should really not be doing:


Ignoring the schedule

Let’s be real here: your move in day is going to be hectic, whether you like it (unlikely) or not.

In order to minimise the, uh, hecticness, there are usually official schedules in place that are to be followed. It’s in your best interest to actually check them out; there’s a lot scheduled out, there’s a lot to cover, and you really should stick to it to avoid unnecessary panic and wasting your time.

Not talking to people…

On your move in day, a lot of other students will be in the exact same situation as you: new, slightly overwhelmed and, maybe, at times — a bit lost.


That makes getting to know them a lot easier, however, because you’re all in the same boat; just talk to the people that are around you. I promise, not only will it be easier to make it in a new environment when you know at least somebody, but it’s also going to be easier to do that at the very beginning.

…especially your roommate

In case you don’t already know your roommate, start getting to know them immediately.

They will be the closest people to you — physically — for a while, and you never know what might potentially happen. In addition, having a good relationship with the person you live in is generally very helpful. Make your lives easier.


10 Mistakes To REALLY Avoid On College Move In Day

Not getting enough sleep beforehand

“Oh, I will manage to get through that on 3 hours of sleep; it’s not like there’s any classes” are famous last words.

Yes, you will manage to get through it, of course — the human body is a wonder — but you’ll hate everything. Don’t do that to yourself. Go to bed.



You might think that you need every little thing you have packed, but it is, most likely, not true.

Check your boxes/bags the day before and confirm whether there’s anything you could take out. It’ll make things easier to transport, and it’ll make it easier on you when it’s time to unpack.

Not securing your luggage

Write your name and/or your room number on your boxes. Put a tag on your bags. Be careful. It’s so easy for stuff to get lost when you’re running around like a headless chicken… Don’t make your life more complicated.


10 Mistakes To REALLY Avoid On College Move In Day

Not checking the area out

What amenities does your building offer? What are the nearest facilities? What about transportation, shopping, leisure?

Checking it all out on your move in day instead of waiting until you’re desperately in need of something is better. I promise. I know — from experience.

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Not preparing for the day

Your move in day is going to be at the end of summer, or at the very beginning of fall. Don’t wear too many layers, I beg you don’t wear heels, have a bottle of water on you and all that jazz.

You’re going to do a lot of running around on your move in day; potentially some heavy lifting, too. Just let your body be comfortable and cared for.


10 Mistakes To REALLY Avoid On College Move In Day

Bringing all at once

Believe me when I tell you that unless you’re moving countries, you’ll get a chance to bring the bulkier and less immediately important stuff after your move in day.

Winter clothing, gaming consoles and anything else your heart desires; depending on how close you live you might get them incredibly soon anyways. Don’t make your boxes more numerous and heavy than they have to be.


And, finally, panicking

Despite the seemingly panicky atmosphere, nothing is actually as bad or as alarming as you perceive it to be. In addition, you’re far from the first student to ever go through this, and will definitely not be the last.

There are always people you can ask for help, people you can befriend and answers to the questions you might have, so breathe and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

And most importantly, don’t forget to respond to your mom’s calls because boy, do they get mad if you don’t.


10 Mistakes To REALLY Avoid On College Move In Day

Are you moving out this year? Do you have any dorm inspo you’re looking to recreate? Share your dream dorm rooms with us in the comments below!

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