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10 Matching Tattoo Ideas For You And Your Soulmate

Matching tattoos are a trendy way to express your love and devotion to your life partner! Not only will you always have a symbol of your love with you, but getting the tattoos will be a memory that you’ll cherish forever! I’ve scoured Instagram to curate a selection of tattoo ideas that you and your significant other can check out and find the perfect way to ink out your body while showing off your awesome relationship for the world to see!

Symbol Of Your Roots

Pay tribute to how you met your partner with matching tattoos that symbolize a significant piece of your origin story! Think about where you met, what you were doing, and any common interests that attracted you to each other! Do you both love reading? Get a stack of books! Or maybe you met at the rodeo! Then a pair of boots is just for you! There are a lot of creative liberties to be taken with this idea! Have fun brainstorming what to get until you find the perfect fit!

Tattoo Art via @sticks.not.stones on Instagram

Stars And The Moon

Within some relationships, one person tends to shine bright like a star while the other glows soft and steady like the moon. This cute and simple idea is a subtle way to incorporate your different personalities into tattoo form! Decide amongst yourselves which astrological symbol is most fitting and take pride in how you complement each other! There’s no rule that the matching tattoos have to be identical! You can also change it up and choose planets or constellations to find the best representation of you and your soulmate! 

Tattoo Art via @sticks.not.stones on Instagram

Outline Of A Kiss

I absolutely love this subtle yet intimate outline of two people on the precipice of kissing. The soft lines and abstract shapes create a piece of art that will draw the eye of anyone around! You’ll be given plenty of opportunities to boast about your soulmate and you should take them! I bet they are awesome! Ask your tattoo artist to recreate the shape of your and your partner’s lips to permanently capture this sensual expression of your love!

Tattoo Art via @iamyoana on Instagram

Handwritten Love

Each person’s handwriting is individual and distinctive! Whether it looks like chicken-scratch or elegant cursive, you’ll cherish it forever! While any phrase will do for this idea, having the word “love” in your partner’s handwriting is a romantic tribute to their individuality and your feelings for one another. They say a person’s handwriting is a reflection of their personality so it doesn’t get much more authentic than this!

Tattoo Art via @iamyoana on Instagram

Artsy Initials

Instead of going all out and tattooing their full name, try something a bit more subdued and use their first initial. It can be as big or as little as you want it to be! The amount of love you share will stay the same no matter what! You can even dress it up a bit by adding flowers or other decorations that remind you of your partner! I like to think of this matching tattoo as the next step up from wearing their initial on a necklace!

Tattoo Art via @lorentattoos on Instagram

Outline Of Your Favorite Photo

As far as matching tattoos go, this one is by far the most creative! Every couple has that one photo that brings them the most happiness! It could be from your first day when the spark had just begun, or a spontaneous moment that captures your love language. I bet you’re even picturing it now! Just think of how cute it would be to have that photo with you forever memorialized in tattoo form! 

Tattoo Art via @lorentattoos on Instagram

Fingerprints On Your Heart

Much like with handwriting, people have completely unique fingerprints, and your partner’s been caught red-handed stealing your heart! Use an ink pad to take clear prints of your fingertips and pass them off to the tattoo artist of your choosing! This is just one more way for you to carry a piece of your soul mate with you forever! Show off how long your love will last with this matching tattoo!

Tattoo Art via @lorentattoos on Instagram

See Also

Bouquet Of Flowers

Flowers have been a symbol of love throughout history and they will continue to be until the end of time. If your partner knows what they’re doing, then you should be getting flowers for every occasion! Take this time to permanently give a loving gift to each other and get a matching tattoo of your favorite flowers! This way, they will never die! Much like your love for each other!

Tattoo Art via @lorentattoos on Instagram

Pinky Promise

At some point in your relationship, you and your soulmate promised to love each other unconditionally, take the good times with the bad, and stick with each other through it all! Maybe you solidified those vows with rings or with an old-fashioned pinky promise! Either way, you’re stuck together now and you should celebrate that! This matching tattoo idea is just one more way to assure each other of your commitment! Plus, it’s super cute!

Tattoo Art via @lorentattoos on Instagram

I’m With (Fill In The Blank)

There’s no right or wrong answer to what you choose to fill in the blank with! Even the most sophisticated of couples has a goofy side! Embrace it with a matching tattoo that represents your more childish tendencies. Sure, something like this is usually found on a t-shirt but you only live once! If it seems fitting for you and your soulmate, then go for it! It’s your body, your choice!

Tattoo Art via @kingdavetattoos on Instagram

If you’re lucky enough to have found your soulmate then show off your love with one of these matching tattoo ideas! Do you already have a matching tattoo? I’d love to hear about it! Let me know in the comments which ones you liked the most and share your love story for the world to see!

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