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10 Makeup Brands That Are Totally Underrated

With so many new makeup brands coming to the beauty world constantly it can be easy for makeup brands to get lost. We’re here to remind you of some of the most underrated makeup brands that might not have been on your radar recently. These makeup brands truly deserve more hype! 

1. Glossier

Okay to be completely honest Glossier isn’t that underrated, but we still think it doesn’t get all the hype it deserves. Glossier is one of the only makeup brands that really nails the model off duty, barely-there makeup. If that’s the look you’ve been wanting and you strive to have then you absolutely have to try Glossier if you haven’t already.

Not only does Glossier nail the “no makeup” makeup look, but they also nail skincare. They really give the best of both worlds and all of their products have the best aesthetic and the best quality. If you love to just get ready and be done with your makeup in less than ten minutes then Glossier is the brand for you!

2. Kosas

This clean beauty brand is on the rise and it’s definitely one of the top underrated makeup brands of this year. We have a feeling that won’t be for long though. One of their products actually went fairly viral on Tok Tok and Youtube, it was their tinted face oil and it’s absolutely amazing. 

Also, clean beauty is the future of makeup, and Kosas is ahead of the game. Their simple aesthetic, sleek packaging and revolutionary products make them something new and exciting in the makeup world. They are also aimed at a more natural look for the girl on the go so if you’re looking to dive into some exciting clean beauty check Kosas out!

3. Kaja

Kaja does makeup like no other makeup brands on the market, and that’s why we feel that they’re so underrated. We’re actually surprised that more people aren’t completely obsessed with Kaja. Kaja creates bite-sized beauty packed with Korean innovation. 

The quality of the products is amazing and because it is Korean beauty-inspired there are so many products and formulas that are unlike any other in the makeup world. Also, do you see how cute this packaging is? We can’t get enough!

4. Sephora Collection

Okay but seriously Sephora Collection is extremely underrated and we’ve had enough! Sephora Collection is Sephora’s own makeup line and oftentimes it’s overlooked because it is on the more affordable side of all the makeup in Sephora.

We know what you’re thinking. How could something more affordable be less desirable than something more expensive? Well, the answer is because everyone goes into Sephora looking for other brands that they know Sephora carries and never the Sephora Brand. 

We’re here to tell you to not count Sephora Collection out. Next time you stop in check it out. The quality is amazing and the prices are more affordable. 

5. Ilia Beauty

Ilia beauty is another one of the only high-end makeup brands that fall under the category of clean beauty. They pride themselves on being all-natural and made with organic botanics. One of the most appealing things about Ilia Beauty is that they incorporate skincare into their makeup and that’s why we feel they are totally underrated. 

Who wouldn’t want to wear makeup that also benefits their skin while they wear it? And also who wouldn’t want clean and natural beauty products? You get the best of both worlds with Ilia Beauty.

6. Honest Beauty

Honest Beauty is another clean beauty brand but it is more in the middle of the price range making it more affordable. That’s a win to us! Honest Beauty is a clean beauty brand created by Hollywood actress Jessica Alba. We totally trust her when it comes to makeup because obviously she’s picked up all the beauty secrets over the years in Hollywood!

Not only is the makeup amazing and natural, but they also stand for a good cause. Honest Beauty regularly donates to organizations that support low-income children and families. So If you’re looking for amazing products that stand for a good cause, Honest Beauty is the brand for you. 

7. BH Cosmetics

Bh Cosmetics is one of our favorite makeup brands on the list. They have amazing products that are comparable to high-end products in quality but at opposite price points. BH Cosmetics is one of the most affordable brands on the market. Think even cheaper than Cover Girl or Wet N Wild. We don’t even know how that’s possible, but it’s true.

If you’re going to purchase anything from Bh Cosmetics we recommend starting out with an eyeshadow palette or a brush set because that’s what they’re most popular for. They are also always coming out with collaborations with influencers so you can always be sure to look forward to a fun collection.

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8. Uoma Beauty

If you’ve been looking for a makeup brand that makes inclusivity one of its main priorities then you need to check out Uoma Beauty right now! Uoma actually means “beautiful” in Igbo which is one of the main languages spoken in Nigeria. Everything the brand stands for is inclusive and unique and we’re truly obsessed. 

The best thing about Uoma beauty is that they focus on what inclusivity actually means. Many people associate inclusivity within makeup with shade range which is true but it’s so much more than that. Uoma is making it their mission to broaden the perspective. 

Not only do they stand for something amazing but they have the products to match. Lots of fun colors, a giant shade range, and a mission for inclusivity. How could anyone not want to try? 

9. Juvia’s Place

Juvia’s Place is a black-owned beauty brand inspired by Africa. It’s a completely different take on makeup because they incorporate elements of African culture into their products. They have beautiful packaging, amazing and vibrant colors, and let’s not forget about the affordable price tag. 

Juvia’s Place is known for its insanely pigmented eyeshadow palettes with the prettiest color stories. So we suggest trying an eyeshadow palette out from them. They also put out one of the most pigmented and full coverage foundations of the year and have been going viral left and right. We recommend hopping on the bandwagon because this is one of the best makeup brands of the year. 

10. J.Cat Beauty

If you are looking for another insanely affordable and quality makeup brand then J.Cat beauty could be your new favorite. They’ve been around for a while and they have prices similar to Bh Cosmetics. They went viral last year for their amazing highlighter formula that gives off a blinding glow for the fraction of the price as other makeup brands!

If you’re looking for an affordable makeup brand that has amazing products all around then check them out. They have amazing pigmentation and quality products,  just look at these eyeshadow swatches!

Which underrated makeup brand do you want to try? Let us know down below in the comments!

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