10 Major Events That Have Been Canceled Due to Coronavirus

The seriousness of the Coronavirus spread just as fast as the actual virus. For the safety of the public, many events have been canceled or postponed. Don’t cry, we will get through this together. 

1. Fiesta in San Antonio

I was looking forward to my cheat day and to eat some chicken on a stick, deep-fried Oreos, and wash it down with a few drinks high with calories. But no. Fiesta was canceled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. I had my heart set on pigging out for one evening, since last year when I pigged out. Nobody’s chicken on a stick can compete with that at Fiesta.  My heart is broken but my respiratory system is safe, so I am sad but thankful. Next year I will enjoy my chicken on a stick and deep-fried Oreos.

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2. Met Gala

Though I didn’t receive an initiation this year (sarcasm) the Met Gala is also canceled. I and 550 or more guests will not be attending. The cost of a ticket per person is $30,00 and the prices for everything else just increases. This is the best party of the year for New York City. This year would have been the 73rd party, it’s been held every single year since 1948.  The party’s official name is the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute, they raise money for funds for its fashion collection. Some celebrities’ outfits are over the top but at this event are loved and admired, by most. With this year’s theme being Catholicism, Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, I was curious to see what the celebs were going to wear. Well, maybe next year my curiosity will be answered.

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3. Coachella

Tickets to Coachella may be more affordable to some, they start at $400 compared to tickets for the Met Gala. This event was moved to October 9th and to end on October 18th. This is an event where artists can showcase their work and perform in front of others. Pretty much putting their name out there.

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4. Tokyo Olympics

I would consider this event canceled for 2020 even though it has been moved to be no later than the summer of 2021. I can’t imagine how the contestants must feel after all the training and preparation they have done.

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5. South by Southwest festival

This is an annual festival celebration that goes down in Austin, Texas. It focuses on music and film. I’ve been a few times and this event gets so packed. I have only been to the night weekend portion of the festival and it gets live. There are many upcoming artists and some of them are really great, better than the ones that have made it. If you are an upcoming artist and want to put your name out there this is a place you have to come to. It’s great for networking and putting on or hosting showcases.

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6. iHeart Radio Music Awards

This event is one to be added to the long list of canceled events. It was supposed to take place on March 29, but not anymore. It has been canceled and those that purchased tickets have been refunded. The original plan for the award show was that it was going to be recorded at Shrine in Los Angeles and aired on FOX, March 29th. So now iHeartMedia and FOX are going to work together to see when is the appropriate day that this event can be rescheduled. The list of nominees included Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and Shawn Mendes. The icing on the cake was that it was going to be hosted by Usher. What a loss.

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7. Kentucky Derby

Guess you have to place your bets on hold. This event is always held on the 1st Saturday in May and has been pushed to September 4th. That’s a big difference, heck that’s a totally new season, it’ll almost be Fall. How silly would it be to wear a spring dress and an oversized hat when it’s almost Fall. Men can probably get away with wearing their slacks and nice blazer in September. I guess they couldn’t cancel the event altogether so they just picked a day far out. I don’t think they considered the guests’ attire at the event.

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8. The New York City’s Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade

I have never been to this festival and I guess this year won’t be any different. This is said to be one of the oldest and largest parade of the world, starting at 11:00am and ending in the evening at about 5:00pm. This parade brings in about 2 million spectators and is now going to be treated as a regular day.  “It’s like canceling Christmas on us,” a New York bar owner said as New York City canceled their annual St. Patrick’s Day parades. This cancellation was following the cancellation of schools, businesses, and other events with a large gathering of people.

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9. NBA Season

Ever since Rudy Gobert, a player on the Utah Jazz, tested positive for the coronavirus NBA suspended and then later canceled the NBA Season. It was crazy how quickly the game ended. Once the results came back that Gobert tested positive for coronavirus on Wednesday the game was delayed for about 30 minutes and then immediately canceled. This game was a good one, it was Utah against Oklahoma City Thunder. Fans and others in the building didn’t know what was going on. Then a member of the Thunder’s medical staff ran onto the court and spoke to the referees. Instantly all the players left for each of their locker rooms. A few days after this discovery other sports have been canceled. When I turn to sports channels it’s very lame. They show reruns of previous clips of games. Boring. Thanks to the coronavirus NBA season has been canceled.

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10. Ultra Music Festival

Though it sucks that many major events have been canceled and the public has been warned to stay apart, the rules should be enforced so that we can all get passed this. Who knows maybe next year will be even better since we all will have this built up energy to have a good time.

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Many events this year have been canceled due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Comment below if these were any events you planned to attend.

Featured Image Source: https://kimatv.com/news/local/cancelled-events-for-next-week-in-the-yakima-valley
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