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10 Looks You Can Steal From Your Favorite Peloton Instructor

It’s no secret that the phenomenon of Peloton has changed the workout game forever in more ways than one. Not only are you able to enjoy the flexibility of working out from home, but you have inspo outfits to copy right in front of you! These strong, female instructors at Peloton lead you through your workout while still looking fabulous in their colorful Peloton fashion looks. While most of the instructors wear Peloton branded clothing, here are 10 looks you can steal from your favorite Peloton instructor!

1. Robin Arzón

New mom, ultramarathon runner, and Peloton tread, strength, and bike instructor, Robin Arzón might be one of your favorite instructors if you need reminding of your greatness! Whether she is pushing you on the floor for strength work or up on the tread or bike for cardio, Queen Robin is our go-to when we need a little extra girl power in our workout.

We envy her thick hair and extravagant braids on every one of her workouts and we have found a few dupes to copy her iconic Peloton fashion looks! These green leggings are the perfect dupes for the high-waisted pair that Robin is sporting on the tread. With sweat-wicking material, these are perfect for your next workout!

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2. Emma Lovewell

In need of a good playlist and a hard push in and out of the saddle? Any of Emma’s classes will be perfect for you. Emma’s enthusiasm and encouragement during each of her classes are why she is one of our favorite instructors on the bike and for strength training!

A girl can never have too many shoes, especially when you need some to match all of your workout gear! Steal this Peloton fashion look from Emma and shop these electric trainers that will boost you during those HIIT workouts or strength workouts! These are sure to amp up any of your workouts when you need a little pep in your step!

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3. Selena Samuela

Get strong with Sel, Peloton! This track of all trades trainer will wear you out on both the tread and the floor for strength training. One of our favorite things about Selena’s classes is her killer music picks and playlists for class! You can expect some classic rock from this runner gal as she motivates you to get faster and get stronger.

We love these bright striped leggings and we want to steal the look ASAP! Pair these fun and bright leggings with a black top and white trainers like your favorite instructor and her Peloton fashion. You can shop and steal the look so you can channel your inner Selena strength during your next workout!

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4. Jess Sims

If you’re an avid Jess class taker, chances are that Jess has ruined quite a few songs for you with her listening games! Jess has recently taken her teaching skills to the bike for Bike Bootcamp where you are strength training with intervals on the bike! The best of both worlds. You’ll love these bright pink leggings to keep up with Jess during her workouts! These leggings are seamless and sweat-wicking so you can enjoy your workout without the stress of pulling your leggings up. The bright color will have you super motivated when you’re sweating through a listening game with Jess!

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5. Tunde Oyeneyin

Tunde is one of our faves for so many reasons! If you want an instructor that will stay in the work with you during your class, Tunde is your girl! One of the best rides in our book that we have taken with Tunde is her ride to a solid Ms. Lauryn Hill playlist. This included these amazing black leggings that will match the shine that your sweat leaves behind with this ride! Black goes with everything, but you’re going to want to buy the rest of these colors in these shiny leggings for ALL of your workouts.

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6. Ally Love

Ain’t no party like a party with Ally Love! She might look like she’ll give you a nice and easy workout, but watch out because she can bring the heat with intervals both in and out of the saddle! We have all come to agree that cheetah print is a neutral, so you need to have these leggings in your stash! They’ll go with just about anything and will have you feeling feisty as you build up a sweat with Ally.

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7. Jess King

One of our favorites on the bike has finally gone over to the tread! If you are loyal to one, you definitely need to try out her classes on the other! She’ll keep you going hard in your workout with her killer hair flips and awesome playlists. Jess has the best choices when it comes to workout gear and hair and makeup during her classes. We have wanted to copy all of her looks!

These snakeskin inspired leggings are a fun spin on the traditional neutral colors of a regular snake print. Your workout will be 10 times better with these leggings on as you channel your inner Jess King with this Peloton fashion look.

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8. Rebecca Kennedy

Ever since we took this class with Rebecca, we have been on the search for a dupe for these awesome leggings and sports bra look! We love getting strong with RK on the tread and on the floor, one of our favorites has to be her Miley Cyrus run at the beginning of the year! These leggings will have you feeling like it’s spring all day long and will definitely add to the experience of a good Rebbeca Kennedy class!

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9. Kendall Toole

West coast babe, Kendall is our go-to when we need some distraction from the intervals and resistance on the bike with a good playlist too! We are absolutely obsessed with this bright sports bra that Kendall wore for class, it is a must have to add to your workout gear collection. This could go with any pair of leggings for an extra bit of shine to your workout on the bike! Steal the Peloton fashion look below!

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10. Olivia Amato

She might be tiny, but she is mighty! A classic saying in the Peloton community is that Olivia is a tiny ball of energy and she just makes all of the hard work look easy! If you are in the mood for a challenge, try one of her HIIT classes or tabata classes on the bike! You’ll be covered in sweat by the end of it. We love this cropped look that will keep you cool while working out but with the additional support you need.

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Who is your favorite Peloton instructor to take classes from? Which items are you going to be adding to your cart for your next workout? Let us know in the comments below!

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