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10 Kendall Jenner Outfits We Love

Kendall Jenner is one of the fashion queens, as we all know; she always wears show-stopping attire whenever she is photographed. We did our best to narrow it down to just ten Kendall Jenner outfits that we love!

1. Matching Athletic Fit

First up on Kendall Jenner outfits that we love: A matching athletic fit. Kendall has proven to us that it is possible to look both sporty and cute at the same time by creating a matching ensemble with her sports bra and leggings. She even throws on a cropped sweater, a matching bag, and matching sunglasses to ensure her outfit stays trendy while she carries a huge water bottle. To make sure she does not look too cute for the gym, she throws on a pair of cloud slides with socks; creating the perfect balance between comfortable and trendy. We love how most Kendall Jenner outfits are her proving that she can be comfy and still have a show-stopping outfit.

2. Sophisticated Yet Modern

Another one of our Kendall Jenner outfits we love is one that screams chic sophistication with a more young and flirty twist. By pairing a button-up blouse with a pair of shorts and rectangle sunglasses, Kendall was able to create a fit that has a hint of elegance while still keeping her modern and trendy look alive. Her color choice is also what created a more poised ambiance; blue and white is the perfect combination for this sort of ensemble and matching her shoulder bag with her shorts pulled it all together perfectly. Finishing off with her signature sleek back bun, Kendall once again pulls off a simple yet stylish everyday outfit.

3. The Iconic Puffer

Everybody wanted a puffer coat after seeing Kendall Jenner wearing one, especially this one on our Kendall Jenner outfits list! Kendall showed us the iconic cropped puffer coat that everybody needs in their closet for the winter season; paired with yoga pants or leggings and a pair of boots, you can look fashionable while still staying warm. By throwing on a pair of her signature rectangle sunglasses, Kendall proves to us that you can still look stylish even when wearing a jacket that may make you feel like a marshmallow! The other aspect of this outfit that is so iconic is the fact that her jacket is brown, a color that Queen Kendall had then officially given the stamp of approval.

4. Summery Monochrome

This next on our list of Kendall Jenner outfits we love is on this list because of how different it is from the typical outfits we see Kendall wearing. Despite the fact that she usually wears darker hues, she went for a white-on-white ensemble, which we adore. Kendall locks in the airy and flirtatious appearance that generates a fashionably fun feeling by incorporating her shoes and purse into her fit. She also ditched her sleek back bun in favor of a more loose claw clip up-do, completing the lovely day-off look. This is an outfit that we are definitely going to copy for our next summer outing! 

5. Rocking Green Leather

Something that we noticed about Kendall Jenner outfits is that she likes to subtly go out of the typical comfort zone with her looks. In this case, Kendall takes the very popular trend of leather and adds her own subtle but different twist to the idea by opting for green leather! Normally, when leather pants are worn with an outfit, they are brown or black; however, Kendall chose to wear green leather and then matched her top and shoulder bag to complete the look. This outfit is not only inspiring because Kendall looks so effortlessly stylish, but it is also inspiring us to give our own subtle takes on other trends to personalize our fits!

6. Easter Outfit

Kendall Jenner’s Easter 2021 dress is next on our list of favorite Kendall Jenner outfits. The thing we like best about this outfit is that it shows a different side of Kendall; while her outfits are usually more elegant and chic, this floral and bright dress showed us a more breezy and playful aspect of her style. The puffy sleeves, beautiful lilac and flowery print, and cowboy boots all come together to make a fantastic spring outfit. It also demonstrates Kendall’s ability to pull off just about everything she puts on. The photo says it all: this outfit gave us a genuine Kendall Jenner smile, and we couldn’t be happier!

7. Fashionable Grandma Sweater

Kendall Jenner proves once again that she can pull off any look with the next outfit on our list of Kendall Jenner outfits we love! Kendall Jenner made a grandma sweater look chic by pairing a plain white tank top with a cream-colored stitch cardigan embroidered with navy blue that she matched with her jeans. It’s all in how you dress it; Kendall went for a more casual everyday look with more sophisticated pieces, giving the outfit a youthful edge. Be like Kendall and don’t be scared to mix and match your outfits; style them as you want and create an excellent fit!

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8. Mid Thigh Shorts

Another staple piece in Kendall Jenner outfits is mid-thigh shorts. We love this outfit because it is simple to replicate, meaning that anybody can feel like an off-duty model! A simple pair of mid-thigh jean shorts or biker shorts with any top will work; Kendall’s outfit is as easy as a white tank top and black jeans but she retains her sophisticated and trendy reputation by adding a little shoulder bag and glasses. Many of the Kendall Jenner outfits that we see attract our eye since they are so simple to replicate; it’s all about the minor elements that we must scrutinize in order to replicate the stylish atmosphere. In Kendall’s case, sunglasses and handbags are always the way to go to add style to an outfit.

9. This Whole Vibe

Another thing we’ve observed about Kendall Jenner outfits is that she likes to give off the impression that she doesn’t have a care in the world. What could be better than a long flowy green patterned dress with a giant sun hat and sunglasses to complete the look? Kendall is also showing that she can pull off another popular trend right now: Swirly designs. The circular patterns of the dress complement perfectly with the big saucer sun hat and nothing matches better with a big blue ocean than a gorgeous light green. There isn’t much else to say about this outfit because the photo speaks for itself. All we know is that if we could be anywhere in the world, it would be right there with Kendall.

10. The Iconic Mini Dress

The first time we saw this one of Kendall Jenner’s outfits, our jaws were on the floor. Quite frankly, they still are! This is another one of Kendall’s outfits where we can see her more girly side shining through and we are obsessed. Everything about this dress is flawless and iconic; the color, pattern, and fit all appear to have been custom-made for Kendall (which, let’s be honest, they probably were). Kendall’s high ponytail, which lends a twist of stylish classiness to a playful party dress, ties the ensemble together. All we can say is that we are completely enamored with this outfit and how flawlessly Kendall wears it.

We were able to narrow down the millions of Kendall Jenner clothes we adore to just ten to keep things brief; bookmark this page for future Kendall Jenner inspiration!

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