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10 Jean Styles For A Casual And Comfortable Look

10 Jean Styles For A Casual And Comfortable Look

It’s never a bad time to wear jeans. Even though it’s getting warmer outside, there are countless jean styles that are fit for the summer weather. Want to stay cool in the heat, but still want to wear your favorite jeans? Here are ten jean styles perfect for all aesthetics:

1. Coastal Granddaughter

Coastal granddaughter is the vibe I’m aiming for this summer. Just look how comfy and cute the outfit above is—I love it. If you’re dreaming of Nantucket beaches and seaside dinners, coastal granddaughter jean styles are the right fit for you. All you need is a trusty pair of blue or white jeans (anything light washed will do the trick). Pair with an oversized, solid color sweater or a striped linen shirt, and voilà! You’ll look like you just stepped off a sailboat. 


2. Coquette

<img src="coquette.jpg" alt="">

I’m a huge fan of coquette outfits, so naturally, I have to include it on the list. For coquette jean styles, find a simple blouse to wear on top. The blouse and jeans combo is a staple for cooler summer days, especially when the weather transitions into fall. If it’s extra chilly outside, I recommend throwing on a cardigan. Cropped cardigans are a staple for coquette fashion, though you could opt for a long sleeved blouse instead.

3. Overalls

<img src="overalls.jpg" alt="">


Overalls count as jean styles, right? I’m going to say they do. Since I’m including them on this list, I’m going to gush about how much I love them. Overalls are sporty, casual, playful, and chic all at once. They’re also an easy way to resolve any outfit planning stress. All you have to consider is what to wear underneath your overalls as a top. I love the contrast of a brightly colored top with denim overalls. Red and forest green look great with a medium wash pair. I also suggest accessorizing with a baseball hat and Converse, if you want to emulate a sporty chic vibe. 

4. Utility Jeans

<img src="cargo.jpg" alt="">

Baggy utility jeans (or cargo jeans…whatever floats your boat) are hot right now. I can totally see why. When paired with a cropped top and sneakers, they make for the perfect everyday outfit. They’re good for any season, too, whether you want to wear them with a little top in the summer or with a layered look in the winter. I also like it when people wear platform Oxfords with jean cargo pants. Maybe one of these days, I’ll actually get around to buying myself a pair.


5. Pop Of Color

<img src="greenjeans.jpg" alt="">

OK, it’s official: I’m obsessed with colorful jeans. More specifically, I’m obsessed with green jeans (that rhymes!). I swear, I’ll never take off my sage green pair from Princess Polly. The summertime is when you should incorporate more vibrant colors into your wardrobe, and this is a great approach to doing so. Since these jeans are a bit busier, you’ll want to keep it simple on top. Throw on your favorite graphic tee or tank top, and you’ve got an adorable outfit. 

6. White Jean Skirt

<img src="whiteskirt.jpg" alt="">


Everyone knows the LBD (little black dress). But what about its more underrated cousin, the LWJS (little white jean skirt)? I firmly believe everyone should have one of these in their wardrobes. I like mine simple: my ideal LWJS has no buttons, no nothing—just a zipper and a slight slit on the side. These match with everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Just be careful not to spill your iced coffee on yours, like this Society 19 writer did. 

7. Flare Jeans

<img src="flare.jpg" alt="">

For a retro look, try flare jeans. Flare jeans are flattering on anyone; they compliment all your curves while being not-too-tight. My favorite way to wear flare jeans is with a halter top, especially if it has some funky, 80’s-esque pattern going on. Hoops are also a necessity when you have on flare jeans. If you’re really going for retro, you should wear some platform sandals, too. 


8. Dad Shorts

<img src="dadshorts.jpg" alt="">

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I must admit, I’ve come around to liking dad shorts. I don’t know why it took me so long. I mean, what’s not to like about them? They’re comfortable, they’re versatile, and they’re stylish in a downplayed way. Plus, dad shorts are super easy to find at thrift stores. I always make a conscious effort to shop sustainably, so it’s nice to see that dad shorts are a common thrifting find. You can also buy (or, steal) these shorts secondhand by scouring your dad’s closet. For the full dad effect, you could snag his sneakers, too. 


9. Jean Blazer

<img src="blazer.jpg" alt="">

Denim blazers are incredibly unique jean styles. Honestly, I’ve never seen these sold in stores, but I have a feeling that they’ll grow in popularity this season. Now that it-girl Matilda Djerf has been spotted wearing a denim blazer, it’s only a matter of time before everyone else starts wearing one. I would go for a tube top underneath the blazer and white pants for bottoms. This would look great with a pair of chunky sandals, too! And, naturally, every blazer needs cute accessories. I would love to see a denim blazer with square sunglasses, a claw clip, and a small baguette bag. 

10. Denim Pleated Skirt

<img src="denimpleatedskirt.jpg" alt="">


I can’t help but think of Hannah Montana whenever I see these skirts. I feel like this is something she would have worn, if she hadn’t already. That being said, denim pleated skirts are the best jean styles for Y2K looks. People I’ve seen online are so creative with how they style them. The most common pairing I’ve seen is a denim pleated skirt with an oversized striped sweater. I adore that combo, and I think it’s even better improved with Dr. Martens or platform loafers.

You heard it here first: summer 2022 will be the season of jean looks. Reinvent the way you style your old blue jeans. I can’t wait to see what outfits people come up with!

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