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10 IWU Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Summer is halfway over and although you are not ready to let go of beach days and family barbecues, you can’t wait to start your freshman year of college! These next four years are going to be some of the best, along with memories that will last a lifetime. But, it’s always good to be prepared. So, here are ten IWU hacks that will make life much easier on campus.

1. Go to the Inkwell for writing help!

Students are there to help you with your writing, including how to cite sources and how to write MLA and APA style.  They can potentially help you improve your grade a lot!

2. Head to McConn at 11:40 p.m. for free fresh brew.

If you’re planning on pulling an all-nighter, McConn is there to help you out.

3. Walk through the buildings on campus on the snowy and rainy days.

Most of the buildings are connected so take advantage of that because it sometimes feel like the campus is one big wind tunnel.


4. Look at your degree audit and take time to talk with your advisor.

There is a lot to know about the classes on campus, and your advisor wants to help you. Make sure you know what all you can do with your major, and even how to graduate early!

5. Keep a blanket or jacket in your backpack!

It’s usually pretty cold in the academic buildings, so make sure you’re prepared to keep warm.

6. Also, keep an umbrella with you at ALL times.

One of the most important IWU hacks, because while living in Indiana, you never know what the weather will be like in 10 minutes. I always have an umbrella with me because it rains. A lot.

7. Even if your parking spot is far away, stay there.

Campus Police is pretty quick with giving out tickets, so beware of parking in an illegal spot just to save a few minutes of time. Also, don’t try to appeal your ticket—they will fine you more if it gets denied (and most likely it will).


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8. The campus is pretty small, you should probably just walk.

For the most part, longboards and bikes get in the way of everyone trying to walk to class, and you can find yourself having to stop a lot and getting slowed down while trying to weave in and out of people. Unless you are really wanting to, it might just be worth it to walk to class.

9. Head to Career Development for help.

They are there to help you find out your life calling, so talk with them if you are stressed about choosing a major. Also, they will look at your resume and give you tips, and maybe even get you a job.

10. If you want to meet new people, hang out in McConn.

There are lots of tables and couches to choose from, so grab some homework, order some coffee, and make some new friends!

I hope these IWU hacks will make your first year at college that much better!

What do you think of these IWU hacks? Share your thoughts and comment below!
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