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10 Intimate Anniversary Ideas Guaranteed To Set The Mood

First of all, congratulations on your anniversary! Now, I bet you’re looking for some intimate anniversary ideas to spice up your special day? Well, let me just tell you, while materialistic goods can be romantic, you really need to invest in experiences! The two of you will remember the magical night you shared, and you’ll look forward to the next anniversary date so much more. So, scroll down and see a variety of intimate anniversary ideas, from lowkey to extravagant! 

1. Hotel Getaway

Room service, please?! A hotel getaway is a perfect place to spend your anniversary! Pick a hotel near a cool location, like maybe downtown San Diego, and get a room with a view. Order some takeout, bring some card games, and don’t forget the alcohol! Surprise your honey with some sexy lingerie and romantic candlelight. The two of you will never want to check out!

2. Indoor Picnic

If the two of you are on a budget, then use an indoor picnic as your anniversary date. You can get really creative with it by adding a soft blanket, some twinkle lights, and a bucket of ice with champagne. Preorder your SO’s favorite meal and dim the lights. Get your Bluetooth speaker fired up with some slow songs, and voila, you’ve created a romantic ambiance! 

3. Sensual Couples Massage

This can go one of two ways. Either book it professionally and get a paid couples massage, or (and I STRONGLY recommend) do it yourself! It’s way more fun to give each other a massage, and you can set up your bedroom to make it special! Just purchase some oil, candles or essential oils, and lotion. Dim the lights, add soft blankets to the bed, and sprinkle rose petals all around the room. Also, make sure to wear something sexy, and I guarantee this entire experience will turn him on!

4. Sunset Dinner On the Beach

Ah, a classic sunset dinner with ocean waves lapping against your ankles, doesn’t it just scream “romantic?!” As you’ve seen on The Bachelor or Temptation Island, lay out a blanket on the sand and pack candles, a tasty meal, and of course, the wine. Not only will it be romantic, but the two of you can take some really cute pictures! 

5. Cabin Fever

We’re not talking about going insane on your partner, like Jack Torrance from The Shinning. No, that would be rather dreary.

Instead, book you and your lover a weekend getaway in a cabin! You can go in the wintertime and experience the miracle of snow, or, you can have just as much fun in the summer. Pack some yummy snacks, games, your favorite booze, and lingerie to set the mood! Cabins are perfect because there are always tons of things you two can do during the day, like hiking, paddle boarding, or even sledding. 

6. Lingerie Shopping & Fashion Show

This doesn’t sound like much, but it can turn into a very fun night! Make an event out of it, and take your lover to Victoria’s Secret, or any other lingerie store. Tell your SO to pick something out they’d like to see you in (now you both get a gift for your anniversary)! Then, go home, put on your new outfit, and just have fun with it!

You can dim the lights, set out some candles, and give your SO a “fashion show.” Make sure to put on some music, and maybe add in a lapdance, or even a massage?! The two of you will definitely remember this night! 

7. Wine Tasting

Get a little tipsy with this fun anniversary idea! Wine tasting is perfect for the wino in your life, or it can be a new experience for the two of you. Take a trip to a vineyard and wear a cute dress to mark the occasion. 

The best part is, you’ll finally understand what Michael Scott from The Office means when he says, “Mmm, that has sort of an oaky afterbirth,” at the dinner party!  

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8. Hot Tub or Bath

Hot tubs are inherently romantic! Wear your cutest bikini, line up small candles along the outer rim or steps of the hot tub, and make sure to have your bucket of ice with champagne handy. If the two of you don’t have a hot tub, then use your bathtub to get the same effect (and break out the bath bombs)! You can always sprinkle rose petals along the floor to set the mood and fire up your Bluetooth speaker for some chill vibes. 

9. Personalized Jenga Love Game

This is one of the best anniversary ideas ever AND it’s cost-effective! Simply order a Jenga set a couple of weeks before your anniversary and then get to work customizing it. You’ll need colorful paint, gel pens, and some thoughtful, sexy truth or dare prompts! 

Basically, you are going to make a couples drinking game tailored specifically for your lover. So on each Jenga piece, write either a truth or dare, making sure to keep your SO in mind. Think about what they like and what will turn them on. For example, on one Jenga piece, you might write, “take a shot,” which will mean they need to drink. Then on another piece, you might write “give a 10-second lapdance” or “kiss your SO neck for 5 seconds.” Think sweet, think dirty, and really get into it! Wrap your masterpiece up with a cute bow, then on your anniversary night, let the games begin! 

10. Cruise Liner

If it’s a big anniversary date, like you two have made it to your 2+ year anniversary, then book tickets for a cruise liner! Pack some extra cute clothes and set sail for a romantic getaway. You can book trips for as short as a weekend, or as long as a couple weeks. Do your research and figure what’s best for you guys. So go get your tan on, eat some great food, and just relax! You both deserve it! 

Did your SO love any of these intimate anniversary ideas? Tell us your story in the comments below!

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