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10 Incredibly Cute Ways To Wear Yoga Pants

10 Incredibly Cute Ways To Wear Yoga Pants

Let’s all face it — yoga pants are never going away, they are here to stay! Many believe that yoga pants should only be worn when working out or, better yet, actually going to a yoga class. But, there are many who know that there are plenty of chic ways to wear yoga pants each and every day (and no where near a gym). Here are 10 great ways to incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe.

1. When you’re actually working out.

Out of all the amazing ways can wear yoga pants, this one is probably the most obvious. With all the new trendy colors and patterns of yoga pants you will definitely be able to put together a chic yet practical outfit for working out. You can choose to create an outfit with a basic pair of black yoga pants paired with a bold colored athletic top or sports bra. Or you can put a modern twist on an ordinary outfit and color block with a bold or patterned pair of yoga pants accompanied by a solid colored top.


2. When you’re keepin’ it casual.

Some days, you many not feel like putting on jeans while you run errands, and I don’t blame you. Instead, pair simple black yoga pants with a t-shirt and crisp sneakers which will give you that put together look with all the comfort you long for!

3. When your keepin’ it casual…in the office.

We all want to be comfortable throughout the day, especially the workday! That’s why adding yoga pants into your fashion rotation will be a lifesaver. Taking a simple pair of yoga pants and accompanying them with a silk blouse, a light sweater and a pair booties will always do the trick.


4. When you need to get dressed up.

Sometimes when we have to get all dressed up, we dread going out because of how uncomfortable we fear it’s going to be. But again, just wear yoga pants! Adding them underneath a chic, yet comfortable knit dress with riding boots will definitely make going out less dreadful. Don’t forget some bold jewelry to really add that extra flare.


5. When it’s time to catch some ZZZs.

We all like to be comfy-cozy when we are ready to unwind for the night. Just imagine sitting with a hot mug of coco, curled up with a book, relaxing after a long, hard day. What makes this image even better? A comfy pair of yoga pants and an over-sized tee!

6. When you’re going to a summer concert.

Summertime is filled with sunshine, vacations, friends and of course — concerts! Many go to great lengths to find the perfect outfit to wear, but don’t worry, I have the perfect solution: wear yoga pants! You can pair black yoga pants with a colored tank crop top and add a flannel to create an outfit that is super trendy and, most importantly, comfortable.


7. When it’s time for a road trip.

Summer vacation is all about taking time to unwind after a busy semester and year, and what better way to do it than to take a long road trip and explore the unknown with your family, friends or even by yourself. The perfect outfit for this type of trip would be a pair of yoga pants. This ensures maximum comfort, while still being stylish during your explorations.

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8. When you’re about to hit the beach.

Being from Northern California, the weather at the beach is always hit or a miss. For me, adding a pair of yoga pants to my beachwear is always key; if it ends up being one of those chillier days, I’ve come prepared!


9. When that trip overseas has finally arrived.

Over summer vacation, many people spend a tremendous amount of time traveling. And, I don’t know about you but, I love to be comfortable when I am sitting on planes for a long period of times, especially if I am traveling overseas! Wear yoga pants that are not too tight and made from soft material – this will ensure maximum comfort.

10. When you end up at the amusement park.

Summers in California get extremely hot, and when going to amusement parks, wearing shorts and trying to ride roller coasters is not optimal! No one likes to feel the discomfort of the hot seats scorch their legs and that’s why wearing yoga pants is a solution for your discomfort. Since it is hot, opt for light, thin and airy material.


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