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10 IKEA Essentials For Small Living Spaces

Small living can be great! It can help you reduce clutter and can be significantly cheaper than living large, but you don’t want to sacrifice comforts nor style, right? Now you don’t have to! Follow along for these 10 IKEA essentials for small living spaces so you can live to the fullest!

1. NORDEN Table

This Scandanavian inspired gateleg table is a must-have for any multifunctioning space. If you don’t have an office room but are in desperate need of some office space, and yet you’re finding your dining room cramped, this beautiful piece can double as your dining table and office desk! With its double table design, one half can be a dedicated workspace, while the other is for eating and hanging out. Best of all, however, is that if your space is very small, you can simply clear away the table, fold both ends and store it! This piece is available in both white and natural birch, however, my personal favorite is birch as you can paint it and add texture to it if you like. The DIY possibilities are endless with this one!

10 IKEA Essentials For Small Living Spaces

2. HEMNES 6-drawer Chest

Available in 3 different neutral colors (white, black-brown, and dark grey), the HEMNES 6-drawer chest is great if you’re aiming to maximize bedroom space. It’s big enough to hold all of your items, while not taking up much floor space. At a width of 42 1/2″ and a height of 51 5/8″, it is definitely taller than it is wide. It’s made out of sustainably sourced solid wood, therefore it’ll last you a lifetime. Pro tip: as stated, it is a large piece, so make sure to anchor it to the wall.

3. HEMNES Bed Frame

The HEMNES bed frame comes with 4 large storage boxes underneath, therefore you could actually ditch having a dresser altogether! It’s perfect if you have a small room but don’t want to sacrifice having a large bed. It’s available in sizes Full, Queen, and King, and only in a dark gray color.

3. VESKEN Cart

This tiny cart is perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, any small living space that has a width of 22″ and depth of 7 1/8″. It’s a quick-assembly, no tools-required piece, with sturdy construction. It was originally designed for the bathroom, but I’ve found it to be most useful in the kitchen. I have one in a tiny space between the fridge and cabinets. Its 4-tier design makes it perfect for holding multiple sets of items. I store spices, kitchen utensils such as spatulas and tongs, and packaged snacks on mine, all evenly distributed through the tiers. 

4. DYNAN Open Storage

The DYNAN open storage piece is lightweight yet sturdy enough to hold all of your bathroom essentials. It’s a small living piece created to fit perfectly above your toilet, but I believe it can go above a small table as well. This way you could create a make-shift desk with shelving! This piece is extra amazing because the feet are adjustable and you can add extra shelving to utilize most of your small living space. 

5. RAGRUND Sink Shelf/Corner Shelf

If you can only get one piece of IKEA furniture for your small living space, make it this one! The RAGRUND sink shelf is my all-time favorite IKEA piece due to its design and versatility. Meant for the bathroom, it is versatile enough to go in any corner space of your home! I have two Ragrunds that I placed under the sink, pointing towards each other. That way they wrap around the pedestal sink and maximize the space under it. I place anything from clean towels to shampoo products, to scented oils there. The material is strong enough to withstand most products and it’s easy to clean, just wipe it with a wet cloth. 

6. STENSTORP Kitchen Cart

The STENSTORP kitchen cart is a small living essential for any kitchen! If your kitchen is small, you most likely don’t have an island, don’t have much counter space, and almost no space to set up a good cutting board. The Stenstorp fixes all of that. You can easily set it up in a nook in your kitchen or leave it in the middle to act as an island. Better yet, with its tiered design, you can also use it to store pots, pans, non-perishable items, bottles, and even fruits and vegetables. 

7. BJURSTA Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table

Both a shelf and a table, the BJURSTA maximizes any small living space. It’s perfect for any room and resistant to most liquids, oils, temperatures, food stains, and more! Plus, it’s material is easy to clean. I actually had a foldable table much like this one in my first kitchen/dining room, and trust me, it’s an incredible space-saver! Pro tip: if you don’t like the color yet it is essential for your space, you could cover it with a contact paper that goes with your style!

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8. ÄPPLARÖ Chair

Any cute small living space needs cute foldable chairs. The ÄPPLARÖ looks great in a kitchen nook, or on a balcony for breakfast. It’s made of durable, sustainably sourced hardwood, meaning that it’s built to withstand the elements and it’s made to last. 

9. GRUNDBRO wall lamp

I must admit, wall lamps are my guilty pleasure when it comes to maximizing space while implementing style. You save a ton of floor space when you use a wall lamp, plus it makes for a less cluttered living. I love using wall lamps as bedside lighting. You just screw the lamp neatly beside your bed at an appropriate height, maybe even above a bedside table to give it a more centered look. The GRUNDBRO specifically would look great in a small living space that modern farmhouse-inspired. Both arm and head are adjustable, making it great for redirecting the light. It’s definitely one of my top IKEA essentials. 


Lastly, you never go wrong with utilizing wall space when living small. It makes for great decor and seconds as storage space. The BERGSHULT / SANDSHULT wall shelf is a great shelving option as it comes in a variety of colors and can withstand up to 22lbs. when properly installed. 

Do you own any of these products? What are your IKEA essentials for a small living space? Let us know in the comments below!

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