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10 Hobbies to Pick Up In Your 20s

10 Hobbies to Pick Up In Your 20s

These Shakespeare quotes will accurately describe being a college student! From the hard times to the good times, Shakespeare quotes can relate!

Having hobbies are great way to explore and develop passion projects! Some however, take years to master and perfect. Here’s a list of 10 hobbies you should pick up in your 20’s!

1.Learning Languages

You’re 20’s are made for learning new things, so why not try a new language? Besides looking great on your resume, you can learn to communicate with people from all over the world! You can learn some basics on free apps for your phone that will send you push notifications on your phone like Duolingo. Duolingo includes languages like Portuguese, Korean, Spanish and Japanese! You could also take some paid alternatives like Rosetta ot check out one of the may blogs online that provide help!



As a fitness or a relaxation tool, yoga is a great hobby to pick up in your 20’s! Yoga’s origins is dates it back to India in 5 or 6 BCE where it was mentioned in early texts. The UNESCO ( United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organization) declared yoga an intangible cultural heritage in 2016 which means it is a practice that has a deep, abstract, connection to the land where it is from. Yoga is great for therapeutic, spiritual, and mental health!


Why sewing? Ever buy the perfect dress or jeans but realize they aren’t exactly fitting to your body the way you want? Sewing can save you some bucks and help you custom tailor experiences on whatever clothes you buy! Besides having the perfect fit always, sewing can help you create your own garments or designs that you can either keep for yourself or make some extra cash and sell!



Have a million dollar idea inside you head? Put it on paper! Creative writing is a great hobby to release creativity and passions, but memoir or nonfiction writing provides are also great hobbies! Good writing is an art and takes more work than most people take, so pick this up in your 20’s and learn to perfect this hobby completely! Who knows, you might have the next Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings in your hands.



You don’t have to Picasso or Michelangelo to pick up this hobby! Even if you’ve never had the urge to draw before, learning to draw will help you channel your energy in a healthy, imaginative space. Grab a pencil or piece of charcoal and take a class or load a Youtube video to teach yourself how to make basic figures or shapes. You never know when it could come handy in the future!   


No DSLR necessary! Phone camera technology have made it possible for phone camera’s to become a serious contender in the photography game. The annual iPhone Photography Awards even provides prizes like solid bars of gold to the winners! Take your selfie habit to the next level and research into the composition of what makes the perfect shot.


7.Rock Climbing

Are you an adrenaline junkie, enjoy traveling, and a thrill seeker? Consider rock climbing. By definition, rock climbing is a pastime where participants climb up and down natural rock formations or for a little more safety, fake indoor rock walls. Rock climbing is a great way to test your endurance, strength and mental agility because the landscape could be constantly changing.

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8.Soap Making

Get ready to become an Etsy queen with this hobby! Soap Making always you to pamper yourself by creating your own creations for your skin. Soap making at home can become a mini business, many soap makers sell their creations online! Combine any oils or items that sound good together like oatmeal and honey or shea butter and spearmint!


9.Cake Decorating and Baking

Stop paying ridiculous amount of money for mediocre store bought cakes and become the go-to cake person for friends and family! Get rid of that cake mix box and tweak and find some recipes online to create the perfect flavors for your taste buds! Take a decorating class at a local craft store like Michaels or pull up those online videos and learn how to create sugar flowers, fondant creations and those super trendy unicorn cakes!


Origami takes patience, time and dedication to create the perfect figures. Learning this hobby in your 20’s will seem like the perfect homemade present for friends and family. Origami is the art of folding paper into figures and shapes and ranges from simple designs into intricate,beautiful creations.